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Chi Pu and Jin Ju Hyung's relationship relationships have encouraged the network for a year. The recent actress of Cornwall has been recognizing that Chi Pu is a " but only because of geographical distance, just just friends. Most of her regret is not on her. public, although not released, Chi Pu and her lover are supported by the games.

Year of Chi Chi a & # 39; going on and

By the end of 11/2017, Chi Pu and Jin Ju Hyung are worried

Just a year ago, a number of social networks shared information that Chi Pu had a & # 39; passing Jin Ju Hyung – the leading man in the video "Give Me Closer", causing fans to " decline. So, her couple were open to a number of suspicious, suspicious things at a hotel in the Philippines. They built their glasses and dined in a restaurant in Korean at the time of an act of Korean act.

Chi Chi's 1 year old and

Both of them have the same image of a hotel in the Philippines.

Year of Chi Chi a & # 39; going past and

The secret items are in a Jin Ju Hyung dinner with her & her; a strange girl who comments Chi Pu.

Year of Chi Chi a & # 39; going on and

Both design methods are very similar.

The couple will then catch it once and once with each other

Year of Chi Chi a & # 39; going past and

Chi Pu and his colleague were met in Hanoi in December 1977.

Year of Chi Chi a & # 39; going on and

Including secret secretary pictures of the twin webpage to move in January 2018.

Year of Chi Chi a & # 39; going on and

One month later, the two were caught in the streets.

Years that go back to Chi Puig and

Chi Pu was held up on the side of Jin Ju Hyng at the airport of Da Lat in March.

Han said Jin Ju Hyung was going back to Chi Pu

An independent news featuring Corea Osen, "the leading actress of Vietnam". The news was based on sources in Vietnam, saying that Jin Ju Hyung and Chi Pu caranach had collaborated on a project. Osen also gave Chi Pu the title "Kim Tae Hee of Vietnam" and spoke about the song "Love Story" that hit the choir's market last year.

You out one year and
Years that go back to Chi Puig and

Osen recites the Chi Pu's love story and a Korean actor

Chi Chi choir public social network lover

In May 1818, while Chi Chi had a & # 39; making new projects, Jin Ju Hyung returned to Korea. However, users had a sense of interest in the "Rose" voice yet. As seen in the Chi Chi's latest section with fans wanting to "plow the scene" for new materials, Jin Ju Hyung is a & # 39; giving everyone happy when they are publicly saying they are enjoyable.

You 1 year old and

Jin Ju Hyung publicly puts Chi Chi's emphasis on social networks.

Chi Pu answered the internet secretly to defend Jin Ju Hyung

With the facts that are going to & # 39; On the other hand, Jin Ju Hyung's best actor and co-star is the biggest thing. Many images of the couple eat together or travel together are seen as evidence of this suspicion. As many others shared, the latest with Jin Ju Hyung on Instagram, many fans commented on Chi Pu and facts about love.

However, one of the web ideas attracted more attention to unsupported vocabulary. Read this idea, Chi Puidh can not escape the crisis. The steel singer answered: "I was shouting here, people do not understand so you're really reflection, but this way to say how to lose teeth How to play online. The bad news, such a bad statement, is that there is nothing else to drink poison but it is hoped that others will die. live, hopeful, harder sport, which will live to friends. "Being so interesting and responding negatively to the social network, the answer is; Chi Pu gets so many people surprisingly.

Years that go back to Chi Puig and

Chi Pu answered the antifan in secret to defend monsters.

Chi Pu builds reliably to & # 39; Raising a jogging girlfriend's side

On his birthday in June 1818, on his personal Instagram, Chi Puing drew attention when he was sharing photos during birthdays early. At the same time, Jin Ju Hyung also shared the information with co-operation. At that time, Chi Pu had a business trip to Korea. So many websites believe that the "Rose Rose" voice was identifying the new rooms of age of age secretly.

Chi Pu one year back and
Years that go back to Chi Puig and

It is announced that Chi Pu and Jin Ju Hyung celebrate their birthday together.

Chi Pu and "brother lover" got together a view of Hoi An city when a question went back to her; go.

Recently, Chi Ju and Korean actor – Jin Ju Hyung joined Hoi An 's streets walk and have been posted here on a social network. This year, Chi Pu and the Korean actor have always been in love, but the two are silent. Many think that a couple have to Hoi An who; celebrating one year.

Chi Chi's 1 year old and
Years that go back to Chi Puig and

The latest image of the couple.

Jin Ju Hyung discovered his relationship with Chi Pu on Coriian television, Show only friends only

In the recent broadcast on the "Video Star" at MBC TV, actor Jin Ju Hyung first set out about a # 39; going back to Chi Pu. This response was subsequently withdrawn with the Korean media, which attracted small audience attention in kimchi.

In particular, MC Park Na Rae opened a story of Chi Pu: "We're saying" Chi Pu Kim Tae Hee Viet Nam ", I heard it's a big star in Vietnam." MC Park has been asking about the relationship between Jin Ju Hyung and Chi Pu, who recently released a series of two day evidence, make the actor out of bed. After a while, Jin Ju Hyung suddenly discovers: "Yes, we have" something "with us, but because of a geographic pace, we decided to be our friends. I still keep in touch but I do not have any more … ".

At this time, please contact Chi Pu, the female side has not responded to this information.

Years that go back to Chi Puig and

Jin Ju Hyung agrees that they have feelings for Chi Pu but now they are just friends.

In fact, this information will ensure that fans are very tough because they have been Most of the public, although not publicly acknowledged, comes with Jin Ju Hyung and Chi Pu together.

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