100 years ago, the famous actor Aleksander Valic was born


On this day, one hundred years ago, the actress Aleksander Valič was born. He was renowned for skeleton and character roles, and he remembered his audience as a gentleman and indigenous actress, who directly drags from the depths of emotional experience of everyday people. He has been a member of Ljubljana drama for many years and has also featured in films.

Aleksander ValičPHOTO: POP TV

Player Aleksander Valič who was born in 1919 in Gorizia, on the land of Slovenian, who belonged to Italy. He came to the professional theater after drama performance in the party area, where he was last in the body of the 7th Corps Front Theater in Dolenjska. In 1944 he completed a drama course in Semič. During World War II, he was a participant of OF, a partner, organizer of campaigns, reporter and singer.

After being released, he became a member of the Slovenian National Theater for Trieste and Primorje, his first accomplishment by Cankarjev Servant JernejSouth-West He described the experience of Trieste in his second S bookIomradh agus Reality – Memories of the first year of the Slovenian National Theater for Trieste and Primorje: 1945-1947 (1999).

In 1947, he became a member of the Drama Ljubljana SNG, at the same time he went to the Arts Arts Academy, much recorded for radio and was among those who started on the television shows. He was often involved in Drama Ljubljana in 1974. With an excellent historian, he designed most humorous and most popular characters.

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Amongst the most important roles included Professor Kozak, Professor Klepec, Pantalone in Lažnik Goldoni, son of Rameau's father in the work of Diderot's work platform, Hvasta in Cankar & # 39; s Hlapci, Geront in the Sights of Moliere Scapin, and the tight title in Merce's Flint and Molier & Scanerell. He has also played in Shakespeare games, such as Soap for Dear, Henrik IV, Snow of Night.

On the big screen, he played among others in the first Spanish film film On my landand in films Tree of the Lord, Glen of the Peace, Beautiful day, By car, The Samorustniki and Rain December.It has also featured in TV shows and a series, such as The night on the loyal souls, the servant Jernej and his right, the Decameron there Removing the green dragon, Ferenc was there Sun has sunkSouth Westerly

For the role of Rameau's nephew in the performance of Diderot's work, he won the Prešeren Property Prize in 1967, and played the same role in 2008 as a measurement in which each test of the monodram was measured in our environment, as well as the jury who got the Borštnik ring. In 1972 he won the Borštnik Prize for Geront's post, and in 2002 he received the honorable mark of the freedom of the RS.

He published two books from the life theater, as well as the trials of his first year of Trieste theater, he also Remembrance of the playground theater in Frontniki (1980). He died on October 26, 2015, at the age of 96.

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