15 years after she died diva Mai Diem Phuong, a 95-year-old mother who still draws the girl's house


Mai Diem Phuong is one of Port Fragrant's everyday shoe. With his special talent and style of acting, "Madonna of Asia" or "Billionaire" her. However, "Hong Kong's daughter" in December 2003 for cervical cancer, leaving a lot of grief in the fans' hearts. Gus Mai Diem Phuong to love what the largest population was for women because of her; and she was pulled back as a sick mother until the last breath was given to pardon.

Mai Diem Phuong, a 95-year-old mother still pulls her daughter's possession - Picture 1.

After being away for many years, Mai Diem Phuong still lives in the heart of Hong Kong people.

Before she died, Mai Diem Phuong left Fort HK $ 30-35 million (90-105 billion bong) and said in the will that her mother, Dam My Kim, could get every month. 70,000 Hong Kong dollars (210 million) live costs. However, this amount has not been satisfied with the Dam, it has been several times to add a court to the claim, saying that people outdoors want to hold Mai Diem Phuong and ask her & # 39; The whole court is moving the child's daughter for the reason why Testament Testament Mai Diem is not in a clear mental state. In fact, this unreasonable request can not be made. After losing complex shapes, Mai Diem Phuong's mother had more than 2 million Hong Kong dollars (6 billion) in solicitor fees and was broken in 2012.

Mai Diem Phuong, a 95-year-old mother, still erases the daughter's possession - Picture 2.

Mai Diem Phuong and My Kim's mother dam

Mai Diem Phuong, a 95-year-old mother still pulls her daughter's possession - Picture 3.

After a deceased daughter, Dam has once again wanted to overseath the Mai Diem Phuong legacy.

After a break, Mai Diem Phuong's mother is still receiving 30,000 dollars of Hong Kong (90 million) a month, but she still wants poverty and wants her. Court raised up to 120,000 Hong Kong dollars (360 million). He can not even & # 39; He helped the court judge but said to him: "In Hong Kong there are millions of more people to work harder than it!"

Her son Dam gave her son to court to raise the cost of life. His wide shoulder is wide, but Mai Diem Phuong's brother also lives on his sister's death share

In 2013, Mai Diem Phuong's mother complained again, saying she did not receive money from 7 months. When the request refused to be unreasonable, Ms. Angrily Dam "You want me to be sick right," "I have damaged the old network battle with you!"

It was not until 2016 that the dispute of Mai Diem Phuong was ordered and his share returned to HK $ 120,000. But, because he wants to raise the whole family, I do not know "eaten without sitting," Dam says he is living very hard and asked to raise up to 200 Hong Kong dollars (600 million) per month. After trying, Ms. Dam again to apply all the remaining properties of Mai Diem Phuong but miss it.

15 years after her death diva Mai Diem Phuong, a 95-year-old mother who still lives; Drawing a Girl Ownership - Picture 5.

Hong Kong court criticized a lady for not her beloved's satisfaction.

Fifteen years after her diva death, her 95-year-old mother still hates her daughter's possession.
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