$ 1 million prize for Israeli bead attack with beres


The XPrize Foundation announced on Thursday that it will be giving the “Moonshot” $ 1 million prize to Israeli's unfavorable SpaceIL if its Beres Beres page passes on the moon surface. T

The scene of Beresheet is ready for history to be made on 11 April as the first craft to receive private funding to come ashore in the moon and first Israel. Although the USA, Russia and China have reached the moon, government agencies were funded and fulfilled.

"The SpaceIL message represents the democracy for space exploration," said Peter Diamandis, the founder of XPrize, when he announced the "Moonshot Award" on Thursday.

“We are hopeful of seeing this first domino fall, placing a slow desire for commercial missions which voluntarily create and re-tell the moon and further afield," she said. said Diamandis.

A beresheet was launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida on February 21 February.

SpaceIL first came into the $ 20 million Google Lunar XPrize competition, which ended last year with no winner when one of the teams was unable to launch their campaigns by a deadline. In 2018.

However, SpaceIL decided to continue at least, collaborating with Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), the Israelis space agency, as well as the Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology.

Morris Kahn, an Israeli entrepreneur originally from South Africa and founder of the Israeli high-tech company Amdocs, was the biggest funder of SpaceIL. Other people include the Adelson Family Foundation, Ministry of Science and Technology, the ISA, Weizmann and other private citizens.

We don't come ashore at the cheap moon. SpaceIL told The Verge the price of the moon mission was $ 90 million and the Israeli government only introduced $ 2 million.

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