10 advice from Giovana Guido to lose beauty and her; health improvement


Make a beautiful belly, a few notes will be lost for being more attractive in summer, and a better feeling about yourself or just a & # 39; general health improvement. No matter what the objective is; you, your internal losses are very important in & # 39; improving your quality of life.

Researchers at the Harvard University in the United States have continued over 40,000 women for more than 16 years and found that women were more than 88 inches in a twice hollow chance of dying with heart attack and stroke than those with less than 71 centimeters.

Another review of the Mayo Clinic reviewed 11 surveys with 670,000 participants as a whole and found that men who were 3 years of life and 5 years were women compared to groups with is the lowest circle.

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Research also shows that dying is in a position; 7% increase for men and 9% for women every 5cm extra abdomen. It's 90cm in it; appropriate circle ends for men and up to 82cm for women. From this point, the risk of continuing diseases is particularly increasing.

Here, we intervisked a few steps with Giovana Guido on YouTube Channel. These suggestions for to lose nature Supported by science and if followed closely can help and improve health.

10 important steps to quickly lose the boy and improve health

  • Drink plenty of water, 40 ml every weight of the body's body weight is defined by nutrients, Giovana Guido.
  • Bread more active products, if possible, excluding them. Organize foodstuffs, handled and covered. This is going to the next thing.
  • Have anti-inflammatory foods such as ginger, avocado, cherries and oil oil. Everyday food always prefers food that was moved.
  • Omega-3 is an excellent anti-inflammatory material and not only does it help brain health, but it is also marked by the expert to throw his abdomen.
  • Eat only when you are hungry and only 80% of your abilities are stomach. This will trigger the organ for losing loss.
  • Avoid milk and milk products. We have talked here that many people have a problem having to dig on these products and this can help to # 39; reduce abdominal distribution.
  • Be careful about food in the north east. The Japanese and Chinese restaurants are beautiful, but they are not always healthy. High concentrations of sodium and carbohydrates are common in food.
  • Lie early and keep your sleep. We have already given suggestions on how to better sleep, and according to nutrients, it's good to be a good idea. sleep to continue to & # 39; going to work biologically.
  • Delete your bad friends and look for good carbohydrates such as fruit, cassava, sweet potato, quinoa and it. Although they are good for the diet, they can feed the lives of those who are difficult to collect abdominal fat.
  • Exercise. As well as helping you to lose a faster weight, they will also Help you manage to & # 39; body and well. A survey of Journal of Sports Medicine has already been shown to work interim and to a large extent as well as possible. loss of abdominal distribution.

Watch the video of Giovana Guido on how to lose weight quickly

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