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For car fans from Germany to explore this list there is real food. After everything, here is the full color of the German window. Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW seem to have modules that no one can buy. Worst, he was the well-known brand of the famous Bavarian brand that came to last last year. most prestigious car in Russia.

But, keeping the slash, we will start to & # 39; record from tenth places. Here's a car Audi A4 Avant for 2.2 million rubbish. This type of body has not been widely regarded in Russia, and in the first class it is not an argument between all of them; in a broad format. Amazingly, for its model, which has sold over 30 copies throughout the country, there is a series of other power plants and the four-wheel quattro company.

The nineteenth line of sports back-wheel rail runner-up on the road Mercedes-Benz SLC Class with 29 sales. Its main feature is to open its & # 39; crop rose in 20 seconds. The car is worth 3.27 million rubles.

In the last year, there was another Stuttgart brand car to travel with her; wind so badly turned S-classe cabriofilled with all kinds of technology chips. It is probably an appropriate product in 27 sales for a car that is being sold; It is estimated that at least 10.9 million rubbish. For comparison: vehicle CLA class in the back of Brake Hunting, even if it costs "just" 2.6 million, it will only get 20 purchases.

Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake. Photograph: Mercedes-Benz news service.

In the sixth place (from the end) the coupe and the turn were BMW 8South West And this is also the success of each other, since the payment of cars at 6.7 million rubles was shown in our market at the end of the year, and were distributed in the 20 half copy. But if the Bavarians have joined all "eight" in one column, then Hear chose not to add up to the same 20 sales A6 Allroad to the rest of the same series of cars, and including the lovely sediment. It's amazing that the price tag on its all-wheel drive platform is not on site; banner from Ingolstadt at present, but you can ask sellers. Before caring more than 4 million rubles.

It's a twin sports car that's in; a quarter in anti-anti BMW i8, which costs 9.6 million rubbish. Here, the maker did not make this car in coupes and roadster in different types, and for two they made 18 sales.

The third one was driven from the end Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake at a price of about 5 million rubles. Product 8, apparently, had a product impact on its output; this car – in the line of its company; at the moment he has already gone. Unlike CLA class cheaper and slightly more successful.

The same story, apparently, is happening with a sports-wheel drive coupe Audi R8 with a 610-horsepower engine. Last year, it appeared on the official website and statistics with 7 sales, and this year it is not available in the different. There will be an option to potential customers who are at risk as a "responsible" model of the RS line. Another version is that they are waiting for the R8 that is in Russia, which is even & # 39; s more powerful and environmentally friendly.

Audi R8 updated. Picture: Audi Press Service.

"Out of competition" was among the "Germans" of the electric torch BMW i3which is offered at a cost of 3.8 million rubles. For 2018, this model was purchased by one basic motorist. In this case, the Bavarians left the model in the product list, apparently, when the future was expected. Indeed, the Russians will buy electric cars at one time.

We added that the most attractive German models of the Volkswagen Polo sedan last year (59,450 units), the Volkswagen Tiguan (33,530) and the BMW 5 sedan (6,653).

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