14 million Eur to replace the old citizens: is it possible and how do you use the support?


If your home is heated by an inefficient biomass boiler, you can apply to receive EU support for its replacement. Support under the “Step down boilers in homes” category is expected to start from May. A resident will get up to 50% of the price of a new heating appliance.

By 2022 it receives 14 million EU support funds. Who can get those millions? We are looking for responses from experts from UAB Vilpra. This is one of the largest heating and renewable energy companies with salons in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Panevėžys, Alytus and Utena.

Who can get support

Support will be available to single-storey property owners and a double bed or garden homes recorded in Real Estate Register no later than 5 years from the date of the call for proposals. Experts say there will be support for those who replace the old boilers with equipment that uses renewable energy resources to heat it.

For example, class 5 biofuels boilers use wood pellets, water water or water-freshwater pumps with quarterly rated efficiency (SCOP) of 3.5, plus air to water. T with SCOP at least. 3. The natural person will be compensated by a 50% of the kilowatt (kW) of the unit purchased by the kilo-fixed price which is dependent on the kilowatt price. heating and heating type. For example, at a 20 kW 5 biofuel football boiler you can get about $ 1,500 and a 10 kW air heating pump with water (without an integrated boiler) – around € 2,670.

For support, invoices will be required for installation of motion equipment and new removal equipment earlier than 2019. and will not be installed and added until the registration form is submitted. T y. projects are not eligible for support.

Suggestions for replacement of boiler

Žydrūnas Čereška, Technical Director of Vilpros, initially giving advice on homework before choosing a new boiler. The owner needs to know the structure and extent of his house and the measurement, the tightness, the radiator or the floor heating system, or the ventilation ventilation and the like. For example, if only radiators are heated, a penny boiler is recommended as higher temperature is needed, and if basement heating is provided, a suitable heat pump can be selected. However, if the house is “splitting”, advice is first given to repair it, as the newest corrie will be effective if the winds are not hot. So it is recommended that you design a working plan and find out how much work needs to be done and equipment new. Vilpros experts can help prepare the work and action plan. They also select the most appropriate boiler for a particular residence depending on its characteristics.

When the heating system is modernized and the bottles are replaced by Vilpros, the experts also give advice on the question of what level of comfort and comfort they can offer to replace new equipment. engaged. According to experts, even the most up-to-date boiler boiler will require more maintenance of the heat pumps. As the boiler needs to be cleaned regularly and there are gaps in the different quality of the bunker, which may cause other problems, there is room for storage, which is not good for many, t particularly young people. So for those who want to forget who is heating their home and giving hot water, experts recommend buying a heat pump. It can be entirely automated, regular maintenance is not necessary, can be controlled, eg by phone, and heating at a lower price than a pollen boiler. . It is recommended to work out well, as this means that when you receive compensation you should choose the most recent boiler or heat heat.

But the other side of the coin saves people with older homes with radiators. They can only change the boiler, and the whole heating system has no effect. The replacement may then cost a little bit, because as mentioned above, up to 50% of the cost of a new football can be reclaimed.

It is important that Vilpros are not only the expert preparing and replacing the boiler and providing the correct equipment, but also arranging the necessary documents for the owner to claim the boiler. buying new.

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