10 game unnamed Vietnam, coach Myanmar is scared?


Monday 11/18/2018 00:05 AM (GMT + 7)

Myanmar coach, Antoine Hey, said he would have an impact on this Park Hang coach here to do it; Competition for A-League Group A at the 2018 AFF Cup match at 18:30 on November 20.

Laos Video – Myanmar (NextMedia is a tablet, broadcast on VTC)

After Vietnam Telephone Following the 2-0 Malaysia 2-0 in the United States on 16/11, the next coach coach of Hang Seo Park before Myanmar in Yangon is thought to be "Cup Games" 201 2018.

10 game unnamed Vietnam, coach Myanmar is scared? - 1

Coach Antoine Hey

Before Champa Thuwun, Vietnam and Myanmar won the best 6 consecutive points after two trips. Antoine Hey will coincide with her; Holding a Fife member A in A A Team to scan (more screening targets).

So, Myanmar's home team is the biggest focus on its; game against Vietnam on 20/11. It is evidence that the home team tried to keep confidential information staff, Antoine Hey's training before the Vietnam game. The media do not work only when Myanmar started.

"If Myanmar hit the level of the AFF Cup in 2018, we do not have any other means," said Myanmar co-ordinator, Antoine Hey. Play against the top Vietnamese and Malaysian opponents.

We try to play one game well and the last two will play the game. largely benefitting the help of the confident players, enjoying the next Vietnam. On the other hand, we play at home. The fear of thousands of spectators who help Myanmar to influence Vietnam's phone.

10 game unnamed Vietnam, coach Myanmar is scared? - 2

Myanmar buys Vietnam at home

I hope our dream will come true. Anyhow, Vietnam has been highly evaluated and is one of the candidates for the AFF Cup competition in 2018. "

The German coach said his players needed to improve protection in the defense against striking strikeers on Vietnam: "We have allowed Cambodia and Laos to be scrapped in advance, and continue to cost . up the river We will try to let this situation go back in the Vietnam game. "

At the same time, with a Vietnam coach, although the coach of this Hang Park Park was just the 10th unique game in succession, but tried to reduce the student reduction. The park asked the Vietnamese players who were not allowed to identify when the team has not got officially off.

Vietnam Telephone: water after a water coach and clean Hang Park here

Coach Park Hang This is a very new smile when Vietnam's phone is not turned off.

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