11 reasons for limiting your legs in the evening. Here are ways to cure!


Many women often know about casks, especially in the evening. Surveys have shown that 60% of adults have a & # 39; Experience casualties in the evenings, and are more common after age 50.

Here are the causes of cas casks and some of the solutions to get rid of.

Modern life

Our daily lifestyle allows us to sit for long periods without moving, and # 39; reduce the length of muscles and tendons and cause combustion.

Sleep patterns

Right sleeping patterns cause casualties such as sleeping on a & # 39; inside, or leaving their legs out of bed.

Change quarters

The seasonal change influences the muscles. Muscle pain to grows in summer, and cascading casks come from strange problems rather than good problems. The reason is for more bloom pain in the summer; Increase the levels of vitamin D as a result of sun exposure.

Fluid co-balancing

The balance that moves inside is & # 39; The body also influences cascades


Hard exercise continues to cascade cramps, especially in athletes, and & # 39; a major muscle problem.

Lack of life

The lack of calcium, magnesium and potassium imbalance can result in muscle spasm.

Stand all day long

Standing all day to the spasm of their legs, where the blood and the water tend to have a bath at their feet; body; This continues to disqualify them in a & # 39; body as well as muscle bends and tendons, and all continue to break.


Some drugs cause casualties, such as diuretics and asthma, because they have a vibrant effect on neurons and motorists, and this can go to the top.


There is a problem associated with casualties and due to weight pressure and circulation. Larger pressure on blood vessels and illnesses can lead to chromes and obstruction.

Special health conditions

There is diabetes, break-breaking, arthritis, patient diseases and dementia associated with cascades.


Age can also be involved in a cas chromps from, at the age of 50, a & # 39; group who loses losing motor neurons, & # 39; continue to crimes.

Some of the solutions are there to destroy the baskets:

Staff extend muscles and tendons; surveys have found that people who are stretching their legs to a 59% reduction.

A balanced diet in which all vitamins important to the body, especially magnesium, must be eaten in beans, nuts, whole grain, invitations and vitamin B.

Attention should be given to getting enough amount of water a day, especially if you are in a position; use and swear. Look at your body; dry mouth, headache, dry skin and dark pearls saying you do not take enough water during the day.

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