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A Kardashian on the list of youngest billions behind his planet. Although this was unexpected, the periodical was American Forbes recently confirmed Kylie JennerThe youngest of the Kardashian clan is his youngest youth.

So the 21-year-old, who collects a fortune of 1,000 million dollars, goes over a founder Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, which was ranked in 2008 as the world's richest young man after collecting dollars for 23 years.

The magazine says that though it is Jenner From a really good family, he decided to invest on his $ 250,000 by working as a model for a company to pay his first 15,000 kits kip & # 39; or to create lipstick seats.

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On the other hand, the publication shows that the young one has had access to millions of fans she has on social networks. Kylie Cosmetics becoming the real commercial value identified by the “very low surface surface and the large sales”.

But, past that industry, the youngest of the clan Kardashian-Jenner appealing for the popularity of platforms like Instagram, where it shows that she lives around luxury and a sense of every kind that amazes millions of her fans.

They include, for example, a cottage for black Italian pups called Norman and Bambi, which he called a palace for a house in which all sorts of luxury are preserved, and even air ventilation.

On the other hand, the "secret" is an unusual one which keeps its long hair in a good state: a product of the hair designed by an elixir of an excellent gold of 24 carats, called 24K Golden Touch Nourishing Dry Oil & # 39; and Sally Hershberger, which costs $ 40 for 4.2 fl oz.

In March 2018, Jenner He showed how keen on handbags by publishing a picture in which he exhibits his vast collection of handbags from shops such as Fendi, Louis Vuitton and Chanel, among others. According to the magazine Vanidades, the total cost of the set could easily reach 100 miles of dollars.

Above, the different mixes that usually appear Instagram. On one occasion, he dressed up; Love & # 39; from the Cartier jewelery shops, the 6300 dollar price and becoming the best Google piece in 2016.

Special mention should be made of those luxurious design features Stormi Webster, your daughter, a daughter. And that's that it is true that people are famous to surround their babies with expensive tools, t Kylie Jenner He has always known how he will stand among many people.

The small one-year-old male has been spotted with a Gucci lump of trees which, although sold out, will cost about $ 625. Similarly, he is usually carried in Postcard design by the taste of Inglesina in collaboration with Fendi and is estimated at around $ 12500.

As he wasn't above enough, the girl has a love for any fashion. In a review of her wardrobe, Kylie showed that her daughter has 36 shoes in a dressing room deserving of a film. All symbols and styles.

Everything not to say, according to TMZ, that air parents can only find furniture that is made from sustainable and organic materials. Similarly with small toys, as no chemicals can be manufactured.

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