0 is created by Justin Bieber … See why!


From Justin Bieber He started his relationship with the Hailey Baldwin model that he did not stop. showing love and attention and recently he did it again. The singer gave a serenade to a young woman when they were both in the middle of the late afternoon at Montage Beverly Hills in California who expected them to go. boarding the Lamborghini when the Canadian He did not answer it in interpreting "Healing Sexal", beat the 80s.

And while the trip was offered and unexpectedly, Justin He is 0 in creativity because of that place he would make his most famous, Selena Gómez. Even in 2015 he made a version of "My Girl" for an old Disney star.

The 22-year-old resemblance to the wonders of the pop-up scene, a witness said: "She was laughing, maybe he was really happy yet still happy and amazingly, it is clear that many loves are eyes when it is near. I sang a lot (above) You would hear it from a good distance. "

Everything was so natural that the playwright "Sorry" attracted a nearby observer to help him with what he was like to see; business. He took the stranger's hand and put his arm around him, as close friends. Follow the source: "Justin I was in great pleasure. He put his arm around a nearby man, when they gave selfie and then Hailey went with them to take a picture. "

The model returned to the catwalks, after an unbelievable holiday with his lover, winning a gray shirt and black jacket, and with black pants and sneakers, with true ears. Yes her husband He had fun pants and a yellow shirt from Drew House. He added his appearance with a white ball-ball cap and sneakers. After the meeting, both were at a friend's house where there was a meeting.

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