0: 7 at Schalke against Mancity: Tedesco thinks there is no "second level" on retirement


Last updated on 13 March, 2019, 09:27

Schalke's coach, Domenico Tedesco, appears after 0: 7 at ManCity "very humiliating". But being retired from the question is – he thinks it is not the "second thing". But anyway, he would struggle to set up the team until the game was against Leipzig. The Jochen Schneider Board of Sport continues to say anything.

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The most interesting question had not yet been answered after the 0-7 inquiry at Manchester City. T After the upper European Cup of Schalke's history, the new sports director of Jochen Schneider in the stadium catacombs with the local club's news secretary because of an understanding he would like to comment on the first stage of a second leg. initially.

His motto: Just don't make assumptions about how to make feelings, but first for a night's sleep over it. But it is difficult to think, but it's not impossible, FC Schalke's trainer will never have any trouble in trapping him in the Champions League.

"We are very sorry"

Shortly before, Domenico Tedesco had been looking for words to tell the English footballer too much. “We are very disappointed with the game and with it the outcome we didn't want much, until the 30 minutes it was fine, then we will get a penalty and then fall, "teacher said to him," he said, "that's the greatest loss I have met as a coach."

The Bundesliga 14 was 1-0 from ManCity in the 32nd minute of a sarcastic penalty from Sergio Agüero. protected privately and with only marginal improvement allowed.

After the gamekeeper 0: 1 Ralf Fährmann had to accept the other two games from Agüero (38) and the old Schalke Leroy Sané (42) before Raheem Sterling (56th), Bernardo Silva (71), Phil Foden (78.) and Gabriel Jesus (84.) with almost all the final score against the keen butcher.

The current ManCity is not a signup

"Surely, they don't stop playing football and get some sport," Tedesco said that not only was it for him, but also that almost 3,000 were going to be involved. T Schalke support was difficult to remove. He feels "not good," he admitted the man 33-year-old.

However, he does not feel that his team is empty, and he does not draw personal lessons from the bitter lesson. He retired. "I didn't think of it for a second," said Tedesco, who was standing in front of his boy, as in the previous series. "I am proud to be a coach at Schalke 04. I don't worry about myself."

If it's still, as awarded by Schneider, that Tedesco claims the Bundesliga home game against RB Leipzig on Saturday the trainer without a shock, looking more open than his. he was always.

But Tedesco only seemed to sign up and lack the confidence to rebuild his team. "After a total of 48 hours, the game has to come out of our headline and we then have to aim for Leipzig," said Tedesco. "The faith" in "a completely different view" is there, especially as the ManCity is not a benchmark at present. "We will not spend now." (Kad / ADD)

Nobody made sure that the outside was lost so high.

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