10 steps you should do to make your Facebook account safe


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Sunday, November 18, 2018 05:29 PM

Some will avoid & # 39; use Facebook to protect their privacy, although many of the site's visitors can not do so for the importance of creating and maintaining a social network.

In this context, many of the users of this application are involved in a & # 39; protect the bankruptcy accounts that may exist. In an article published in the German newspaper "Süd-Deutsche Zeitung", Marc Schillhorn reviewed simple steps to preserve your Facebook account.

Double protection

First step should be & # 39; Using the dinner test option, the writer said. Whenever possible, use an accessible tick. Once you're & # 39; get this code through a short message on & # 39; phone, go to Settings, then security and Logon, and then double confirmation. To complete this process, Facebook needs a phone number. If you do not want to give it, you can choose three different ways: a security key, proofing applications such as Google Verifier or a hard copy of the revitalization code.

The dance proofing option provides great protection from the # 39; smoking (the island)

Any email address

You must use a special email address to access Facebook and other internet services. So, your email address will be free from messages received through platforms and partners.

Do not submit to sites or apps through Facebook

You can access many applications with your Facebook account, but you should know that a & # 39; company collect data about outside the platform. Therefore, registration is best through the registration form for the site or application.

Good devotion

The draggers have always tried to access the data of careful users such as password and credit card numbers. They can cancel or copy your Facebook account and then send Messenger Messages to all your friends. So, you should check closely with your security settings when you get uncommon messages from a friend.

Protection from bad friends

The author has confirmed that you can block hackers from copying his / her. Your Facebook account by hiding your friends list or just showing them friends, by & # 39; reach options and privacy, and then click on how to find me and contact me.

This page can be hidden or unavailable. List your friends only list so stop draggers from copying your account (island)

Contact trailers

Go to "Options" and then from the "Security and login" drop-in menu and from the page that appears to "Additional security settings" and then enter the " Get warnings about unidentified routes "and the options available, so you will get warnings from Facebook if a user is logged in to your account from an unidentified device.

Move list of devices

Sometimes you may need to open your Facebook account on your phone, work computer, or partner computer with the # 39; your own computer. In this regard, you can control the tools where your account is open by accessing options, and then "Security and Sign In" and "Where you have registered nowadays ". You can click on "See more" for the tools that can be accessed to your Facebook account.

If you find a foreign device, you can leave it by clicking on the three dots just on the right of the machine.

Diary and Signs

The author explained that you need to control what is published on the "time line"timeline(And who can tell you)tagging) With pictures from the rest of your friends. You can decide whether you or your friends can also post items on a timeline. You should be careful when you put off marks, where your friends can help you with pictures that you did not upload. Then you can change those settings with "Settings" and select "Timeline and Signals".

You can control your time line and who can contact you from the time line and on the islands.

No communication is in place

You can protect your friends and friends privacy by including the choice of Internet synchronization for Facebook and Facebook Messenger. You need to check out the options in each device that you use on Facebook. In the "Messenger" application (Android and iOS), click on the profile and then select the "New" page and disable the option to "evaluate valuation". On the Facebook application (Android and IOS), go to Settings and apply the settings in the Media and Friends section.

Maintaining facial recognition technology

Facebook your face can be automatically detected through photos and videos, and your name too. By following the next step, you will be able to follow every user who is going to; Upload an image from your side. You can control face recognition by accessing options, Face Recognition, and its # 39; answer No question: Do you want to identify Facebook in pictures and videos?

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