10 interesting devices to fill your cars


Sometimes vehicle tools can save life in the cars that we need to focus on. 10 interesting tools that will give you a great experience in your trips, share your welcome.

In general, the tools that have been developed so that the lives of vehicle users are more easily surprised by mind. In addition to its duties, some of the tools that highlight our designs can save our lives in interesting months.

Sometimes at home, sometimes on the alliance tours, "I wish you have your product," he said, you should be sure to check out the materials on our list. The chance to find the product you find is very high. Try to look at these interesting car tools together.

1. Ztylus Stinger / $ 80

Ztylus Stinger's emergency carrier is very active. Designed to save the life of the driver and passengers during an accident, Ztylus Stinger is similar to an emergency bus. The product, which breaks down the glass, also produces; Bring a blade to cut the seat belt if there is an emergency. In addition, the Ztylus Stinger supports fast fee with a dual USB port, which can work as a standard car charger facility. You will find Ztylus Stinger in the market with a price tag of about 80 TL.


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2. Park-PZ-1600/105 TL

If your vehicle does not have parking awareness, this product is for you. The PZ-1600 parkland is located in your car, and & # 39; show you the distance you should have on a wall in a red, yellow and green light. The help can park, which is very useful in narrow parking garages, easy driving for drivers if they are common in a lot of public parking. You will receive the PZ-1600 Park-Zone at a cost of around 105 TL.

3. ION Adaptar Cassette Music / 105 TL

If your vehicle still has a radio with a casting player and if you want to use the features in new vehicles without paying money, the product that has been developed by ION can choose the right option. With the Bluetooth adapter, you can play any path you need back with your phone number, or you can make voice calls with the built-in microphone. You will find the Adaptor Music Iette Cassette at a cost of around 105 TL.

4. Cooluli Mini Cooler and Heater / 265 TL

The fruit, which makes enjoyable long-term walks, can work as frost when requested. With a measure of 4 liters, the Cooluli Mini Heer and Heater & # 39; up to 6 cans at the same time. Providing a good response for food that should be hot, the product is suitable for use in offices. This product is available at the market at 265 TL.

5. GPS device on the course / 645 TL

The GG RoadGuard administration tool, which is an essential place in situations where it is being stolen; carriage, giving a real time place to & # 39; Followed from smart computers or phones. The machine has an IP65 certification, which reports to a person with the external SMS with SMS, which shows anti-connectivity against angry communication. The GPS RoadGard administration tool can be found in the market at a tag price of around 645 TL.

6. Camera Xiaomi Yi Mirror Dash Overview Carbad / $ 770

Xiaomi Yi Mirror Dash provides a wide range of views due to the cameras facing and behind; car. The backdrop background mirror, which features fair features such as audio and video recording, photography, night vision, can work consistently with Android and iOS devices. You will receive Xiaomi Yi Mirror Dash at a price of around 770 TL, which will bring your driving experience to another.


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7. Hudway Cast / 1,000 TL

The Kickstarter project is in Hudway Cast, offers a very different use of travel, which shows steering from smartphones to your own screen. Investing with a huge interest from investors and their customers; investing $ 583,563, Hudway Cast allows smartphones to make basic actions like a & # 39; gambling, playing long play & # 39; as you drive. You can access the Kickstarter page of this product by clicking here. You can get Hudway Cast at a cost of around 1,000 TL.

8. Parasail-promotional / 1000 TL

The automotive vehicle screen, which was developed to protect cars from dust, water and sun, can be moved away and with remote control. Promate Vehicle Umbrella is said to be able to provide effective protection for the car, especially in recent years, the temperature of the vehicle decreased by 30 degrees in the summer. Parasols Promate will enlarge feed your car and you will receive it at a cost of around 1,000 TL.

9. Rolled Rack Road / 1.700 TL

Rack-Mounted has a very important need, which aims to make a long journey in a car, with a shower with a "Shower Shower" mobile phone. With a large volume of 19 liters, the water tank provides users with a warm rain shower plus the heat it receives from the sun. You can get the Rack-Mounted Road enclosure in the market with a price tag of approximately 1,700 TL.

10. TrailNest Rooftop Hammock / 2.600 TL

If you are enjoying natural trips, this splash should be in the # 39; car. TrailNest offers you the opportunity to watch the spectrum before you sleep, comfortably, protect yourself from many dangers in nature. The panel is used in the air industry, which is very strong thanks to the hammock aluminum, easy to use. You will receive the Rooftop Hammock TrailNest at a market of around £ 2,600.

We ended up a list of interesting and useful resources that were made to meet the needs of cars. What is your favorite product? You can specify your answers in the comments section. We will continue to share you with news of interesting materials created for and for vehicles. Stay on the way to avoid …

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