10 Methods to Keep Your Branches Young and Healthy


As your age progresses, the effects can be seen on the brain. As a result of getting older, the actions in the brain can slow down, and even alzheimer can cause the biggest problems. our age. In addition to all these things, you can do it to stop them. We have listed what you can do to keep your brain healthy and young.

The human brain can lose its job over time. Although it seems that it is impossible to hamper this, not that it seems. Our brain can be damaged and lost its role due to the lack of specific items or the use of specific materials. If you want your brain to do without losing its duty, you can destroy this work by clicking on the " Include the articles in our news for life.

10. Exercise:

As a result of research, your muscles were also good for your mind. It has also been noted that animals that regularly exercise blood vessels to increase the blood of citizenship in the brain sector. It is also useful to say that acting is also an important part in the development of new strange cells and the development of brain cells.

source: sciencemag.org

9. Right of diet:

Nutrition is regular and very important to your body as well as your mental health. It is an example of the regular diet of the Intermediate test that includes foods such as fruit, vegetables, fish, nuts and strains that are not re-edited. According to the research, people who use this diet are less likely to be at # 39; catch alzheimera.

source: USA National Medical Library

8. Improve your blood pressure

High blood pressure in the middle of age increases the risk of mental gestures in an older age. Getting your blood pressure, in other words, is a way to keep your blood pressure so low & # 39; as possible, one of the things you can do to protect your brain. You can reduce your stress and keep your low backbone with a good and fair diet.

source: neurology.org

7. Organize your blood sugar:

Alzheimer's and dementia have an important role in diabetes. You can eat and regularly feed to protect yourself from diabetes. If you can not control your blood sugar yet, you can do this by doing it. ; taking the necessary medicines.

source: National Health Institutes

6. Attention to your cholesterol:

Dementia and alzheimer's are common complaints in high levels of LDL (poor) cholesterol. You can keep your cholesterol levels at the required level as a result of regular diet, exercise, stress control and tobacco use.

source: Mikael Simons et al.

5. Avoid tobacco use

Stay away from all tobacco products, especially cigarettes. Smoking, within the nicotine as a result of the brain, is to spread the blood and the respiratory system; badly bad. You can also keep your brain healthy by using the use of tobacco products called adverse effects on the mental functions of the brain.

source: USA National Medical Library

4. Do not predict the consumption of alcohol:

Alcohol consumption is one of the main causes of dementia and Alzheimer's disease. As a result of the research, it is said that two glasses of daily alcohol do not show a special harm to health. Those who want to reduce their risk can protect themselves by harmony by any alcohol.

source: National Institute of Alcohol

3. Be aware of your feelings

People who are worried, sad, sleeping or tired often tend to get lower scores in mental activity exams. Typically, these low scores do not report to problems that may occur in the years; away, but there is good mental health and sleeping pattern where you can relax, it is definitely the goal you should aim.

source: my journals.sagepub.co

2. Protect your head:

Due to moderate and bad effects, there may be mental disorders. You can protect your health and young people from your brain by trying to stop the boots.

source: my jnnp.bmj.co

1. Emphasize your socialism:

As a result of strong social links, the risk of dementia and alzheimer's was reduced. Along with all this, strong social connections as well as decrease in blood pressure and longer life are also looked.

source: my journals.sagepub.co

We ended our content where we analyze ways to keep your brain healthy and healthy. Keeping your brain, body and healthy psychology; Want to talk in other başka content

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