11 incredible truth about human brain


  • The brain is the most complex organs in the body.
  • Scientists believe that human breeding is a? decline over time.
  • In addition to the favorite legend you will use a & # 39; most of your brain.
  • Your brain can not feel pain.
  • The section of the brain allows you to see just near your eyes.

You use the brain all day and night, but how much do you know about it?

Scientists have been trying to take forward the mystery of human brain for centuries, and have found amazing things about how our gray case works.

Here are some very amazing facts about the human brain.

The human brain is not fully qualified to age 25.

According to the University of Rochester Medical Center, our relatives do not complete their & # 39; grow up until we are about 25 years old.

Recent research suggests that people younger than 25 years of age; Processing information with part of the brain called amygdala, which is part of the brain is involved in sensing guides.

Compared to that, people over 25 are likely to use their & # 39; prefrontal burns, which is the seat for reasonable decisions and judgment. Scientists believe that important links between these two areas of the brain are not wholly created until we are in the past twenty years.

Scientists believe that human breeding is a? decline over time.

Scientist at the University of Wisconsin, John Hawks to Discover magazine, explained that human brakes lost around 150 cubic centimeters over the last 20,000 years – that means the size of a member of a member tennis.

Scientists are not completely sure why our brain is getting smaller, but some are less Thinking about how our bodies and our strange systems came smaller, with our very similar co-operation. Others believe that the shift is more at life and habitat changes.

The human brain is most of the water and dehydration done well.

Do you need another reason for contagioning? Human brain is made to a large extent of water. In fact, the brain is around 75% of water and contains about 2% of total water in your body. Because you have to put your brain on a scale, it would have a weight of about 3 pounds. Unhappy, it can be destroyed by just 2% of attention, memory skills and other mental activities that have a detrimental effect.

Your brain can not feel pain.

According to Brainline brain injuries, pain receptors are not in the brain themselves. That means that the brain can not be Feel pain as your skin or muscles, although the brain is the organ that we use to find and explain pain.

Indeed, according to the Stanford University, marine engineers do not have anesthesia to the brain due to surgery and patients often have an infection; awake.

But, painters have pain on your bones, as well as the cover around your scalp and your brain. This is the reason why it could be hitting its & # 39; head of pain.

Your upper brain might have to eat itself.

If you feel that your brain has a & # 39; Try to sabotage your divine efforts, you may be right.

Scientists have discovered that they can not eat enough something called "autophagy" that is stimulated by their brain disease. In particular, brain cells that do not get enough food from their food; Start eating themselves until they get saline salted. When that happens, the report suggested that the brain is in a position; shake up the hallmarks that inspire them and their confidence; desire to eat.

Although some self-behavior is important in & # 39; Keeping the brain properly, long-term bad exposure can adversely affect the brain.

The part of the brain relies on a much larger memory of taxi drivers.

There is no app that can express knowledge and memory of a cab cab driver, as scientists find from the University of London College.

When they abducted regular men's armies and compared the results to brainbanks of London cabin drivers, the researchers found that cabbage hippocampi was much larger.

The hippocampus is the part of the brain that is responsible for learning and memory. The process was to learn to travel around London's complex streets to change drivers' values.

The section of the brain allows you to see just near your eyes.

Although it seems unhappy, the section of the brain that allows you to see just as far away from your eyes.

The neighboring lobe is inconsiderable for visualization of visual information and is away at the back of your brain. For this reason, heavy blow on the back can sometimes lead to blind even if the eyes themselves are not injured.

In addition to the favorite legend you will use a & # 39; most of your brain.

There is a great legend that people only use 10% of their brain. According to science, not that.

An investigation that was published in the Limits in Human Cognitiveness has been to accept the petition that only a small amount of our brain work. Genuinely, most of our steps are working on their. most of the time. Even long & # 39; I'm sleeping, our work is hard at our brain.

When musicians are together, their brain waves will be at the same time; come together.

It seems that a musical impact may be on our brain. By capturing guitar players to electrons, researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin are found to have the brain of musicians; join together when they play duets.

Even when both parts were played, it was likely that the brain had their brain and their neurochemicals. These conclusions suggest that our paths may be better than not. understand and promote the world around us.

Some blind people can "see" out of their ears.

According to a study by the University of Montreal, the brain can revive in some very cool ways.

When researchers looked at the brain activation of blind-born people, they found that part of the brain dependent on vision can usually move gases to sound the sound information of its process.

This means that blind people can "see" sounds in the same part of the brain that people can; watch to deal with visual information.

Your brain work is so special to you as a fingerprint.

Using scan known as fMRI, scientists are able to identify individuals by signing up the " watch their tools.

By analyzing brain activity of more than 100 people, researchers found that human brain activity is so special to fingerprints. In the future, this information may be used to select patient care for all patients.

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