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The Latvian national football team played in the first European Cup for a Skopje competition with a score of 1: 3 (0: 2) awarded to the Northern Macedonia team.

This was the first game for the new leader of the Latvian Slavs Stoyanovich team.

In the 68th minute of the game, only 18-year-old Tobers was given the first time in Latvia.

"Indeed, it is a good idea to randomly set it in a random set, but the feelings are twice. But there is a loss and I have put more weight on my beginning, t said the football player.

Tobers did not like to compare the game itself, looking on the bench, and how the game was similar to the playground.

“It's easy to believe from the edge, say what you will do and how to do better, but there is a lot of thinking on the field, the decision must be taken quickly.

The 18-year-old football player didn't feel worried before he left court.

"I don't think of the first day before the game. I shouted, the coach gave me my call, and then I realized there would be a start. I wasn't really worried."

After 87 minutes, the Latvian team reduced the score to at least 1: 2.

“We tried to change the game with a long pass, and tried to keep the game going, but unfortunately it didn't get that. ”

Tobers assured the Latvian footballers were by far the most popular goal, though the other view was by Stoyanovich coach.

"Neither is it a good Neko if players in the field are doing their best. This time it was that everyone was putting a highest. t

At the end of the Europe Cup 2020 competition, the Latvian national team play against Poland on Sunday, which affected Austria Thursday with 1: 0 (0: 0).

In another G sub-group game, Israel played 1: 1 (0: 0) with Slovenian on its field.

The European Championship final is entitled to the two best teams from Sub Group G.

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