10 Comics to read after "Elseworlds"


Anything we designed to say about "Elseworlds", the latest three-day Arrowverse event, should be moderately measured by changing the next year's change as a & # 39; an ambitious tour in comic history, Emergency on MidlandSouth Westerly

Instead of focusing on some of the best Elseworlds stories, we wanted to make up the list to find more cosmetics, more truth, and to prepare attackers for a taste of the upcoming chicks.

So … remember that this is a list that is specially for you to prepare for what's in; coming and responding to the "Elseworlds" story and events, what you should read then if you are going to. I really enjoyed?

Well, yes, we have ideas.

Slide 5 of 10American League League: Hand Destiny
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Print E-mail "Elseworlds". ran from 1989 to 2010, where familiarized concepts and concepts from DC Accuracy were introduced into strange and unidentified situations. Mail & # 39; first of Elseworlds titles Gotham with Gaslight, who dealt with Batman who hunted Jack the Ripper in Gotham Victoria. The final Superman: Last Family of Krypton, which was based on a different timetable where Jor-El and Lara could accompany the & # 39; their son traveled to the Land, and the world needed to deal with a very powerful family.

The logo itself is just a worse way of telling "imaginative stories", how DC used to use their non-cannon stories in the pre-Emergency on Midland Sometimes – but even within their main continuity, you would sometimes have a riff based DC Life based. Often, these stories change truth for a short time, or at least confirm the warriors that they were; Living in a world is different than the experts at the same time.

There was one such story, "Destiny & Hands", based on the return of Doctor Destiny, a man (John Dee, represented on television as John Deegan) who could verify the truth by doing it. using a stone called the Materioptikon, or Dreamstone, which allowed him to create by using dreams or memories.

In "Destiny & Hands," he created a dark and violent version of the Justice, and # 39; including black dress for The Flash.

The popularity story was enough to get a sequel JLA: Classified years later. You can find it in an appendix as part of it Superman and Justice League. 2 collected by Dan Jurgens, Rick Burchett, and Dave Cockrum.

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