14 CES questions for 2019 must respond


The 2016 CES is their 16th running line to Las Vegas for the most up-to-date and most up-to-date consumer business. So I'm very encouraging to see many of the following:

  • Faster, better, bigger and smaller versions of all the material last year
  • AI and "machine learning" integrated into more services
  • Robots everywhere
  • Everything is connected to clouds
  • Everything is able to "smart"

Those are, indeed, the board signals – the only motions that were presented for the three, five or even ten years of age in the world's largest electronics exhibition. For that reason, these are the biggest questions we're going to the sale – the answers that will put the place for its & # 39; the rest of 2019.

1. How does a 5G technological landscape change?


Qualcomm showed a 5G phone prototype in Hawaii last month.

Jessica Dolcourt / CNET

There is little doubt that there is no 5G – the most up-to-date level of hostels that promises very fast, fast, fast supply supplies – the important technology that changes games for 2019. But what 5G compatible devices we can see in the new year, and how difficult it is! is it really?

Although most companies have a & # 39; Retaining their phones for a Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona at the end of February, they are expecting Chinese makers to make Huawei's hands; Vegas stresses to splash. At the same time, Chipmakers such as Qualcomm, Nvidia and Intel appear to have succeeded in their 5G good faith, and transport such as Verizon and AT & T will appear. Speaking up to 5G plans at main speeches and panel discussions throughout the week.

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2. Can Intel protect against Qualcomm, AMD and ARM?


Intel 250 of the Ryel Shelling coasts over Bellagio for the 2018 CES designation.


Intel is a strange place: its company is & # 39; keep bending on a & # 39; CPU business, even as it is a global PC market is largely stagnantAt the same time, the company says that its 10-nanometer teams – which are named by Sunny Cove, and its " use "3D skippering"- at last, last, deck for 2019.

But as long as Intel has a & # 39; getting the ducks in a row, he thinks if the competition is going on: Qualcomm and Apple have a " begin to offer 7 teams in PC and iPhones, individually, and even Amazon to develop its server-based server teams. With Qualcomm and AMD planning their content at CES this year, Intel must prove to the world of technology as it intends to be able to; 2019 and beyond guidance – and just good forwarding a drone show he will not cut it. And that company needs to be done without long-term Director Brian Krzanich, who retired in the clouds a few months ago.

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3. Is health technology emerging available?


The Neomano eagle, seen here at the 2018 CES, was designed to help people with backbone wounds to carry out their daily activities. using their hands.

Josh Miller / CNET

Health and wellbeing results have been rising at CES in recent years, but we expect to bring new products at the 2019 exhibition venue. Although giants like Apple and Fitbit have brought many of the head- health-tech journal over the past year, EKG monitoring and heart arrhythmia possibly just at first.

Look for a smaller start to share the spotlight in Las Vegas with larger companies, and give everything from h mph East North Easterly gu sleep masks that are weak jet fighting gu smartwatches driven by body heatSouth-West And remember that holy love for health technology – at least in the US market – gets a FDA solution.

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4. What does Google appear?

Last year, Google was great installation, beautiful in a Las Vegas Convention Center parking car, which was especially located in the Disneyland style to accentuate a research giant theory. This year, the company has cracked even more of the parking lottery in a higher place. Google does not have a formal news conference, but it is not surprising if its company has a " appear in a number of high quality statements at least.

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5. What about Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook and the other technical giants?

002_Microsoft_2012_CES.jpg "height =" 0 "width =" 970 "data-original =" https://cnet1.cbsistatic.com/img/FHDzaMwJ5bDq5v-sr51cAKBADcY=/970x0/2012/01/10/56f5c0de-f0ef-11e2- 8c7c-d4ae52e62bcc / 002_Microsoft_2012_CES.jpg "/></span><noscript><span><img loading=

Microsoft has no big booty now like this one since CES 2012, but it's still at the show.

Sarah Tew / CNET

None of the other technical giants appear as big as Google – but that does not mean that they are not at CES. There are different exhibitions of different tents in the Amazon empire throughout the show, and Microsoft and Facebook also have important meeting points around the city. At the same time, Apple and Netflix have no official place reserved at the show – but it is safe for both companies to meet meetings.

And at least, the show, at all these companies, will have "meta announcements" at a host of hard-hit companies, Talk about an extended blend or new series with services such as Alexa (Amazon), Windows / Azure / Skype (Microsoft), Instagram / WhatsApp / Oculus (Facebook), Siri / HomeKit (Apple) and Netflix for a video streaming service.

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6. Can any of the video services in 2019 drop Netflix?

Talk on Netflix: The video film came across from 2018 to a large extent, the disputes did not lose it; drag down his FAANG cousins. But 2019 believes that this has been the most challenging year ever, with a competition coming from each corner. Distribution including most Fox), Warner (owned by AT & T) and Apple's all-off explosive services have tapped for the new year that caters for combat and customer dolls. As well as new content as it is still seen as Star Wars TV shows, it also means that these frenemies will be displayed; Relaxing back catalog content Friends (which is Warner) and the Office (Comcast property), which makes Netflix performances and films more important than ever.

Whether we can see CES information in which these Netflix campaigns start to & # 39; Locking space on smartphone systems from Samsung and Roku, or just the start of back-end conversations for such an opening later in 2019, it is expected that the pieces of the wrapboard will be ready for battle.

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7. Security and privacy: Does its business have a plan, or is it just a? give?

US-Facebook Internet

Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook Commander said before the Transport in April.

Jim Watson / AFP / Getty Images

From Facebook Analytica fiasco Facebook The Marriott breach said he was affecting such a thing half a billion people, 2018 was a brutal year in terms of privacy and digital security. It's not a security conference in CES each other, but the display is awesome with devices that are responsible for total connectivity, microphones and games recognizing face – to name just a bit – to the magic to work.

The business is good at making these tools and the services need to be in tens of millions of homes – but it's there do something to protect this photograph of protection? Although users seem to crack their shoulders when they are; retiring again with a breach again, it's hard to believe that there is no better way forward than "this year of a credit check here," especially in post-GDPR world. But has any business, small or large, to do things better against security in 2019?

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8. Can we see any VR challenge to Oculus Quest?


CNET John Sherr played a prototype of the first week's Oculus Quest.

James Martin / CNET

Published in September and is expected to be delivered in spring 2019, the Oculus Quest The full VR full-wire wiring that includes six levels of full freedom (external sensation is not required) and its; including hand rulers – all for $ 400. The Quest is not expected to have CES, but it is already the basis that any competition needs to be higher in 2019.

Will anything we see in Vegas a better custom exchange for the VR beleaguered place? We focus specially on the HTC's HTC news conference to find out if there is an online line; This company needs anything on a deck – although it looks like this is done by a PC.

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9. Where is OLED and MicroLED TV display technology going from here?


TV TV MicroLED "The Wall", first shown at CES 2018.

Sarah Tew / CNET

OLED LG has recently become a king of TV technology for real image quality, but MicroLED yesterday Samsung has checked at CES last year – The most interesting challenge for the city we saw in time. However, without affordable prices and a positive response to opportunities to burn – the only thing – OLED believes that it has risen from a technological perspective. (OK, an rolling pattern it's cool, but we've already seen that.)

And it is not a MicroLED who is a home-based contractor until Samsung (or other manufacturer) can not find out how to maximize screen sizes that work in a normal room. By preventing that progress, expect more of the same, along with phased developments in the general LCD / LED TV technology that still compiles its & # 39; most TV sales. Oh, and look for more small showcase technology and also showcase at the show.

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10. Does anyone care about 8K TV?


Samsung Q900 8K TV began in 2018.

Sarah Tew / CNET

There is another one that CES needs 8K TVs – in every place. With a resolution of 7,680×4,320 piogsail, these TV terms have four times with 4K TVs. But with him stratospheric prices and 8K content is not native in the distance (may it be 5G dependent?), the challenge for 8K TV is less likely to be about technology and more about marketing.

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11. Can Google's Alexa and weight live together in harmony?

Sonos One

Sonos One's Alexa built-in but support has been delayed by Google Support.

Sarah Tew / CNET

Alexa Amazon is still a high dog in the home-based home world, but Google's Affiliate is developing strong – even as campaigners such as Siri Apple (HomeKit), Samsung & s News, Microsoft Cortana and many others will compete for a & # 39; set out their own room in the future under the control of the voice. With Amazon and Google aiming to lock each other, it will be interesting to see what 2019 results can be "neutral" – a & # 39; offer is compatible with two or more of the platforms, and allows the user to decide – applications from all of these operating systems in the home.

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12. Can Las Vegas steal mojo auto Detroit?

2020 Mercedes-Benz EQC

It is anticipated that the 2020 Mercedes-Benz EQC will be made at one of the CES at the US.

Teymur Madjderey / Mercedes-Benz

In recent years, bragging rights for the global craft of car technology have been a CPS warp in Las Vegas and NAIAS – the North American International Auto Show – in Detroit, which begins just two or two after the CES boundaries. 2019 will not differ: Businessmen often find the difference, and, using a presentation in Nevada to inform general technology news, and save Michigan for a new splashy model or concept consonants.

But it's always going out of the rule: Look for Mercedes for her CLA Class Sedan in Vegas and look off EQC electric SUV In the USA for the first time too. We may also see the Nissan Leaf E-Plus electric carrier as well. Audi is expected to come off new entertaining system in a car, as long as Honda a & # 39; shaking more on roboticsAt the same time, all of us have at CES registered conferencing, Toyota, Hyundai and Byton, and we expect Qualcomm related equipment, Nvidia and other retailers too.

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13. Is Plan B there if trade shows and wars continue?


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Promoting tech movements in 2019


The CES is an international business, with around one-third of over 180,000 attendants. visiting outside the USA. But a new consumer innovation business was built on the belief that China's Chinese-based supply chain was a lock – Chinese contract makers; Making a series of volunteer resources created for global audiences, all enabled by a global trading system without declining. How the Trump warfare deals in to 2019, that's what; Look like something sure and less definitely.

None of these are mentioned at news conferences, indeed, but all of the backup meetings, mental letters and hand-held handling that will take place between sellers and CES clients this year are in the uncertainty of uncertainty that is wrong. hung over Washington- Beijing trade relations.

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14. How many small wonders does it make to replace a major renewable renewal?


This duck was from a wolf – designed for a pediatric cancer patient – as one of the oldest CES 2018 times.

Tyler Lizenby / CNET

The Consumer Technology Association – the trading organization with CES – is usually the long list of technologies that change a game that was first introduced (or at least one) displayed at CES: the VCR , the CD, the DVR and the Xbox, just to name a bit. But in recent years, CES has become smaller about large companies that produce big product shooting and more about smaller and smaller retailers; take advantage of the global scenery.

Look at scattered companies at the Eureka premier park and Tech West retailers at the Sands Expo Center to broadcast the CES 2019 with potential energy at megabooths Las Vegas Convention Center , where names are more likely to be pushed forward to their own events later this year. (There is, Samsung Galaxy S10, we talk about himself.)

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