QUEENSLAND is an enthusiastic state that maroges maroonously and sadly. punishment is well above our strength in international sporting performance, and Creating some of the best sports and sporting sports in history.

The Mail-Mail, The Sunday Mail and News Regional has made a positive list list of the top 100 athletes in Queensland – including those born and raised in the state as well as having a " including materials equivalent to Queensland.

We have the largest 100 to discuss what today is the deadline No. 1 story-tune around the globe and how our game's performance compares a range wide range of sports.

The countdown is 40-21.

Major Dave Nilsson confirmed in Major League.

Major Dave Nilsson confirmed in Major League. KAPERNICK DAVID



837 games for Milwaukee Brewers, 789 visits, 105 home runs and goods averages .284 posts; The 2004 Olympic Silver Medal

As well as a block of plates, Nilsson became a giant of the game, attacking all American holdings to be named in All-Stars in 1999, the best way to go elected from both sides of the top 30 League League companies. He thinks he was about two years old when he introduced his / her; The first use was on the grass at Holloway Field in Newmarket and started the long road to its roof. Nilsson attended Stafford State School and Kedron High, played for the North Star Club at Zillmere and made his mark for Queensland in the & Claton Claxton. He named the Brewers in 1987 and played Major Competitions with them from 1992 to 1999. Sammy Sosa, Derek Jeter, Alec Rodriguez, Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds were all the riots in eight years. Nilsson became free free proxy in 1999 at the season, but tried to go to # 39; submitting to any MLB teams as he wanted for Australian production at the Sydney 2000 Olympics, leaving a multi-million dollar contract to spend the green and gold. In 2004 he was part of the Australian team who won Olympic money in Athens.

Sam Stosur is diagnosed after she has been in & # 39; won in the US Open Singles final in 2011. Photograph: Chris Trotman / Getty Images

Sam Stosur is diagnosed after she has been in & # 39; won in the US Open Singles final in 2011. Photograph: Chris Trotman / Getty Images AFP



The U.S. 2011 Open, the French Open doubling 2010, World No.1, units 4

Born in Brisbane, she started tennis at Adelaide in 1992 at the age of eight after receiving a racquet for Christmas. His family returned to Gold Coast when Stosur 11 and was Australian at 13, in the Indonesia World Cup in Indonesia. His game went to the next stage under the co-ordination of Geoff Masters at the Queensland Sports Academy. He became professional in 1999 at the age of 15 and became the leading single player in Australia for almost nine years – 452 weeks later, from October 2008 to June 2017. She and American Lisa Raymond is a strong mix for a & # 39; US US and 2006 US win doubles titles. At the 2010 Open Festival, Stosur became the first Australian woman to finally reach Grand Slam singers from the country's worst Wendy Turnbull at Open 1980 in Australia but she was saddened by Francesca Schiavone in a & # 39; final. A year later, Stosur, nineteen years, won three seats across the Angelique Kerber Germans to reaching the first round of US Open singers, where she affected the three-time casualty Serena Williams. This is a & # 39; The first wins of a Australian woman's Grand Slam singles from Australia from Evonne Goolagong at Wimbledon in 1980.

Young Billy Slater runs up at a State of Origin training at Queensland.

Young Billy Slater runs up at a State of Origin training at Queensland. HAMILTON PATRICK


Rugby League

319 games for Melbourne Storm, 31 State of Origin games, 30 Trials

Born in Nambour, Slater played in seven major competitions at the back with her. Melbourne Storm, and won three and two times the Clive Churchill Medal as the best player in the & # 39; game. Bonnie Dally 2011 winner, who was the best player of the year and Gold Voucher 2008 as the best football player in the world. He also won the largest television show in Australia, bringing competitors from different sports in a series of physical exams. Slater's rugby league began with the Brothers in Innisfail, but then committed the dedication to each horse racing and spent six months working as a roustabout for the Gai Waterhouse training in Sydney. He first made for Melbourne Storm in 2003 at the age of 19 and stayed there for the last 15 years. He had his first game for Queensland in 2004 on the wing. His first finishing was in 2006 and the Broncos lost but Slater would have been in six older competitions. By 2008 it had been named by many as the best player in the game and made it a " His first national award at the Centenary Geography against New Zealand.

Mark Loane about the changes to Wallabies.

Mark Loane about the changes to Wallabies. VIDEO FILE


Union of rugby

89 games for Queensland, 28 tests

A disastrous man-in-law Its 106kg frame could be converted into human chapters, Loane is often changing games with quick breakdown and power. Son of Judge, born in Ipswich and educated at Gympie Christian Brothers and Nudgee College. Old Wallabies, Jules Guerassimoff and Chilla Williamson coached at Queensland University where he learned to be an ophthalmic surgeon. Bob Templeton's Wallabies coach chose to play against Tonga in 1973 and the next year against the All Blacks. In 1975 he toured in Britain and Ireland and then went on an Australian tour of Europe. His first test as an Australian captain in 1979 saw Australia 's experience; Bledisloe Cup return for the first time in 30 years with Wallabies who won a 12-6 against All Blacks at Sydney Ground Cricket. That same year he gave the Queensland University a great influence on Brothers although he gave 200 minutes of rugby to decide on the result after his death; The first round was completed in an additional time that would have to be reformed. Loane also graduated on Australia on some Wallabies 1981-82 tour in Britain and Ireland before retiring his next year to take care of his medical profession.

Tim Horan was a star for Queensland and Wallabies.

Tim Horan was a star for Queensland and Wallabies. KAPERNICK DAVID



Tests 80, 140 points, 2 World Cup effects

One of the best places ever, he has challenged challenging teams with his attack, using interesting habits and protection of bone protection and the material that he has done; coming back from a knee knee. Former son was the Director of the Queensland Challenges in Sydney and was educated at Downlands College at Toowoomba where he was co-sponsored by rugby by John Elders, formerly a coach of England. He played a strong partnership with Jason Little after meeting 13-year-olds in a rugby league team. He tested against New Zealand in 1989 and sent his first two questions in his re-test against France. He clarified four exams in the 1991 World Cup campaign "Wallabies, who almost virtually resigned after his severe knee injury in a Super 10 final in 1994. He returned to war when Australia was cut out of the World Cup & 95 in the finals. Four years later at the World Cup in Wales, he blamed the face of South Africa in the final despite suffering from poor food poisoning the night before. The Australians then defeated France in the second prize at the Horan World Cup.

Leisel Jones responds after earning money in her & # 39; 200m chest at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

Leisel Jones responds after earning money in her & # 39; 200m chest at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. DODGE MICHAEL



4 Olympic Games, 3 Gold Medals, 7 World Championships, 10 Gold Commonwealth Games

Twenty-five years after the world was crowned, Jones won four Olympic Games and won 10 gold and Commonwealth Games at three who met over eight years. His switching work at Red Cross Roman Catholic College began at Redcliffe and she studied at Sydney at just 15, and she won money in her 100m breast and the 4x100m branch. She would make her personal swim as well as 100m. At Athens four years later she earned medals of each color that included gold in her & # 39; 4x100m base. At the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, Jones won the gold again in the 100m – finishing all over the company ahead of his silver coin – and gave another gold in his / her; 4x100m group when Australians broke the world record with more than 3 secs. She set out her desire for the London Olympics to win the 50m, 100m and 200m break at the 2010 Australian Swimming Championships and won the 100m, 200m and mid-game at Delhi Commonwealth Games. In London 2012 she met Emily Seebohm, Alicia Coutts and Melanie Schlanger, to earn money in the "4×100-meter". swansong from an international competition.

    Jodie Henry with the 100m cheaper gold medal at the Athens Olympics 2004.

Jodie Henry with the 100m cheaper gold medal at the Athens Olympics 2004. AFP



3 Olympic gold medals, 5 world camps, 4 gold & Commonwealth Games

Henry got the 100m stylish at Athens Athens Olympics, and went to London. The first Australian he made from Dawn Fraser in Rome last 40 years ago. She had been breaking the Libby Lenton world record in the final. This individual gold was retained by gold medals at the 4x100m free-storey relay and 4x100m in the swim in the final installment over the last. She left Athens with three gold medals and three global recordings and was named the Australian Swimmer of the Year, and was the third woman in 15 years after receiving the honor after Susie O & # 39 ; Neill and Hayley Lewis. Henry did not compete swimming until 1997 when she was 14 but her progress was an early spring and won five gold medals at the Edinburgh Commonwealth Youth Games the same year. At the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester he won three other gold medals as a base for the Olympic heroics. Then the 2005 World Championships in Montreal, gold at the Melbourne Melbourne Commonwealth Games and two other gold at the World Championships in the same town the next year.

Michael Lynagh will spin his magic in Australian colors.

Michael Lynagh will spin his magic in Australian colors. PERINI MICHAEL


Union Rugby

Test 72, 911 points

When he retired from international rugby in 1995 after 11 years at the top, Lynagh kept the scoring record all over the world. He was a graduate of St. Joseph's College of Brisbane, Gregory Terrace and played a half-way in the first XV of the school from Year 10 to Year 12 (1979-1981). The mainland of the GPS headquarters won in five years later from 1977 to 1981 by Lynagh playing in the last three years and his guide the team in the last year. He also played the First XI cricket from Year 9 to Year 12 and was a captain in the & # 39; his last year. Lynagh first visited Australia on June 9, 1984, for twenty years old against Fiji in Suva and when he first played inside the center, he took off Mark She when Ella disappeared after Grand Slam 1984. In 1991, Lynagh joined the Italian club Benetton Treviso, spending five quarters there when the team won the Italian championship in 1991-92. Lynagh was a former Australian captain when Wallabies won the World Cup in 1991 and moved out of her & # 39; a game after losing Australia in the finals four years later. The following year he went to the English club Saracens.

Jeff Thomson will be preparing to remove another.

Jeff Thomson will be preparing to remove another. VIDEO FILE



Test 51, 200 pence at avge 28.

Many regarded as the fastest archer all the time, created one of the safest opening partnerships in the history of a cricket with Dennis Lillee. Thomson built a special attack away from slowly running his & her; knocked out when he was a young man growing up at Greenacre in the western counties of Sydney, and one of his delivery was stored at 160.45km / h, although Rodney Marsh had a & # 39 ; "Thommo" often goes to colony faster than that. Bats were less than half the second from the moment the ball left his hand to see it, decide on the stroke and implement it. Thommo was happy to break out with his estates, especially against English predators. He made his first visit to New South Wales in October 1972 and after just five games there was an amazing choice for the second Test against Pakistan. At the invitation of Greg Chappell he moved to the north for a cricket match at Toombul and said about his bowling style: "I just go up and get whang". He and Dennis Lillee greatly overwhelmed the English in the summer of 1974-5 causing the ashes to Ashes, dust dust, if Thomma does not already get, Lillee needs to.

Allan Langer played over 250 games for the Broncos.

Allan Langer played over 250 games for the Broncos. KAPERNICK DAVID


Rugby League

313 first-class games, 34 Origin Games, 24 Testing

During his superb career, Alf won four major bands by Brisbane Broncos, Dally M Dinner, Clive Churchill Medal and Bonn Rothmans. It was recorded for five times the year's Broncos player. He was born in Ipswich, the youngest daughter of four sons born to Rita Langer and the man Harry, a railway worker. It works quickly behind a truck by delivering white barrels and also on roadwork but bustling; He's his name to become today's league rugby. He started playing at Tigers & # 39; Northern Suburbs at Ipswich and at 16 there were a schoolchildren in Australia in 1982. Tommy Raudonikis was co-ordinated by Ipswich Jets, and Langer had a " played at the first level of 17 and four years later, was a selection in the Wayne Bennett & Queensland side. In 1988 it became part of Broncos's first year and he was the player. better for the season. Fourteen years after Langer's Original Bennett's first he brought him back from England to go to # 39; Play Origin again under a tweed of divinity and steer Queensland to influence a year after the worst case.

Michael Voss of the Lion explained to three main agencies.

Michael Voss of the Lion explained to three main agencies. HUNTER VANESSA


Aussie Regulations

289 games for Brisbane Bears / Brisbane Lions, Brownlow Base, 3 Prime Presidents

Voss the Lion gave their glorious days, and won three leading AFL leaders in a series as a captain (2001-2003). However, he won the Brownlow Medal (1998) before that. The captain was the longest of his & her; serving the Lions, who were steering them for ten years. Voss was born in Traralgon, Victoria and lived in Orbost to the age of 11, when he moved with his family to Beenleigh. He served for Morningside at QAFL at 15. At 17 he sent out for Brisbane Bears against Fitzroy at Park; The Prince in Melbourne, the youngest man played a game for his & her; club and at the end of 1996, 21, Voss Bonn Brownlow won by Essendon & James Hird. He raised the Leagues to AFL's Chief President, the Essendon face in 2001 and Collingwood in 2002 and 2003. In 2002 he finalized the Norm Smith Medal for his & The best of a challenging captain and team of former Bears, Nathan Buckley. Port Adelaide finalized Brisbane's hopes for a fourth title in the 2004 final. In April, Voss lost five quarters as a lion coach.

Ian Healy builds his / her; a bat after scoring a Linn trial.

Ian Healy builds his / her; a bat after scoring a Linn trial. KAPERNICK DAVID



119 tests, 366 tests, 29 stumpings, 4 centuries

By the time he retired in 1999, he kept the world record for most exam tests by a receiver and receiver; left a lasting legacy with his / her workload and his / her; oppose their game. Despite being & # 39; His entire breach was suspended in his 13-year-old post at his first class behind the stump, but only one test game was lost. He was born at Spring Hill in Brisbane, Healy's sporting talent was eight years old after his family moved 600km north in 1972 to Biloela mining town, where Healy's father was a bank manager. Playing against adults long & he was still a young man, he played a helicopter and healy back in the city for the Brisbane High School team, and then went to the East Suburbs club in the Brisbane level championship in 1982. He first made in 1986-87 in Queensland only six States games were chosen for an Australian team to visit Pakistan by the end of 1988. He took time to enter but was part of Ashes 4-0 succeeding in England in 1989 and hit the # 39; This Test Century profile has been subsequently followed four years later, with partnership guidance with Steve Waugh. Three other tests followed hundreds.

Jason Day has been a star on the fairways since having a professional turn in 2006.

Jason Day has been a star on the fairways since having a professional turn in 2006. Distribution



World One No. 1 won, 2015 PGA Championship

A & # 39; The first move of a golf club with one father he got on top. Day was born in Beaudesert, son of Alvin Day, a meat worker who recorded at the Beaudesert Golf Club as a young man just after his sixth birthday. Alvin died from stomach cancer when Jason 12 and Jason Dening's mother went to the Kooralbyn International School, which had a golf course attached. He examined a book about Tiger Woods and won the Australian Amateur's title in Australia in 2004. He turned professional in July 2006 and made the cut in five of his six-time PGA Tour events. At the Masters of 2011, Day was tied for the first time several times in the & # 39; but although he knew about the last two holes, he came up with two bad strokes. Even the 12th, however, is the lowest score with a teacher of a schoolmaster. He was re-appointed at the US Open in the same year and again in 2013. At Whistling Straits, Wisconsin he won the 2015 PGA Championship, The first player in history finished at 20-by-par in a prime location. It was not long until the world ranking was Number 1.

George Moore killed more than 2000 winners in Australia and abroad.

George Moore killed more than 2000 winners in Australia and abroad. PROVISION


Racing horses

2278 won a race, 2 Cox plates, 2 gold slippers, 3 Sydney Cups, 5 Australian Derby, Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe, Epsom Derby

E & # 39; Cotton Fingers nominated as a marker of Moore's commerce, his smooth and tight control on horseback. He won 119 Group One races but maybe he is more familiar in Australia as the jockey on Tulloch for 19 horse fighters Hall of Fame. The only jockey is the BBC Personality of the Year (1967) list of the BBC and only one of the seven Australians in the last 50 years. In 1998, the George Moore Medal was created for the best jockey who had been able to. competitor on Sydney racetracks. Born in Mackay, Moore took up his career in a race in Brisbane in Brisbane, where he was very fast becoming one of the senior actors and where he won the Chief of the Guards in 1943. Then he moved to Sydney and in 1949 he worked for the Tommy Smith training in a long and productive partnership. Moore traveled to the United States, where he won the 1950 Sanas Medal of San Diego. In 1957 and 1958 he won the Jockeys' lead role in Sydney then in 1959 he rode to Prince Aly Khan in Europe, and won the Arc de Triomphe Prix. In 1967, in England, he won the Epsom Derby.

Adam Scott is the only Australian winner of his Schoolmaster.

Adam Scott is the only Australian winner of his Schoolmaster. FACUNDO ARRIZABALAGA



World No.1 World won, Masters 2013

The only Australian who won the Masters, Scott was the classified golf in the world from the middle of her; May to August 2014. Scott was born in Adelaide but his family moved to Sunshine Coast and then Gold Coast when he was 12. He attended the Southport School and then the Kooralbyn International School. He turned professional in 2001 and had successfully succeeded in his first professional title. year in the European Tour of Alfred Dunhill Champion in Johannesburg. Ten years later Scott finished there for the second time of the Masters of 2011 along with Jason Day of Australia, two struggles behind Charlie Schwartzel's winner. Scott had been leading as long as they were. played the 71s hole, but four birds in a series rang from Schwartzel to everything. At the 2012 Open Competition, Scott was in line with a # 39; course for the Royal Lytham & St Annes Golf Club at an Open Camp, which fired a six-section tour of 64 to guide one beat after its & # 39; first round. In the last round, he had a lead of four four-hole puddles to play but was donated by Ernie Els. At a schoolmaster in 2013, he sank a 12-foot bird on the second playground to hit Angel Cabrera and create an Australian sport history.

Pat Rafter ended with two Grand Slam effects ... (AAP Image / Dean Lewins)

Pat Rafter ended with two Grand Slam effects … (AAP Image / Dean Lewins) DEAN LEWINS



Two single Open Units of the USA (1997-98)

Rafter became a singles player at Number 1 worldwide on 26 July 1999 after the US had gone back to the back of the country. It was only a week for a week but it was a successful year to come there. He also appeared regularly in the & # 39; Wimbledon final (2000-2001) and won two ATP Masters two-sided two-to-two awards. He also won the Australian Open Amsterdam1 doubles by Swede Jonas Björkman. He was born in Mt Isa, Rafter's career in Brisbane where his game and a volley match were wrecked on the old Wimbledon champions Ashley Cooper camp at Carseldine. He turned into a professional course in 1991 and spent 10 years on his visit to & # 39; Make at least the finals of the four Grand Slam events. His great progress came in 1997 when he reached the French Open line and then hit Greg Rusedski in a four-sided final for the US title. The next year Pete Sampras met in a semi-finals five sets and won the United States' second Open by protesting his & her; company Aussie Mark Philippoussis in four sets. Rafter lost for Sampras in the final of Wimbledon 2000 and the next year went to Goran Ivanišević in a heart problem. Pat Rafter Arena is the leading Brisbane tennis center.

Stephanie Rice with his gold medal after winning the 200m IM at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

Stephanie Rice with his gold medal after winning the 200m IM at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. DODGE MICHAEL



3 Olympic gold medals, 2 gold medals and their Commonwealth Games

The Brisbane name was named the Swimmer of the Earth in 2008 for its amazing events at the Beijing Olympics, where she won three Olympic gold medals, all in a world-renowned time. She had her first Olympic gold in her & # 39; Around 400m in a period of 4:45 pm when downloaded in the world record by Katie Hoff American. She made up her 1.67 seconds and b & # 39; She was the first woman to break at 4:30 a mark. Her first gold medal in her & # 39; a 200m round trip with a global recorded time of 2: 08.45. Rice raised Kirst Coventry in Zimbabwe after being in her neck and neck over the last 50 meters. The next day, she won her third gold medal as part of the 4×200-meter free-style relay team. Thug i air falbh an sgioba agus bha Astràilia san dàrna àite aig deireadh a cas. Thàinig Rice gu follaiseach nuair a bha e 17 bliadhna a dh'aois aig Geamannan a 'Cho-fhlaitheis ann am Melbourne far an robh i na bonn bonn òir anns an 200m fa leth, a' bualadh air na h-Oiliompaics Brooke Hanson agus Lara Carroll. Choisinn i cuideachd an sgioba 400-meatair fa leth.

Chluich Cameron Mac a 'Ghobhainn 42 geamannan State of Origin airson Queensland mus do chuir e seachad a dhreuchd airson ball-coise riochdaichte. (Dealbh: Mark Kolbe / Getty Images)

Chluich Cameron Mac a 'Ghobhainn 42 geamannan State of Origin airson Queensland mus do chuir e seachad a dhreuchd airson ball-coise riochdaichte. (Dealbh: Mark Kolbe / Getty Images) Mark Kolbe


Lìog Rugbaidh

384 geamannan, 42 geamannan State of Origin, 56 Deuchainn

Caiptean Queensland agus Astràilia bho 2012, dh'fhàs Mac a 'Ghobhainn suas ann an Logan agus bha e an làthair aig Marsden High. Bha e an urra ris na Logan Brothers agus às deidh dha a bhith a 'dèanamh dragh dha na Devils Norths ann an Cupa Queensland ghluais e gu deas gus cluich leis an Storm Melbourne anns an NRL ann an 2002. Bha e na dhìonadair dùbhlanach agus fiadhaich, rinn e a chiad Thòiseachadh ann an 2003, chluich e a' chiad deuchainn ann an 2006 agus chaidh ainmeachadh mar chluicheadair Dally M na Bliadhna. Stiùir e an Storm a-steach don chuairt dheireannaich ann an 2006 agus chaidh ainmeachadh mar chluicheadair an t-sreath Origin ann an 2007. Choisinn e an Storm anns a 'chuairt dheireannaich aca aig an NRL 2007 nuair a stèidhich iad ceann-suidhe mòr-àrd-inbheach agus chaidh ainmeachadh mar "Origin's Man of the Series" ann an 2011. Ann an 2012, thug e an Storm gu mòr-chuairt dheireannach eile a bha a' soirbheachadh agus a 'lùbadh airson buaidh ann an saoghal 2013 Club Dùbhlan air Leeds. Ann an 2016 chaidh Mac a 'Ghobhainn ainmeachadh mar an cluicheadair as fheàrr anns an t-sreath Origin agus an ath bhliadhna choisinn e am Bonn Dally a bharrachd air a bhith a' toirt a 'Bhòt Òir mar an cluicheadair as fheàrr san t-saoghal. Bha an Storm a 'bualadh air na Cowboys airson prìomh-oifis 2017 ach chaidh an cur suas le na Caorach ann an co-dhùnaidhean 2018.

Tha Sally Pearson a 'comharrachadh an dèidh dhaibh a' chuairt dheireannaich 100m a bhuannachadh aig Farpaisean Cruinne 2011.

Tha Sally Pearson a 'comharrachadh an dèidh dhaibh a' chuairt dheireannaich 100m a bhuannachadh aig Farpaisean Cruinne 2011. AFP



Òr agus airgead Oilimpigeach, 3 farpaisean cruinne.

Ann an rèis uabhasach, chuir Pearson air Dawn Harper Ameireagaidh air an loidhne gus an clàr Oiliompaiceach a bhriseadh agus ghlac e òr anns na 100 meataichean ann an Lunnainn 2012. Rugadh i ann an Sidni, thug a màthair i chun a 'Gold Coast aig aois ochd far an robh an speedster beag tighinn fo shùil faireach coidse Sharon Hannan. Ann an 2001, aig aois 14 choisinn i tiotal na h-Òigridh Astràilianach 100m agus 90m. Dà bhliadhna às deidh sin rinn i a h-eadar-nàiseanta aice a 'buannachadh nan 100m clubaichean aig Farpaisean Òigridh na Cruinne 2003 ann an Sherbrooke, Canada. Anns a 'chuairt dheireannaich aig 100m ann an Geamannan a' Cho-fhlaitheis ann am Melbourne, bhuail Pearson tubaist agus thuit i ach choisinn i airgead an uairsin aig Oiliompaics 2008 ann am Beijing. Bhon a choisinn e òr aig Oiliompaics Lunnainn tha i air a bhith air a ghoirteachadh le leòn ach choisinn e òr fhathast aig Geamannan Co-fhlaitheis Ghlaschu ann an 2014 agus, ann an taisbeanadh iongantach, thug e òr aig Farpaisean Cruinne 2017 ann an Lunnainn. Bhuannaich i duais Rionnag Spòrs na Bliadhna aig Queensland ann an 2012 bliadhna às deidh i fhèin agus Usain Bolt ainmeachadh mar Lùth-chleasaichean IAAF na Bliadhna. Is e Pearson an aon duais a fhuair riamh an Astràilia.

AN SWIMMER AUSTRALIAN DAVID THIELE .. a-mhàin a 'ceannach spòrs a' snàmh

AN SWIMMER AUSTRALIAN DAVID THIELE .. a-mhàin a 'ceannach spòrs a' snàmh PROVISION



2 buinn òir Oiliompaigeach, 1 airgead

A-nis, aon de na lannsairean is luchd-rianachd meidigeach aig Queensland, thog Thiele tron ​​uisge na bu luaithe na bualadh air ais air a linn, a 'buannachadh an tachartas 100m aig Oiliompaics Melbourne ann an 1956 agus a-rithist san Ròimh ceithir bliadhna an dèidh sin. Air a choidseadh ann an Maryborough le Artair Cusack, thàinig e gu bhith na ghille mar iongnadh air snàmh Astràilianach na dheugaire agus aig an aon àm fhuair e sgoilearachd airson leigheas a sgrùdadh aig Oilthigh Queensland. Chuir e dheth a chuid ionnsachaidh airson farpais aig Oiliompaics Melbourne far an do bhuail e Iain Monckton aig Armidale airson a 'bhuinn òir. Ceithir bliadhna an dèidh sin, thug Oilthigh Queensland cead dha trèanadh meidigeach fhaighinn aig Ospadal Townsville gus am faigheadh ​​e trèanadh aig campa trèanaidh geamhraidh sgioba Astràilia an sin. Anns an Ròimh chaidh Thiele a-steach don chùl-taic 100m mar neach-taobh a-muigh a dh 'aindeoin a bhith na gheamadair dìon ach dh'èirich e chun an tachartais agus chuir e clàr Oiliompaiceach ann a bhith a' toirt taic dha dòchas Frank McKinney. Bha e na phàirt de cheithir à Astràilia a thug airgead anns a 'bhuinn 4x100m. Chaidh Thiele a thoirt a-steach don Talla Fame Eadar-nàiseanta ann an 1968 agus ann an Talla Fame Spòrs Astràilia ann an 1985. Chaidh an t-ainm a chuir air an amar aig Oilthigh Queensland mar urram dha.

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