10 characters that enjoy the show on Disney Plus (and 10 are not)


With news from Disney in the last few months The Mandalorian s in the series Rogue Aon A series of spin-off based on Alliance Alliance Cassian Andor, is an interesting time for Star Wars fans. We have already been handled by a series of vibrant series Star Wars: Wool Wars and Star Wars Rebels, as well as the upcoming Star Wars Star, so it did not seem fitting that Star Wars' livelihoods come on. But in a time where television programs are being revived, fans have high expectations.

In age Game of Thronesnot only must the series look good, but it must be carefully written. His characters need to be complex, his plans will have an impact on, and fans will have to " talks about how close the creative teams are doing; follow the sources. Since many of the Mandalorians were explored as individuals and in particular their location in a & # 39; shaped young, The Mandalorian need to be more structured. On the Rogue Aon spin-off, the original materials can be easily changed, because Cassian Andor is not familiar with what happened to him in the Rebel Alliance. But with these new series coming out, he wants to go to; question: Why are these characters getting the cure of a star? Would the 900 years of Yoda's life make enough material for vision? There are many characters that are desirable on a series, and just as much as important as fans, which should not be focused again. The Mandalorian and the Rogue Aon The spin-off series will be a major focus on Disney Plus sometime next year.

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Star Wars fans still did not walk out Running Any: Star Wars Story not to talk about the 19 seconds of surprisingly that Darth Vader was falling down Rebel scum. It seemed like that New Hog fans had been waiting to find out how busy the Dark Lord was able, especially since he was so small Sith's glorySouth Westerly

Although Vader has been enjoying a lot of success as the star at his & her; his own Marvel company, a television series set up in the 19 years between Sith's glory and Rogue Aon to receive great welcome, because not only would it be a? investigating his internal conflicts during that time, but his / her; describes the rise of the Empire.


When it was announced that Only: Star Wars Story In the works, followers were understood. The fans of Diehard Han Solo were happy to see the story originally on one of the most famous characters in the series. Others believed what needed to be done; It is necessary for the smokers to be growing when the new characters were known.

Only just released six months later The last Jedi and perhaps as a result, a fair success. His box office terminals terminated expressing any consent to Han Solo's licensing, leaving a bitter taste in the mouth of many Star Star fans. Let his character stay where it is, and be reviewed by Harrison Ford, in classical class.


One of the best things to come out Only: Star Wars Story There was more screen time for his brash bucketer with a tune for Captain, Land Calrissian. When he went to the Ladies Millennium chief The Empire is replicated, listeners were always at the same time with the pirates a flat talk room.

Although fans may have been written by Han Solo in the film, they liked Daniel Glover to play Young Country. It has not begun to explore historical … such as the famous Battle of Taanab who he received in the Rebel Alliance in several decades later. Caring with a charisma, A very unfavorable Cara with a Land that has the power of the star is to play; guide itself.


When Poe Dameron was introduced as a warrior revival pilot The Force Awakens, listeners responded to his / her charm and his / her; game ready. He never lost his confidence, he did not abandon his friends, and was able to add his amazing pilot skills to the test once and again.

Change everything The last Jedi, when it allows its best place to get on its & # 39; mission. He disturbed direct orders directly from senior executives, and he added the safety of the Legislation and the future at risk of unauthorized movement, such as flying one A Dreadnaught opponent with systems designed specifically to eliminate this threat. After tough, uncertain, self-confident, it would not be interesting and one-note.


Chewbacca has always been linked as a half of a lively genius, a friend of conductor Han Solo, and a co-pilot of The Falcon Millennium. Although it was announced that he fought in the Clone Wars, much of his history was not shared. According to events Only: Star Wars Story, He was taken by the Empire and was intending to carry out a manuscript work before liberating a young Han.

Chewie has always been a fascinating history, but it's time to tell a story. Not only do spectators want to find out more about the famous Wookiee, but about their genre in general. It allowed its own series to occur both, and even some of its origins could be shown by some known characters.


Like many characters that were thrown into the public The Force Awakens, Maz Kanata seems to have just ended the way. Her character, who was living in a home-house and marketing house, looked up on the surface, but after a few scenes with her, she did not know her. Can you wait to do more.

That way, she was a cause; Reporting stop gap for the storytops to fall into. However, she came back in The last Jedi It's just a scratch time, and it does not need a whole-based suite that uses its custom (if it does not include all that it has with Chewie).


Her first type, Phasma Captain, appeared The Force Awakens as titanium titan. His commander and respect was always in control, and she was a rod of salvage to the stimulating bone energy that was her; between General Hux and Kylo Ren. The one who placed the "order" in the # 39; First Order, and her screening time was shortened. When she suddenly appeared i The last Jedi, it was to be used to a new degree again.

Origins would be increased in the first stages of the & # 39; Welcoming it, especially since the Empire allowed women (screenshots) to achieve almost their level of authority. A good look behind his worthy brother would be worthy of him, especially with her status as a resident.


General Hux was involved in an extremely famous archetype in the Star Wars cannon; The powerful, powerful, powerful, authoritative authority that is always established. Like the former Grand Moff Tarkin, he was totally believed in his entire superficial height, and he was inaccurate. You can change your settings at any time The Force Awakens an ugly debtor who was also a military military expert.

When we see it again The last Jedi, It is reduced to fragile privacy, with the same service that provides comic relief. The real threat now is Kylo Ren, his main rival. If he needs to be so unpopular, General Hux does not need some time for Dreadnaught (or series) corridors.


One of the only characters from Star Wars Legends and Expanded World is a canonized feature of Star Star's intellectual features that was allowed by Disney, the character of Thrawn is just very attractive. The ball of a racing race was to bring the most distant rows of the gates to introduce Empire control, and b. One of the most powerful tools of the Emperor Palpatine is a blue-haired army generation.

Thrawn has recently been his novel's novel by his well-known author in a series of books in the '90s, Timothy Zahn, as well as having a' featured in Star Wars Rebellion. A welcome series was extended in the areas of the Empire and for a long time.


Luke Skywalker – his name is so close to the Star Wars series to tie it unrelated to the magazines forever. His family drama held the content for one of the biggest stories he has ever heard in the history of today. And yet, the name is the name; He often returns rich galaxy progress with so many other stories.

His last bow is inside Episode IX it should be last. Luke Skywalker would have given a series, even though he would tell how he raised the Jedi Order inside the Empire ash, rejoicing the voices of other characters worthy of respect and respect.


Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn was one of the best characters that came from the Star Wars files. The assistant supporter at the talk of Obi-Wan Kenobi, who was a member of the Live Forum and who liked to believe in continuing his mind even at his & her. cost if it was famous. This stopped with the Jedi Council, but did not; He was the relatives of Star Wars fans who liked the Jedi minister and his caretaking certainty.

He did not survive The Phantom is fatal, Sadly its new fans (and Obi-Wan). His days as Knight Jedi would play a very good series, especially training under Count Dooku, his master who then turned to the Dark Side.


New land was introduced into the Star Wars disease Invasion from the Clonies, including the format of its & # 39; bionic societal warriors, military weapons called General Grievous. Guided by the Jedi Arts by Count Dooku, he was used especially as a sound for Obi-Wan Kenobi, and he only tried his case through dangerous investigation points.

It was grievous that was a bad face. Although at first it was interesting, it had become more dangerous than it should have been with a cough who suffered all that was in the past; Certain some of the only live devices that have been stored in its metal frame. Star Wars fans did not have much interest in how he got out, as he was exhausted.


As well as the Star Wars series linked to the Skywalker Children, one other name has been similar to his stories: Obi-Wan Kenobi. Growing from Jedi Knight who was a which was the main objective of attacking the Jedi Master, not only did Obi-Wan Kenobi go to see the increase and fall of her apprentice, Anakin Skywalker, but also lost her Jedi companions and her kind of love as the Empire over her disease.

Many fans have made prey for the original film Obi-Wan-centric. He has been well documented on his practice during the Clone Wars, but the years that he had been a ward of Luke Skywalker on Tenato for 19 years. think that lines may be better. It's not a way he would have been a week all night!


Among other characters such as Maz Kanata, the former Admiral Holdo suffered the same visit as those people just introduced to move the plan forward; once and she was ready to & # 39; needed, it was no longer useful. And so many of her concerns were made as a long-term friend with Leia Organa-Solo, there were other directors from the Rebel Alliance's glory days that were worthy of cleared cameo treatment (Ackbar, for example).

Holdta had been tired to become a strong military agent, and although Kamikaze moved on the First Order Dreadnaught was amazing, a logic said it was not necessary after she had made other decisions before. A series about it was so exciting.


Running Any: Star Wars Story Easily is one of the favorite Star Wars films that has been made in the last 20 years. He added the elements of the classical series with their familiar time and personalities, and also added to them. including new places and characters. Two stars stand up in the & # 39; key Rogue Aon The story is the story of Cirrut Imwe and Baze Malbus.

There was a pair of Force fans called the Keeper of the Whills, that Baze Malbus lost his faith, and Cirrut Imwe quickly met his knowledge of the Force. He was a little uncertain couple. in terms of their personality, they stole the display with their lost. There would be a series of Jedi users who are not Jedi useful and different.


Certainly Padme Amidala is one of the official characters in the Star Wars series – not only that she was the wife of Anna Skinalker, and the mother of Luchaidh and Leia, she was the queen of Naboo and then the Senator who was a Strongly fought against trying to trade relations and the beginning of the Empire.

For someone so hard, his presence in the Star Wars files was often lesser. Regarded to a penalty that was opposed by Anakin, his life was like a way for his chrysolysis, and dropped out of a revival way for Darth Vader. Not so, it's so sad that Star Wars fans are not interested.


Nineteen years are very large for cover, and so there would be an endless material at one of the best Jedi Mès. Yoda is not very familiar! He gave guidance to the Jedi Council in the days of the Old Republic, Teach hundreds of paradoxes, and after the Wars heard about to come out and the Empire came out the herdsman, he went to his house; hiding until Luke Skywalker found. And that's just over the period from Episode I'm going Episode VISouth Westerly

Yoda has been a complex character in Star Wars Geography, and a strong symbol of its biggest sides. The two children who are rough, fiercely, frightening and frightening, it is a religious paradox that the mystery would make an amazing show.


Fionn was one of the stars he had; there The Force Awakens. A young storm man of the First Command was opposed to his faculty in a physicist system, that he opposed his Archbishop and went with his new supporters in a & # 39; protect the galaxy against tyranny. Starting as an anti-bearded chamber, he found his confidence about the film course, and was also very funny.

All of that change there The last Jedi, when the character of Finn grew up was left behind that may have been characterized by other characters. It was sent in a prototype that was proven as a ban and without an interest as any series that could be a star.


Although the Skywalker family has been well-documented in Star Wars Geography, it is one character that is worthy of greater recognition of Leia Organa Solo, former Princess Alderaan and General Army Counterfeit The Galactic Assembly had a very old age at the age of age, and she was looking to destroy the Empire to plan a home with one mast from the Death Star and her; promises to fight against all the form he has made, and # 39; including the First Order that may arise from the next year later.

Although there are Star Wars Rebellion He showed some of Leia's young events, and Marvel has given her a number of issues in a small series, there are times of Leia's life, especially between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, That would be done for amazing stories.


When Snoke built in The Force Awakens as a major holographic head to move over Kylo Ren, the playgrounds are left with expectations. Was it an Emperor Palpatine, or was executed for the destruction of the Skywalker family? Ben Solo had already changed to the Dark Side, how much was he able to do?

Between that movie and The last Jedi, Almost nothing had been made about the Chief Executive of the First Order. His educator killed, Kylo Ren killed and before he was even very important in the phot. Although it was secretly first, fans continued to get tired of their presence when it was clear that the only reason he was doing was; Attending to make way for Ren to be the next Chief Executive.

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