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December 09, 2018 06:29 Source: Daily Economics Participation in interaction

11 products that drug-based drugs in the home were in; praises the results of the election
Drug prices fell by an average of 52%

Beijing, the 8th of December, Wu Jiajia, said the reporter: National Medical Insurance Bureau said on the 8th that a pilot group was the main pilot activity for drug trafficking to increase smoothly, and that the results of the "procurement plan" Centralized drugs "4 + 7" announced on 7th, 31th The police general police has 25 central supply plans. Compared to the lowest price for the same drug in the pilot city in 2017, The average price of its proposed price has fallen by 52%, with the highest fall of 96%.

It is acknowledged that this centralized globalization of drugs is based on public health centers in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing and Shenyang, Dalian, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Xi and 11 as main organization provides moderate, & nbsp; creating a federation of provision. The Joint Probation Office compiled the purchase of municipal hospital drug waste in 11 pilot towns to buy large group validity. In the procurement of supply, the size of each purchase was determined, and it was clearly expected that the remedies of the remedies would be available on the supply. The independent restriction confirmation of "equalizing" with "gold" is eliminated; it is cost-effective by size, it reduces the cost of drugs, and effectively reduces the burden of drugs for patients; it is a benefit of reducing the sectoral marketing costs of initiatives. At the same time, this centralized procurement pilot offers opportunities for fair competition between general drugs and original research drugs through a consistent evaluation, Supporting to strengthen competition and promoting general drugs.

The person in charge of the General Build Office indicated that pharmaceutical companies have a significant contribution to this centralized supply, and each optional initiative is capable of; participating in the confirmation, demonstrating the commitment of the campaigns that it has; Participating in a national body of drug hire pilot work. At the end, there were 25 basic drugs for 31 general drug drugs, with a 81% successful. Among them: 22 general drugs have exceeded consistency assessment, accounting for 88%, and 3 original drugs, and refers to 12%, and the impact of the introduction of general drugs appeared. Compared to the lowest price for the same drug in the & # 39; the pilot town in 2017, the average price fell at 52%, with the highest drop of 96%. After the expiration of the expiration period, the result of the election will be determined and published by its company. The photocopy office will guide and host it; stimulate pilot programs and pilot town support policies, and fulfill the results of the application, and realizing the benefits of the majority.

Why is a sharp reduction in the price of the drug chosen? Are there a short impact on prices that will adversely affect curers? The person in charge of the General Building Office stated that the overall decline in the price of the drug selected for the provision of central medicine in the country was in line with expectations, and demonstrated the strength of fellowship provision and the provision of size . High quality and low cost medicines are available, and the production campaigns can save commercial costs and focus on research and development to understand the quality. "High drug prices are a clear problem in the medicine area in China. According to the survey data on the auctioned department, in the drug sales price, the production campaign is not just a representative production cost and profit but a small part Therefore, the price of the selected drug is planned. After a good fall, the main reason for generating the productivity as sales costs, and can Making the cures still make money. "Tell the person who was responsible for doing something. participate in the "fair 4 + 7" provision and all purchasing valuations based on the campaign. The production and activity situation is proven by itself. It is recognized that the companies chosen are willing to reduce the price by price.

The person who was in charge of the joint supply office also said that the price of the drug was largely chosen. For the medicine companies, the benefits of non-profit and long-term current are good. Initially, the amount of purchase has significantly reduced the cost of drug access to hospital. Secondly, the commitment to payment payments reduces corporate costs and financial costs. Thirdly, the provision of a partnership significantly reduces its marketing costs. Fourth, to change market price, the unit's production cost is reduced by its scale efficiency. These factors can trigger the impact of drug price cuts and deliver significant benefits to selected companies. The major recruitment model that is promoted by its national drugcentration agency is centralized; allows pharmacists from the "anti-gold" selling competition, which are useful for the guidance to make the effort to improve the quality of drugs and the correct route of encourage drug research and development. It is very important for the healthy development of China's medicine industry.

In addition, the person who was in charge of the pilot office said that trying to make sure that the selection of drugs is into the hospital and to do so; Use priority as the key to the success of a national group of drug licensed pilots. The next step is to include drug use in & # 39; guide medical insurance agreements, and to clarify their responsibility for clarifying a contract and the way to address them. The second is to introduce a payroll policy. To clarify medical insurance for drugs with the same common name and different product names, the operating rules and interim policies paid by the same level of payment, and the insurance guidelines to the reasonable use of drugs. The third is to monitor and control the supply of selected and unwanted drugs, and to find measures to solve the unusual situation in a timely manner. Fourth, hospitals that reduce the cost of medical insurance assets as a result of the use of selected types in the normalized level. Where the total amount of the medical insurance budget is not reduced, the safe balance to hospital in accordance with the reform is to encourage the hospital salary distribution system and the motivation of medical staff. The fifth man is to set up and set up; the development of a medical center assessment and evaluation appraisal system, and to include the use of selected drugs into the evaluation and evaluation appraisal system, and the establishment of reward systems and matching penalties.

Wu Jiajia

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