12.1.1 Updating to iOS leaving some iPhone users without mobile data connection


Last week, Apple has launched an update to iPhone 12.1.1. And as long as the latest iOS building was & # 39; flipping a camera used for Face Time video conversations, another man caught hold of it, it created a huge problem for some users. Story Forbes says that many iPhone users had not linked to their wireless provider to use mobile data after the update.
This attachment case is & # 39; affecting iPhone users in different countries, and damage can affect different units in a variety of ways. For example, some say they can connect to their behavioral 4G LTE network to use Safari, but they can not open applications. One user said that he can not use an LTE connection for Twitter or Amazon, but can connect to the network when using all Google and WhatsApp apps. Others say they can not connect to their bearer and have to seek a Wi-Fi signal to use the phone.

Some owner-owners say they have tried to sort the case by updating situations that n "#; behaviors and make it hard, but not to restart it; make use. And this is the thing, people. Apple was already familiar with this problem because iOS 12.1.1 beta test was already reported to them!

If you have not updated your iPhone to iOS 12.1.1, you may want to wait for Apple to query a question. In the meantime, if you have an impact, look at Wi-Fi features to stay online.

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