10 Games Series


Some of the games that we played again play, they are now in detail. There were production companies, rather than tasting everything, a & # 39; Choose stories and make games like rubber. Now we have put together games that will come to an end.

Although some of a series of games still have a new insight into the story, some of them are now only profitable. Players can easily see this situation in many games. In addition to the first games as well as not being missed, Thinking about the game, compared to a beautiful game to show the name of the series, only, each new game will be played; continue.

10. Effectiveness:

Mass Effect: There was no game in Andromeda, but it was not good enough to meet expectations. Unfortunately, his game did not succeed with the new characters. Although BioWare's efforts to restore the series are incredible, they sometimes have to be left in place.

9. Freddy Nights's Five Evenings

Freddy's five nights have been very fond of because he has given a great insight into the huge games when his first play was played. After this success, the developers allowed a new game. This move was also very reasonable, but the developers of their game, were forwarded to & # 39; game, five FNAF games to throw & officially spama game. Even if no one asked the new game, you would see a new FNAF game in a few months. When you see the same terrorist thousand miles, the game is not overwhelming.

From August 2014 to July 2018 we saw 6 games in total, from this series, it is said to continue …

8. Sonic:

The Blue Hedgehog Sonic is definitely one of the favorite classes. Everyone has played the Sonic game at any time anyway. The games were very enjoyable and many people had fun times with the Sonic games. In fact, it's great to taste everything. With the new games, all games have been copied with each other and Sonic's old air has disappeared completely.


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7. Tomb Raider:

If you think Lara Croft's historians of PlayStation 1 began in 1996, you can understand why the game should not continue. Because the game presents a similar story in different shapes and is given to us, the effect of the line is beginning to go down. Although we have been one of the most powerful female characters in the history of video games, we believe that Lara Croft should now be released and replaced by someone else.

6. Metallic Cutting:

Hideo Kojima, Konami, "would not be wrong in ways after dividing the series of Metal Gear series. Although there is a team that is trying to restore what Kojima is doing. back, it can not be said that they have done this work. When the person who writes, guides, builds and designs plays, the series goes down to quality.

5. FlatOut:

The game that has been responding to & # 39; Question on how many different ways you can break a car. Although the FlatBut Bugbear Entertainment series has shown a very different concept in the first two games, it's a & # 39; giving the signal that he is now challenging with the last two games. Bugbear appears to be behind this series because the latest games are not so big, but we're not sure yet.


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4. Resistance problem:

We need to report before we reach the Resistant Thin series. Those who are amazing with this game may say that the game is good. We agree with you, but here we object to games being still linked to the same name. When you look at Resident Evil 7, you can see that there is nothing at the game with previous games. If the game, which was not linked to the story, was given in a different sequence, it might not be on our list, but Resident Evil could not save us from being on On our list, it was so obvious that he was now a profit.

3 The Sims:

It is a series that is even known for games, Sims. It's not fun to build on our home and our family and do what we want with them. Sims & # 39; Enjoy a few games through the new games; come back again as a recital. In addition, you are injured after you have a family for fifteen hours and become a home. In fact, only for graphics and increasing price tags, the game is still the same.

2. Pro Evolution Soccer:

How many do you still have at PES 2013? We are in 2019, and so far 6 new PES games have not shown the 2013 game's impact. Last year, PAMS had been swept to the producer of EA Konami, FIFA. With his unlicensed teams, punctuation players and players, he has now moved away from misconduct. Konami has released a free PES version with the economy within her own.

1. Call of Duty:

The Call of Duty series was released for 15 years and 15 Call of Duty games. In addition, in this number, phone games are not responsive and DLC without place. If we add zombie games, we found 25. Many trips, II. Second World War, Cold War, III III. During the Second World War work, a pumpkin taste began. The game came to such a point that Call of Duty was even a parody player. The Parody game is not working well, so Activision continues to launch the Call of Duty series without having to go to. pull down.


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Now we have finished the content we have recorded in the series of games that have started a pumpkin taste. You can share the games that you are thinking of included in the list by the comments section.

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