10% of HIV infections increased in the last two years


"Find out what I have HIV It was not a big surprise, but it still affected me … Before, they told you that Aids and he was a death sentence; there. I became affected by the person who had been a permanent partner for two years. He knew, but never told me, despite the confidence we thought. "Rodrigo spokesman, a 32-year-old lawyer, is a lawyer, who tells how to change his life since he got out about harassment.

"One day ordered some of the documents, I heard a medical certificate and my life fell. In a hope, I went to the doctor's office hoping I would not have caught it. It was two weeks past and a midwife came home and tell me … at that time I went black, I did not know what I should do, more than crying … they made me countless and gave me the "My mother was the first person found, she thought I was going to die, but here I'm 12 years old," he says say calmly, like someone who tells an old story.

Rodrigo explains that the process was very painful, because he did not have the same quality as it is at present. "I was 20 years old, my life was just starting … but good, nothing was so bad, my defenses were high and I was not at risk At Higueras Hospital they told me that I did not need to start my cure yet. "

Unfortunately, I was self-relieved and I stayed here this April, when I was moving Aids. I had a terrible time, but with thanks to the cure and belief in God, I was able to turn the situation and I was very well. "Indeed, this time it is clear that he has no second chance , and again to remedy to cure this death could be killed.

The case is one of the thousands in the Bío Bío area and in line with the latest figures of the Ministry of Health, they grow enormously.

Effectively, according to information derived from compulsory Evidence Diseases, ENO of the Health Seremi, 2017 ended with 379 new cases of HIV / AIDS, a higher proportion of 5.5% compared to 2016, equivalent to 359 cases.

Although an emergency situation is maintained, 2,258 of the 2,432 people living with judgment HIV From 2010 to date, they are currently receiving antiretroviral medicine.

In terms of progress to improve the spread of the virus's spread of progress this September, over 20,000 fast tests are implemented. HIV in the Bío Bio Primary Care Centers: Conception 5,920; Bío Bío 9.840; and Arauco 4,600.

A health clinic (s) Bío Bío, Tanya Vidal, a & # 39; explains that actions are included as part of the National Plan designated by the Ministry of Health, trying to subtract HIV through associated tests and prevention strategies in the context of health social verifiers: promoting safe species and prevention measures in adolescents and young people; strengthen the care network HIV of the public system, the development of test management, drugs and inspection provisions, among other objectives.

One of the Family Health Centers that begins to begin with a # 39; get and send to & # 39; first batch of fast test HIV Cesfam Víctor Manuel Fernández, with a total of 4,200 analyzes, which began a white march at the end of September this year.

The important thing about these tests, which is ready in a 15 minute average, is that they are discharged to all patients who need it, irrespective of the prejudice and what The part of the Department will come.

How it works

This includes being & # 39; generates a cylinder sample from the ring or middle branch, which is handled and short-termed. If it is positive, a straightforward sample will be taken immediately (or the next day in accordance with the application timetable), which is sent to the Public Health Institute (ISP) for new processing and confirmation of the final result.

"So far, we have counted on 111 people who have been proven, and there was only one case," said the director of Concepcion Service Health, The Dr. Carlos Grant.

The study relates to people over the age of 14 years; However, if the horrible sample that has been examined in ISP proves the proven product, the center's health duty can inform the parents legal representative.

"Before the teenager was in danger of going with one of his parents to take the test, today he can not go back to Cesfam, but in the case he & # 39; coming out should contact parents "Cesfam director VMF, Dr. Ralph Miller.

According to the Health Service Conventions Network, SCC during the 2018 first semester, 1,155 patients have a control. HIV, including to & # 39; Most of the issues between 20 and 29 years, somewhat worried, since the 96 new cases were added, among the 20 and 24 year olds, most of which were among males.

On this situation, the SSC's director stated that "to avoid the expansion of extensible release, it must show that the information campaigns and procedures that allow us to avoid pollution HIV, which grew up by 10% compared to the previous year, which is a complex setting, not just for the Department, but for the country ".

More education

In this regard, early education is important, especially in youth and young people, the Government said Seremi, Francesca Parodi.

"It is a cause of concern for our Government, both to prevent, and to detect this disease in the early parts of the youngest, because there is a danger to & # 39; affecting more people. In this way, the use of crucial powers to stop the increase is there HIV in the population, "he said.

The authority added that he should raise awareness of the importance of the ban. "It is essential to create a greater awareness of the use of condoms in Bío Bío's different health centers," said Gore spokesman.

From 1 February, 2019, the health authority will have an important challenge: monitor the proper storage, introduction and production of prophylactics stored in Chile, and sold in authorized locations to stop the illness.

Regarding the Government's responsibility and sexual education in educational establishments, Parodi said "you can always develop in education, because it is not enough, you need to generate more awareness through effective initiatives such as those who are already playing This is a long-term job that includes interdisciplinary work, based on the aims determined by the participating departments. "

In this way, yes Seremi Education, The Fernando Peña, continue "while the board stopped HIV AIDS led by Minsal and integrated with 20 other centers, our work has been participating in the campaign throughout the year Change HIV AIDS, including educational related materials related to the problem such as leaflets and triptychs. This material is provided by Ministry of Education and we are a Department that cares for them to reach the respective departments and venues. "

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