12-billion AED debt of IDEX and NAFDEX business in two days


In the second day of IDEX and NAFDEX 2019 events, the contracts were distributed to 6 international companies and 18 local companies, to reach the AED 7.019 billion value. Offers in the first two days to around 12 billion water were distributed to 57 local and international companies.

General Secretary Mohammed Khamis Al Hassani said at a press conference at the end of the second day that the total value of foreign companies on the second day of the exhibition was 5.871 billion guarantees, the presence of Colonel Fahd Nasser Al- Dhahli, Including a & # 39; contract with the «Raytheon» company in the United States to buy rocket merchants for the Air Force and Army Defense Patriot system worth 5.730 billion, and Austrian "SAOY Electronics" company for the revival and renewal of Austrach mines for the land value of 1.093 million dirhams, The company has been added to GSM Si Hai Percyhn »Russian as well as its" Repairing parts of the Alkornett system in favor of the general direction of maintaining a 12 million worthless weaponry weapon.

The contract also included a contract with the Patria Factory of Finland to provide technical support for Patria's equipment for 30 million dirhams, Renault na Frainge for a Buying 30 Renault cars for the Armed Forces of 49.427 million Dirhams, French Thales Air Systems to provide technical support and supply of equipment and quiet parts for marine training provision for the Navy worth 49.020 million dirhams.

On the other hand, Brigadier Fahd Nasser Al-Dhahli, a spokeswoman for Navadex, said the value of the contracts signed by local companies up to around 1.148 billion beat, with the agreement with Al Fahd Security Systems Company for the security installation and maintenance of security systems for the Armed Forces with a value of 4,499 and to contract with the Abu Dhabi Systems Company to provide technical support services for the President President Guard video system for AED 6.208 million to contract a Bin Hammouda for repair and repair services and to provide goods and goods to maintain 5 million AED.

In addition, Ahmed Al Mazrouei was contracted to provide services and to establish the major aims of the field for Air Cooperation with the value of AED 4.930 million, Mapleen for parts provision and equipment for the AED Air Force 12 million and an International Gold Organization for lightning provision for the Armed Forces at 407.770, as well as a contract with Mohammed Abdulrahman for maintenance services and Umrah services, spatial parts and goods as well as Motor Motor Services (Caterpillar Mechanics ) for the general security of 7 million AED.

The company also had a & # 39; contract with the Sahara Company to deliver delivery services for the 45 million Conduct and Transport Force, Al-Taif for light and middle light purchases for the delivery of the Supply and Transport (AED 4.295 million) and EMARINE for communications services) For Army Marks value AED 6.830 million.

The second day includes commissioning Emirates Protection Technology Company to provide technical support services for car repair and car repair and firearms for all equipment of the armed forces to maintain 69 million dirhams and the site's Technology to maintain security systems and computer networks for army units And Rabdan Academy for the establishment of a military certification center for Human Resources Directors, worth 140 million people.

The contract was also signed with three dimensions for fitness centers for 15.016 million military weapons units, Concord Medical West for medical services and treatment for medical services evaluated at AED 2.394 million and Injazat for & # 39 ; provision of communications and software maintenance and software services In addition to Avusta West Aviation's contract for the broadcasting system for air coordination of 7.100 million dirhams, and the "Shield" for the purchase of arms and light and middle weapons for military units Watt's armed forces valued 14.466 million men.

"The IDEX 2019 and NAVEX 2019 show a global strategic platform for our armed forces to create effective partnerships and our strategic objectives to strengthen our protection and security capabilities, "said Brigadier Rokn Mohammed Khamis Al Hassani, an IDEX speaker, a & # 39; Comment on the issues that ended during the second day. Working alongside key players involved in a land protection, air and land protection division locally and internationally.


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