10 thoughts on the Les Miles employed as a KU football coach


Les Miles to deal with the media for her & # 39; The first time as a KU football coach in just two hours. After that, he will talk with Brian Hanni on the latest news on Hawk Talk, which means enough fans will hear from the KU football attendant on Sunday.

The appointment, named by KL's renewal KL director, completes an officially lasting inquiry two weeks after David Beaty burned after State State loss. Beaty was allowed to walk off the season and finish things on Friday against Texas.

Long had previously said that he hoped to introduce a very profitable coach that could start employing away. In the release announces the news, he said:

"From the outset of the research, we focused on identifying and employing a comprehensive leader with a strong knowledge of success and from the range," said Long. "Les Miles is what we need for our current program."

Here are 10 thoughts in addition to employing, what it's going to do; means for the KU program and whether it works or does not work …

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