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A 278-kilogram blue oven (610-pound) was sold for a 333.6 million yen ($ 3.1 million, € 2.7 million) record in the first category of Toyosu's new market in Japan.

The fish, worth 1.2 million yen per kilogram, was taken off the main coast of Honshu in Japan. Kiyoshi Kimura's merchant, president of Susan Zanmai's food chain.

The previous record of 155 million yen, which paid Kimura at the Tsukiji auction in 2013, had a more than double price. He bought the most expensive duck at his / her; first installment of the year from 2012 to 2017.

"I bought a good tunnel," Kimura said, "King of the Tuna". "The price was higher than I thought first, but I hope the customers will eat this very oven oven."

Toyosu fish market opened in October after closing the famous Tsukiji market after 83 years of business. Tsukiji was one of the most attractive places for tourists in Japan and was used by most sushi cookers and standard shops. His & her first department had; The first roc of the year is to attract big fish tutors to the highest possible and best possible hurdle.

Japan is the largest user of bluefin tunnel torpedo shaped and the national and international demand for the fish has continued to go to # 39; overgrowd the species. Experts have warned of being extinct when Welsh seawalks fell by 96% of the proactive levels.

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