1 out of 3 towns are not in a position to monitor Cholito Law


From this Tuesday, February 12, the Duty Pest Disposal Law, best known as "Cholito Law", which leads to exams.

With this step, to date $ 1.5 million in taxes the danger of people who are surprised dogs and cats without a skip unregistered in the national record. To date 247,000 pet have been recorded.

The controls are carried out by police staff and urban inspectors. However, Every village in Chile is not in a position for the inspection.

This was circulated to HoyXHoy newspaper by the Municipalities of Chile (Amuch), who was in charge of training for the trustees in 2018.

"Towns that already have the materials that can be done, but others who need to make a bigger effort because they lack resources and still keep Delays to comply with this law, "said director Amuch, Andrés Chacón.

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The main reason for delaying some practitioners is The lack of funding for investment in the tools essential for this process. So, there is a relationship between its agency and Divisional Development Sub-secretary on tools with quick readers to the most difficult cities.

Chacón shows that a few months will be made white white "from the point of view, supporting the teams and their # 39; Try to have their machines at all towns ".

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Santiago is ready

According to the media, Towns of Scotland Santiago needs everything to use the law in communion: six readers, doctors and flower makers who carry out recording and inspection work.

Osvaldo Guzmán, Director of Environmental Health, said the first thing to do is be the first thing; They will investigate complaints cases when "outside negative" is created, as when A dog is attacking a man or a pet, or if the owner is not responsible for collecting your animal.

"In these cases the individual survey will be carried out and if it is not recorded, the fine will be applied," he said.

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