14 million hospitals for telecommunications companies


The Communications and Information Technology Commission conducted 21 inspections of all telecommunications companies to ensure compliance with the regulations and intentions of TRA. 14 breaches of Telecommunications Law were issued and 14 million fines were imposed on some companies.

The Commission has issued 14 permissions that will create new opportunities and offer diverse goods in a range of communications and information technology in the context of promoting business environment, creating employment opportunities and environmental environment development in the United Kingdom.

About 187,000 publishers could provide their numbers among telecommunications service providers and choose the most appropriate service provider, saying that this service is one of the most important elements in global practices in promoting competition in the telecommunications department, and Encouraging competition between service providers. Service, enhancing business efficiency, and reducing prices.

In terms of child protection and the broadcasting of substantial content through the internet, the Commission has shown that a continuing ongoing case is through the " The implementation of research strategies and statements, and was able to handle 248 thousand connections in the last verse.

During the third quarter, the TRA informed consumers to break down the service, and provided an instrument to update the emergency plans for telecommunications service providers.

In the third quarterly digital announcement, the TRA indicated that it had approved 268 applications of customary practices for telecommunications and information technology (ICT) devices and issued licenses for 1862 for new device modules.

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