$ 1,200 promised – but unpaid – economy


The colossal amount: For $ 43 billion last year Chemchina over the Swiss agrochemical group Syngenta, The To date, the largest buying abroad is a Chinese company. At the end of the contract, nobility aims were named: Syngenta's headquarters are still in Basel, and research would not be restricted. "Syngenta is still Syngenta," promised the new chairman of Ren Jianxin.

But Ren is now a history, and Sinochem President Ning Gaoning is a place. Despite all previous surrender that swam in the summer, Sinochem Chemchina was a State ownership, badly, the Swedish contract in a farmer was dry. And the promise "Syngenta's leaving Syngenta" is a " Everywhere anxious about 28,000 Syngenta workers.

Now it's dry

As the new owner was from the Far East & # 39; So, the group today decides to pay, to & # 39; promises a share share of $ 15 million in 2017. Swiss workers are worth $ 2.5 million. The case now has a & # 39; Secretary of State for Economic Affairs (Dry). As the Unia has called the Federal Occupation Office. "The payment has been promised, we can post," said Blaise Carron, who is responsible for Sianenta at Unia.

There was still great confidence: Ren Jianxin (left) and Michel Demare after Chemgina to obtain Syngenta in June 2017. (Photograph: Keystone)

When Syngenta was still an independent registered company, there was a generous choice of stock of generous staff: each worker was able to buy Syngenta shares for 5,000 francs, and more than half of the franchise, that amount, or 2,500 francs.

$ 1200 for each member of staff

By the end of 2016, when Chemchina's construction was already on the finished piece, Syngenta's control was for a & # 39; reconstruction museum model: Staff should receive 2 per cent of annual output instead of sections per annum. That made sense because Syngenta was removed from stock exchange. For the 2017 translate year, her & # 39; Group committed to paying staff at least $ 15 million. In Switzerland, every worker should receive $ 1,200.

"The money should be paid, regardless of whether or not Syngenta is making a profit," reports producer Unia Carron. In two e-mails from the end of 2016, the regulation has confirmed its payment. However, Unia does not want to make the e-mail traffic public so that they do not put all the cards on the table in advance in the # 39; Upcoming adjustment modal at the Federal Depository Office.

The mega takeover was not started first for Chemchina as he hoped. In 2017, Syngenta said he lost just under $ 100 million. This is a result of $ 1.6 billion supplies for the cost of a US $ lawsuit for legal law; sold GM whales to US farmers. No empowerment was introduced for this seaweed the main Chinese market.

Staff are still waiting for money

At any rate, China's Sincenta owners do not seem to remember the old commitments made to staff. No profit, no money, that's the motto. And so Swiss Syngenta staff are still waiting for the $ 1,200 for the year 2017.

"We will not give an opinion on the internal and confidentiality negotiations on our staff," said Syngenta spokesman after request. "These discussions were and they always have one thing: private."

Religion is rising

According to Dry, there is still no date when the settlement deals with the Syngenta millionaire argument. Dry is currently checking whether the conditions for an arbitration method with state aid are met, the office said.

For Unia, the argument is about the specific distribution to staff who give a bad light on how the new East Eastern owners deal with the staff. "If they even do not promise that promise, what other values ​​are there?" Not only does the representative of Unia Blaise Carron want.


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