"100 million President for Grand Yoff Maternity"


His First Poet Poetry visited Baile Patte D & oran and Grand Yoff on his / her; 15th of the election campaign.
The first female, SALL Mareme Faye was a regional representative of Dakar, Amadou BA and Benno officials.
Benno manager, Ms. Mbacké Fabinta, is very pleased with such a move and commitment that the city will make a difference on the afternoon of 24 February 2019.
Speaking, the Big Band of DIOP, the chairman of the Benno election committee, sent messages to young people in the & # 39; his home: "Shooting identity cards, be an adult so we can win 80%". He finished his speech by inviting MEDINA's master, Bamba FALL to go to the sitting camp.
The regional representative from Dakar, on behalf of President Macky SALL, gave a recommendation to his Master; Guild who went to the main camp. "The President plans to restructure the GRAND MEDINE restructuring, but also update the Nabil Chouker hospital," said Amadou BA.
After this moment, her First Lady-in-law firm in the state treasurer company made a major focus in IOFF where there was also a strong band of militants.
The great two great keepers of Yoff's company, even Sheikh BAKHOUM and Adama FAYE, now have their hands under the eyes of militants.
The regional delegate from Dakar thanked Grand Yoff of Benno's officers. He praised the features of the Adam BAKHOUM young and unbelievable Adama FAYE. He preached for a unity among the leaders in this area.
In addition, he said that the President intends to focus on the restructuring of a sports and sanitation area. It also meant that a program of innovation will be affected; Grand Yoff town. There are also 19 Dakar societies with 50 miles of street lights in the program of President Macky SALL. The Rapid Industrial Will (DER) will be built 100 billion to support young people and women.
The divisional agent recognizes that the facial mottoes will be converted to free land use. In the same way, Amadou BA announced that the 100 million President will give Grand Yoff Maternity.
It is also expected to repair the mosque and St. Paul's church. The producer finished by asking officers to work to win the most beautiful ways.

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