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Dec 10, 2018 / 10:02 m | Story:

A Quebec man who aimed at Hydro-Quebec power lines in an air attack leaving thousands of tens of thousands without power in December 2014 was convicted Monday to seven years in prison.

Normand Dube, a local entrepreneur, was found guilty in September by using his small plane in what the Crown said as a previous strike on ordinary institutes and Quebecers.

Dube, who was described in the local media as a "star pilot" for his life that passed Quebec fans, was very tough when the Quebec court judge Paul Chevalier gave over convicted Monday on three accounts of damage.

Although there was no previous crime record in Dube, 56, his duty for the finished crimes, Chevalier noted.

"There is a serious crime operation that shows it carefully and did not work hard," said the judge. "The promise that is held by the court – revenge – emphasizes its moral abilities".

The Crown had been seeking the 10th anniversary of the attack on two power lines northwest of Montreal, defined by procurators as a spiritual kettle and a spinal of the Hydro network -Quebec.

How the crime was detected and the level of damage made in the first place in Canada, because the Crown or defense could not be done; find legal material. But Chevalier concluded that his Majesty 's recommendation was too big.

The exact way used to create a short circuit in the Dec. 4, 2014 may be reported as a result of a disclosure publication that is set out for national security interest.

Much of the lawsuit was held with the public being banned, and Dube's decision was largely guilty of September.

The defense was on argument for a much shorter sentence – either three years in prison or less than two years in the department's jail and a three year trial.

Sole lawyer, Mario Lavigne, said he intends to appeal sentence and sentence and to do so; searching for a user's trust. He refused to comment on a Monday decision.

The Crown stated that it was expected that the defense application be heard before the Quebec Court of Justice on Thursday. Dube was arrested after the sentence was made.

The pilot, the builder and the entrepreneur who had a deep commitment against Hydro-Quebec that came from a dispute on the work that he offered on his land in Ste-Anne-des -Plaines, north of Montreal.

According to his claim, Dube sent her & # 39; blame the equipment for its tax problems.

The Crown argued that Dube liked a special sentence for a sabotage action near the Hydro-Quebec grid power grid.

There were about 188,000 people left without power during two winterings as a result of the attack.


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Dec 10, 2018 / 9:47 m | Story:

Canadian spinman David Saint-Jacques says he's getting slowly going to & # 39; live in the place.

The Quebecer spoke to presenters for the first time since they came to International Speech Station. December 3. The Canadian Spaniards set up a video link at its headquarters south of Montreal.

Saint Jacques says that he is changing in terms of staying in microgravity, and # 39; Determine the point by leaving her & # 39; his microphone and continue to & # 39; Speak while & # 39; floated.

He says that he was a thunderstruck when he came out of the Soyuz capsule that he brought to the station with the renowned expert Anna McClain from NASA and Oleg Kononenko from a Russian spatial group, Roscosmos .

He says that he was screened by the sunrise rising over the Earth and with the general beauty of the cosmos.

It is expected that the 48-year lawyer will conduct a series of tests in orbit on topics such as the physical effects of his / her; body.

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Dec 10, 2018 / 9:46 m | Story:

Canada's environmental organizations are at a conference on climate change in the world in Poland today; call out the federal government to let her & # 39; oil and gas industry to impede Canada's efforts to become a leader of climate.

Protecting the environment and Stand Earth are among the groups that report a report; shows that emissions from the oil-and-gas sector are increasingly rising and that intensive lobbying from the industry mean that around 80 per cent of these emissions are cheaper from the carbon price of a Commonwealth.

The Environmental Protection program manager, Dale Marshall says that he is very sorry that federal and federal governments are going to throw their own at the moment. business with large subsidies and now buy $ 4.5 billion pipeline, and still the business continues to run; Check out that it is not a tight support N /

He says that an oil and gas industry influences Canada's climate policies and the main thing is that it is; Standing like Canada is seen as a world-class climate leader.

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna came to Katowice, Poland for today's COP24 talks where the countries of the world aim to agree rules on how to agree Paris's climate change agreement .

Canada is also launching an anti-coal union to clean the world from coal power by 2050 but Marshall said Canada also needed to showcase oil and gas, which is a bigger problem with Canadian distribution targets what is coal.


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Dec 10, 2018 / 9:40 m | Story:

Ontario's financial security says that the divisional deficit rises to $ 12.3 billion this fiscal year, an additional half billion more than it was; expected before spring picking.

The Financial Accountability Officer, Peter Weltman states that policy conclusions such as the removal of the cap-and-trade program and its; replacing a number of tax modes, coupled with a weak economic strategy, and adding to the change.

When it falls into an economic and budgetary view, Weltman says that, without other policy decisions, the deficit will expect more than $ 16 billion by 2022-23.

He says that, although the government's economic statement did not include a budget statement beyond this year, the need for "major changes" to a policy that could impact Ontario 's families and businesses to broaden balance the books in one order.

FAO's share report, which was issued just weeks before the area election, said that the divisional deficit would amount to $ 11.8 billion in 2018 as a result of higher costs in the & Budgetary then governors, as well as the benefits of weak income.

The Liberals confirmed that there was a deficit of $ 6.7 billion, a figure that was also sent to a general auditor of Ontario.

The Conservatives have accepted the auditor's accounting since then but stated a monitoring commission and financial audit that was cited to investigate government costs found that the department's deficit grew to $ 15 billion this year. They said that the number of savings measures on that number dropped to $ 14.5 billion.

The FAO states that its projections do not include any election commitments that the government does not yet work or; published.

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For the first time in a decade, Ontario will not obtaining an equality move from Ottawa, calling for the departmental financial minister to accept requests for the federal government to review how the program is based.

Canadian financial ministers in Ottawa for their two-year meetings, which started with a dinner working in the Ottawa hotel on Sundays.

Just ahead of that dinner, Bill Morneau's Federal Finance Minister publicly announced what Ottawa 's money is to pay for. move to departments and sectors in 2019-20, which includes almost $ 20 billion in equality.

It's up to $ 880 million from the current year, but that amount will be divided between just five sectors – Quebec, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, the Island of Her Majesty and New Brunswick. For the first time since the 2008 collapse Ontario has listed a list that is not shared, Ontario is not among those.

Quebec, on the other hand, receives more than $ 13 billion from the program, an increase of almost $ 1.4 billion.

Essentially, Ontario's economic growth was good enough in 2016-17 to remove it from non-status, when the region's revenue is estimated to be lower than its; average and giving them equal opportunities. But because of how the program works, Ontario was still $ 963 million in 2018-19.

The government was very aware that it would not be appropriate for this year for equality but Ontario's Fed Minister Vic Fedeli said that this is an additional confirmation of why the rehabilitation program needs to be re to write. He said Ontario will add $ 8 billion into equality, and will not get anything out of it. Ontario generally gives $ 12.9 billion more in taxes than it receives from federal costs, he said.

"So we are sure to call on the feds to review their federal arbitration payments because we want to ensure that the businesses of Ontario and families are getting equally," said Fedeli.

Changes to the formula have also been asked by Alberta, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland.

Morneau said that the formula was renewed earlier this year for a five year period after extensive discussions from its department, but he knows that the formula will be built at the table.

"Ontario's move from that program is a sign of strong economic economic results in Ontario and I think that's good enough, but it will almost certainly be a debate," said Morneau.

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Dec 10, 2018 / 8:33 m | Story:

Scientists expose the results of ten research of ten years ago; opened the world and mystery of deep deep underground earthquake that could help to explain how life began on Earth and how it could look at other planets.

"We are not all the branches of life that we all knew there," said Karen Lloyd from the University of Tennessee. "There are deep branches in a tree of life that never one has ever known and many are in the horizontal."

Lloyd is one of hundreds of scientists from around the world involved in the Deep Carbon Theater, which is a carbon action survey that has a lot of kilometers below. Members of the team who watch the carbon is that; empowering life outside their results this week at an American Geo-American Union annual meeting.

Scientists have a knowledge of microbes living beneath the surface since they were first discovered in oil deposits in the 1920s. But over the last 10 years, it is clear that the genetic diversity of tiny little creatures that live in microscopic poles and clusters under the corresponding legs are equal to the above surface.

Nearly three quarters of the earth's fruit and Archaea (a type of son) live in the exile, now say science. All types of cell life can be found, and include the type of cell life; make up the well-known plants and animals, there.

These animals have up to 2.3 billion cubic kilometers – almost twice the seas. Some remain in temperatures up to 121 C; others find that there are more than 10 kilometers below the seas.

In general, the level of carbon in which the bacteria is between 245 and 385 times is larger than those found in humans.

It's a strange world, where micro-mittens are there; pull energy from sources such as radiation, "eat" breathing and "breath breath".

"That's how life can even be maintained even though there is no potential to get energy from the sun," said Barbara Sherwood Lollar, University of Toronto. She got microban in 2.7 billion billion in depth water in the Shield of Canada.

"They breathe things out," said Rick Colwell, Oregon State University. "Many of them are able to use oxidic iron how we use oxygen."

Sherwood Lollar says that it's a chemosynthetic life rather than life on the surface, which is dependent on photoynthesis.

Things will happen slowly there. Microbes from the depths can create hundreds or even thousands of new uninhabited years. Instead, they repair damaged molecules and wait for the next earthquake to open a new channel for nutrition.

"These things are on a long time basis longer than we're waiting for," said Lloyd.

There are still many questions. Among the most interesting, whether life was circulated down from the surface or grew up from below.

"Given that the energy and coal sources that are essential for carrying life in the deep open, and most of our history include a very tough surface world, it is reasonable to give his opinion that his / her life came from the exile and moved up, "Lloyd said.

The same settlement applies to other planets, Sherwood Lollar said.

"If we go to other planets, life can sound up loud. But there may be chemosynthetic life," she said.

"This is a part of the purpose of investigating life on other planets such as these deep deep habitats on this planet."

Rarely a scientist can help to & # 39; showing a new perspective on life, Lloyd said.

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Dec 10, 2018 / 8:26 m | Story:

Canadian physics is one of the highest scientific honors.

Donna Strickland, a professor at Waterloo University, is one of the three winners of the Nobel Prize for Physics and has collected the great laughter in Sweden today.

The Nobel committee says that all French scientists, Strickland and Gerard Mourou, receive a quarter of the $ 1.01 million prize for their laser physics.

Strickland's award will be the only third to receive a Physics award, and her first Canadian scientist in Canada.

The award winning work was completed in the early 1980's while she was finishing his PhD under the guidance of Mourou.

Finding herself and Mourou Tanned Pulse Chirped, a tool that supports today's lasers-glucose, rigorous lasers, which has been a key part of the correction remedies.

The 59-year-old of Guelph, Ont., Discovered when she was a PhD at Rochester University in New York. The other half of the award was Arthur Ashkin of the United States, who was the third winner who won the prize.

The University of Waterloo states that he is delighted to be delighted to meet Strickland.

"Nobel Prize would receive universities around the world among the professor," said spokesman Matthew Grant. "This is a great time for our Nobel prize, on campus and for Canada as a whole."

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Dec 10, 2018 / 5:17 m | Story:

Jennifer Critch is hoping to spend a Christmas morning; Looking at her two young girls to play with a new training schedule.

But mom south-west Ontario is worried that the toy will not be delivered by Canada Post, which says that he is a trying to make a backdrop that has never been seen after a weekday breakdown.

The problems of Canada Post, as well as leaving Greyhound from Western Canada in October, Creating weight for many Canadians ahead of the holiday season.

The critics, three and 18 months, are rated by the local library-based train every time they visit and wanted something similar to them for their home.

"It's been the great Christmas gift this year," she said. "I was hoping to organize them and get them awake for Christmas morning."

There are no drivers to drive and; lived in a rural area, so online shops seemed to be an unambiguous option. But the delivery day is estimated to be & # 39; keep slipping while & # 39; The package will sit in an hourly warehouse in Mississauga, Ont.

"I'm fine if I get a Christmas Eve," she said. "I just want it before Christmas."

The federal government gave members of the Canadian Labor Union Union back to their posts last year after five weeks of strikes to move beyond the balance of pay, safety and other concerns.

Canada Post is a pilot twice twice three times higher than usual for this time of year, spokesman Jon Hamilton said. The impression of six million packages is focused in major processing centers such as Toronto and Vancouver.

There are proofs that a pilot will be delivered within a special window arrested so that more information is available.

"We're doing everything we can do to deliver it as big as we can, but the jobs and the diversity are & # 39; the delivery is very big, "said Hamilton. "We'll be delivering a lot before Christmas, but we're looking forward to seeing what we can get before Christmas."

Procurator corps has 1,400 additional vehicles for delivery and a further 500 for mobile activities between facilities. He has also added 4,000 seasonal staff.

But there are objections to Canadian Post resources and the anticipation of bad winter weather, which means it is not known when it's back to business as usual.

The union of the Union, Mike Palecek, states that the strikes that Shearing causes money back.

"They wanted to develop a line to create a sense of crisis in terms of legislation back to work, which has always been a Canadian Post always at a bargaining board," he said.

When delays were delivered, Palecek said: "This means me as a matter of poor governance."

Travelers have been involved in Calgary when a suspicious package was found at Calgary International Airport.

It is believed that the event was developed just after 5 p.m. and the Calgary police went on to YYC for research.

"My son has been involved in the Calgary Airport from Mexico for more than two hours," said one of the newspapers of Castanet News. "Airport shutdown down due to suspicious folder."

People told social media that a bomb team team was exploring and people were still seated on planes.

"He is still sitting on the plane without saying that the airport has been restored it would be good to update because we're going to three hours of just being here, "said one on Twitter.

A spokesman for his airport said "the bag that is now taken away by Calgary Police."

Just after 6 p.m. The airport said they have now been licensed by the police to resettle the area.

It is not clear at this time how many times it has affected.

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Dec 9, 2018 / 11:39 m | Story:

A new Scottish professor attempts to & # 39; creating the Christmas tree suitable, within the only search list of its kind in the world.

Raj Lada at Dalhousie University is a director of the Christmas Tree Research Center in Truro, N.S., a special review of trying to do it. the development of balsam Christmas trees.

"We are the beginners of what we've been doing," said Lada, professor of plantation, tree and ecology in the Department's Network, Food and Environment Department.

The SMART Balsam center's original product, which is the most important Christmas tree, is the most important: in terms of sound, beautiful and elegant architecture to keep up with their blue-green, up to three months.

Lada said that the challenges of industrialism, such as the maintenance of a needle, are essential for the survival of a multi-billion Christmas tree business in the Atlantic Canada, because it is a challenge. compete with other markets and artificial trees.

His interest in Christmas trees began more than ten years ago, when a representative came to him when British Columbia had not been paid due to a shortage of thread.

"I see him in his eyes," he said. "The trees had lost criteria, but it seemed that he lost his life, as he lost his business, to believe."

It began to look into the producer's boiler, and # 39; explore the processes of shipping and other factors that affect the trees during transport.

Lada went to Nova Scotia Craver Library.

"It seemed that this was a common problem for those years," he said.

At this time, no research was carried out on the sabbath loss knowledge of the silk after cutting in pine trees. And so Lada gave him the way to attack himself.

He has brought together representatives from across eastern Canada to create a Forest Forest Development and Forest Development Cooperation, and created research priorities.

The representatives of Àir. 1 to handle the needle maintenance.

Finally, Lada received a donation from the Canadian Canadian Opportunity Agency in Ottawa.

Its latest projects include SMART trees, which Lada believes creatively revives the Christmas tree industry.

Lada and his team started to write balsam fur for amazing features, and # 39; including fullness and the ability to preserve the muscle. Genealogical signals for these items were identified.

SMART trees have now been significantly enhanced for their market.

Lada expects planting to start next year.

"They look good, smell good, and they also have a bigger conservation capacity," said Lada. "The SMART trees will not affect."

The center has also developed and approved representatives of cancellation losses, which are applied to water.

In addition, the Lada team has created technologies for ships and storage to help Christmas trees be new for at least two months.

Lada partners include regional government departments in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador.

"This is not done in a co-ordinated way, in the meantime," he said. "The business has been managing the setting, but now we have solutions for it."

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Dec 9, 2018 / 10:24 m | Story:

Huawei's headquarters are holding in Canada on bringing British trade rent to China.

The production was led by B.C. Forestry Minister Doug Donaldson will not now stop China, and will finish his trip after visiting Japan.

The continent states in the statement that a decision has been made due to a continuing legal process involving the Chief Financial Officer of Huawei, Meng Wanzhou, who was arrested the week in long & # 39; as he changed times in Vancouver.

The United States attempts to suppress Meng allegations that attempted to attack American trade sanctions on Iran.

A voting in Vancouver began on Friday, and Meng spent the weekend in prison before coming next week.

The Chinese government has warned Canada if Meng is released, the country will "bring grave effects".

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Dec 9, 2018 / 7:40 m | Story:

Emad Mishko Tamo is looking forward to her green mountain bike and her face. talks about how he looks forward to the historical cycling events with other children at Yazidi refugees in the community.

For a 14-year-old boy, the bicycle is a # 39; standing for freedom, something that had only been released since a few years ago and his family when they were arrested by Iraqi soldiers and held for three years.

Now, he is behind to move to bring new bicycles to children especially at Yazidi in Winnipeg.

"I saw so many children who suffered when they were captured by ISIS. The number of children were crying. They were dead. We saw a lot of things," said Emad through the inter- interpreter Khalil Hesso, president of Yazidi Manitoba Society Vice-

"Because of that, I gave myself a promise to any children I can see."

Emad was happy to stay with his family in the city of Iraq until the summer of 2014 when attacked by Islamic States armies.

Emad was separated from his mother, Nofa Mihlo Zaghla, as the thousands of members of the Kurdish minority language Yazidis became extinct. His mother was arrested for two years but, when attacking his fuel was attacked, she had first escaped with four of her children. She made her way to Canada and she was living in Winnipeg.

She thought her young son was dead.

But after some of Yazidis were liberated in Mosul in 2017, a young boy's picture, covered with dust, appeared in a chariot front seat.

Emad's B & B; there.

An action was made quickly to recycle the teenager with the family living in Winnipeg. When he reached his new home, in a new country, a bicycle was waiting for him.

"Emad came from three years from being held in a fire. There was nothing like a bicycle or basketball or ballbone," said Steve Maman, who founded the Liberation of Christian Chilean and Yazidi of Iraq (CYCI) at an Montreal interview.

B 'e esan a thug seachad baidhsagal Emad.

"Dh 'e baidhsagal rudeigin nach robh dùil aige a-riamh, a' fuireach ann an Kurdistan mar phàiste … 'S urrainn dhomh smaoineachadh air leanabh mar sin bhiodh rothar a' ciallachadh rudeigin glè chudromach – bruadar."

Bha Emad agus a theaghlach ag obair cruaidh gus beatha a dhèanamh agus sòlas fhaighinn ann an Winnipeg, ach bha duilgheadasan agus dragh fhathast ann an Iorac.

Emad's uncle, Hadji Tamo Rafo Zaghler, defines a wall in the room where the 12-family faces hang on a poster. Nam measg tha athair Emad a tha Zaghler ag ràdh a chaidh a lorg ann an uaigh mòr. Chan eil fios aca dè thachair don chuid as motha de na daoine eile.

Nuair a bha Maman a 'glacadh le Emad ann an gairm fòn an samhradh an-uiridh, dh'ionnsaich e gun deach a' bhaidhsagal a ghoid. Bha fios aig Maman dè a bha e a 'ciallachadh dha na deugairean a chaidh a dhìteadh, agus mar sin thairg e ceann eile a cheannach dha. Mhol Emad nach robh e ag iarraidh ach fear eile nam faigheadh ​​iad dòigh air a h-uile pàiste fògarrach Yazidi fhaighinn ann am baidhsagalan Winnipeg.

"Bha e airson … cuideachadh le luchd-fulaing de chinn-chinnidh a chionn 's gu bheil e a' smaoineachadh air clann eile aig nach eil dad," thuirt Maman. "Tha e uabhasach math. Bha mi airson a bhith comasach air a thoil a choileanadh a 'creidsinn ann fhèin."

An toiseach, bha e coltach gum biodh e na dhuilgheadas duilich a tharraing dheth, thuirt Maman, ach a dh'aithghearr thòisich cùisean a 'tuiteam a-steach.

B 'e dìreach tachartas a bh' He binds Bryan Phillips, a car's interest from Terre Haute, Ind., who bought Maman's engine parts to do it. càradh seann – ach gu math – Bentley. Ged a bha an dithis fhireannach a 'bruidhinn mu chàraichean, thàinig an amas gus baidhsagalan fhaighinn gu clann fògarraich.

Thuirt Phillips nach do smaoinich e dà uair mu bhith a 'tairgsinn am Bentley airson a reic gus cuideachadh le bruadar Emad a choileanadh.

Ghabh Maman na prothaidean bho reic na càr agus cheannaich e 100 baidhsagal airson a lìbhrigeadh gu clann fògarraich rè tachartas sònraichte de Yazidi Eid an Dihaoine seo tighinn.

Thuirt Maman gu robh e cudromach am miann Emad a choileanadh a bhrosnachadh gus leantainn air adhart a 'cuideachadh dhaoine eile agus a bhith a' sealltainn mar as urrainn dha rud sam bith a choileanadh.

Mar a tha Emad agus a cho-oghaichean, a 'bruadar air làithean blàth an earraich, a' dèanamh cinnteach gum bi baidhsagal aca san rùm, tha Hesso a 'faireachdainn agus ag ràdh gum bi na baidhsagalan a' ciallachadh a h-uile càil dhan chloinn.

"Coimhearsnachd Yazidi, chan eil sinn a 'dol a dhìochuimhneachadh sin."

Tuilleadh Naidheachdan Canada

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