14 Causes Why "Crindelwald Crimes" Let us try to encourage themselves


Warning: this post is included … yup, you've seen it: SPORTS!


In particular, therefore, A FIRST PART, Aurelius Dumbledore never mentioned in the books.

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Across the world Harry Potter books and films, as well as being there Pottermore, there was no mention of Aurelius Dumbledore. What does J.K. mean? Rowling decided to drag a new character from thin air?


And the movie is totally amazing with subplots for each character – a majority of which are </ a> appear to be completely relevant?

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Jacob and Queenie were the characters necessary for the story in the first movie in the series … but now, their reporting machines are weak and lack of depth. Everything they are doing is to & # 39; Make movies that are already packed. This also means that everything that is in place; happening with the characters to make real sense. Example # 1 …


In literally everything Queenie is doing is wrong.

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She is an amazing woman, a terrorist in love, to support a dark, murday, magic wizard in a day. Why?????


And her sister does not seem to feel that she is just get rid of lil?

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Well, yes, Tina is very busy trying to find out what Newt is going to & # 39; going, but … CAN I DONE TO MAKE THE SISTER WHAT CAN GET GRINDELWALD? I just say. This is NOT the year's sister's stuff !!


As not enough, the film will cast several new characters that are of significant significance but are not properly included.

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For example, Grimmson, who seems to be one of the oldest in the first half of the movie, but who is leaving it out like that.


And I began to start with the characters that were desirable for more room and were put on the side, instead of Nagini.

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She is a very important character in the Harry Potter saga, despite being, well … snake. This is the chance to & # 39; much more about it, but she only got two lines – and put her whole character in order to give credit.


Lestrange Drama (which is just like out of Jerry Springer episode) ending as a bit of "in any memory" moment.

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They spend all the movie that's going on; Developing the mystery of this great family … which affects a similar publication that has been drawn from a day-to-day perspective ("I KILLED HIM!") … but none of The issues even so, well, Lestrange's credit was not, I'm thinking, so nvm ??


Not to find out that Leta's sacrifice is not necessary.

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Indeed, it was to help save everyone else, it's gentle and everyone … but Grindelwald's blue fire almost did not kill everyone at all? She could have escaped and she helped everyone out.


Talk about how you need to submit a drama to the story … we will talk about it; Nicolas Flamel!

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More than once, the Grindelwald Crimes It seems that it is interesting that just when they threw it into account Harry Potter saga, even if they are aggressive or out of the situation. What do you do?


Dumbledore does not seem to have even even the young people themselves; Come out very much to the Dumbledore we know …

Most of my interest is at the time Albus Dumbledore decided that there were three-piece dark gray outdoors, and colorful clothes were similar to #FantasicBeasts https://t.co / DWNJcaxnkr

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Do not let me go wrong, I like to think of seeing Jude Law in a three-piece suit. But it's a great sense of character for our wise, wise, gentleman to be like, very hot and ill; combine even at that age?


His blood communication was coming out of the place, and it seemed to be an excuse to make the design simpler.

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We have never heard of a blood agreement complaint, and it seems that he has drawn out of that place the most interesting conflict in this series.


Also, Grindelwald would not, wish to meet Dumbledore, just to Destroy the blood treaty to start?

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Check a check … If it's for Dumbledore to have so much a while, and he also does. Happening with the most powerful rod of all, why not destroyed the agreement? And how can it be possible for Dumbledore to do that? The way in which this spelling works and its effects is very clear. In the meantime, when Rowling gave a spell, she would be very clear about the rules she was working on. Here, not so much.


It is a disappointment of how ductile is the relationship between Grindelwald and Dumbledore.

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J.K. Rowling has long said that Dumbledore is gay, and the film has meant that he was loved; for each other made "closer to brothers." It was a great opportunity; to start talking about the characters' genres, but it was very difficult now unclear.


And finally, this film may be the second part of the story "Fantastic Beasts", but it usually leaves the magic animals on the roadside.

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Most of the films? The "magic animals" are really nothing more than an interesting set piece, and they play a very important part in the & # 39; plot. Only one CGI is great flexibility, and anything else.

In a decision: Grindelwald Crimes It was a bit of a big, bad, bad, and we did not climb.

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Better next time, Potter?

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