$ 11.5 billion worth of Brazilian exports to the Arab world


03:26 PM

Sunday 10 February 2019

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Brazilian Arab Arab Chamber said the Brazilian exports to the Arab world last year would be around 11.48 billion dollars, a strong signal on Brazil's trading relationships with the local nations, said Sunday.

A Brazilian exports for $ 2 billion, the US $ 2.13 billion, Saudi Arabia to $ 2.1 billion and Kuwait to $ 227 million.

Exports from Brazil to Arab countries in 2018 included a variety of materials including iron, barren, indoor, meat meat, aluminum oxide, aluminum hydroxide, sugar cane, beet sugar and chemistry , as well as new and frozen meat and excavators as well as cars and other vehicles for passengers.

Rubens Hanoun, president of the Arab-Brazilian Commercial Chamber, said in the statement that the latest statistics for last year showed a strong trade relationship between the Arab nations and Brazil.

It was expected that a Brazilian exchanges would rise and its. grow steadily in 2019, strengthened by a strong demand for Brazilian goods in Arab countries.

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