12 year imprisonment for male drivers


On the afternoon of 19/11, the behavior that kills the boys is unleashed after the crash of the Phan Dinh Quan driver (who lives in the Ky anh area) Hard, safeguarding security and order, causing people to decline, The Tinh, Quan, 12th anniversary was imprisoned in prison Murt, in accordance with Article 93 of the Criminal Code in 1999. The army needs to compensate for the family causing damage to over 170 million.

During questioning in the morning, Quan's defender used calmly to refusal to answer a number of questions regarding the purpose of the accident caused by a lawyer.

Day protection for the 19/11 court. Photograph: Duc Hung

Day protection for the 19/11 court. Photograph: Hung

In the afternoon debate, Quan kept her and allowed defense lawyers. The lawyer believes that there are "many problems" at his & # 39; The first inspection, which suggests that a number of researchers and forensic researchers are called to review the evidence, to clarify the clarification of the wound. human.

"After leaving some of the words, he also asked the Panel to review the file, to review it on the scene to establish the basis of crime, "said the defense adviser.

Lawyer Nguyen Khac Tuan (who defended the victim) spoke several documents from the inspection body, and # 39; including the Quan driver who was released: "Unofficially, victims of life or death, the removal or dangerous car movement, but I & # 39 ; accept that the car is spread.

Phuong boys attend court hearing. Photograph: Duc Hung

Phuong boys attend court hearing. Photograph: Hung

The producer from Ha Tinh's Attorney General confirmed that the working parties have done the right thing, changed the crime Murt The driver is OK. "By returning the additional search file, it will not harm the victim's family but, without solving the problem, can not be deleted. ; court to the request, "said the procurator.

Speaking at a & # 39; Mr Hoang Manh Hung (Phuong's sufferer) said, "From my heart, I hope that the court will consider the right people, guilty, an example for other drivers"

At the last word, the defendant, Quan, regretted, expected to consider his / her; court on the sentence.

The accident was announced last year, around 16h on 31/30/2016, Ha Tinh Sea military truck running on the National Highway 1A on the southwest side. When they arrived at Ky Tien Commune (Ky Anh District), the driver turned into the unidentified interconnected road, causing a crash to hoang Duc Phuong (12th grade) to cycle bike. Victims are swept into the truck.

The driver dropped down and circulated behind his visual vehicle. Seeing Phuong to & # 39; lying without moving under the driver's side, instead of taking it to the emergency, Quan sent a car to drive through the boys that caused death in the place.

– In June 2004, Ky Anh district police opposed the army for the breach of the rules on the control of land transport vehicles, in accordance with Article 202 of the Criminal Code 1999.

– On 8/2017, the Court of People opened in the Ky Anh district. The Panel decides that there is a significant lack of evidence, that the survey process is very important; breakdown of its work and there are reasons to & # 39; Believing that offenders have committed another crime that has not been clarified.

The VKS will then retain the same grievance situation.

– In July 1818, the Ky Ain District Court opened the test, the second panel of documents returned, there are sufficient grounds for a murder complaint.

Proceedings will be taken to the departmental procedures for adoption.

– In September 2018, lawyer Ha Tinh People decided to transfer expenses, the conviction of the person's driver Quan Murt, in accordance with Article 93 of the Criminal Code 1999.

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