? Here is how water protection works on cell phones


November 25, 2018

Now, most of the pockets that protect them against splashes have water protection, and we can even do it, and sunk for a while. The technology itself is not new, because we do not know it. Looking back in 2016 to show a mobile with such a " unlocked. As everyone does not know how this technology works, the people at wwwhatsnew explain important information on what they are doing; and how water and dust grow.

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IPhone 7, 8 and X are essential to water and dust, but its company makes it clear that the struggle is not stable and can reduce its use. In a few words, it warns you a little while; You could delete the complex sections that are submitted. To find out if there is a mobile phone against water, just read your specifications to find out if IP68 is because these are the abbreviations that manufacturers make to indicate that they are water resistance and dust. The certificate promises protection against water up to one deep meter for 30 minutes, but there are mobile phones that are in place; indicate that they can support more meters and more time.

On the other hand, you should know that no cell phone is against saltwater without protection, because it would be hurt to damage it. The main challenge of the manufacturers is to try all its seal so that they do not fall into water and they do it with a co-conductive rubber that does not harm the device. All rubber seals have a quality, coordination and essential density so that nothing can be damaged by water.

In the case of speakers and microphones … How water protection works on mobile phones

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