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Madison Erhardt

Kelowna's store was sold a lottery ticket that won $ 1 million to send a spirit of Wednesday.

Nick Pisio bought the 649 Lotto, which won on November 7 at a Mac store on Springfield Road.

The store manager Gurjeet Patara said Piso bought the ticket from her.

"It was so exciting when I heard it won," she said. "It's amazing that someone who won the area. He is one of our rulers here, so it was good to see that."

Mac is marked by free delivery of lottery tickets on Wednesday, along with baking goods and other contracts – and business was very fast as customers hoped they would be the next winner big.

"My staff had to scan the ticket – I can not believe it! Everyone was really shocked," Pisio said after winning.

It aims to have early retirement and holiday in Maui.


Kelowna tourism continues to survive the summers of the summer. smoking, but almost exclusively. So it becomes aggressive and aggressive. striving for four-season marketing from its stakeholders.

"It's a case-case situation," said Kelowna Tourism President and President of Lisanne Ballantyne this week. "Are we waiting for all the product to come out, which means that everyone starts to start, and # 39; offers a winter product and services, and then we start to encourage it

"We will not start our promotion as a destination throughout the year, and this will create a demand for the product. So we will go down to the middle in any way, and we will Starting with commenting to stakeholders on which the gaps could be through the scrutiny we are doing, where we can use some time or time gap on calendar, and then we will start. "

Ballantyne gave that message to a packed house at Kelowna Yacht Club Tuesday at the Kelowna Tourism Association's annual meeting.

Ballantyne raised the number of hotels up in the last 12 months compared to the previous year, although the number was down during the summer months due to the fire Wild to Smoking is to cover Glen Okanagan.

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Castanet & Evening Update for Wednesday, December 12 by the reporter Wayne Moore.


The water is safe to drink in the Ellison area of ​​Kelowna.

Immediate effect, a water water warning was dropped to a water quality consultant.

In consultation with Interior Health, Glenmore-Ellison Development Area announced the news on Wednesday afternoon.

Mill Creek's water is served by 90 users in the Ellison service area, within the Central Regional Area.

The quality of water is now moderate, and is still enhanced. IH recommends that children, elderly people and those with weak protection systems still have a " Boil the water for one minute or search for a safe option.

WestJet flights from Kelowna to Edmonton would have a visual verification from the ground that the gear was going down due to poor treatment.

The Westjet Encore De Havilland Dash 8 400 was on the way to Edmonton on November 29 when a crew got an offshore maritime signal signal, aeroinside.com statements.

There were 24 passengers and four teams aboard.

The team was able to expand a hand-held handheld device; airport, which needed plenty of strength to work the system.

The skipper is selected for a low-level approach and the gear inspected from the ground, however, said the tower did not expand the nose device, except the main game.

The emergency team named and expanded a successful gears, and the airplane sailed safely.

The Transportation Safety Board reported that uncharged bracket repairs were discovered and two others needed change. In exams, the gear fails without a different subject.

Aeroinside report incorporates information from the Daily Air Frequency system.

Canadian Transport is trying to ensure the integrity and integrity of the data within CADORS, however, the information should be treated within as a starting point, uninformation and subject to changed.

Alanna Kelly

If you're flying today or anytime you have some ideas for a vacation to make your holiday vacations & # 39; go sailing sailing.

Kelowna International Airport is busy preparing for another busy vacation time and expects more than 100,000 passengers in the next three weeks.

"Passengers are advised to plan ahead and prepare for longer than normal waiting times at their airport, to stop travel," said Jessica Hewitt, YLW spokesman .

It is expected that a regular traffic stream will be from 14 December to 6 January.

"The most expensive travel days of the season are December 21 through December 27," said Hewitt.

Here are some ideas from the airport on how to travel your travels as easily as possible:

Consider other transport

  • It is expected that YLW will reach full potential during this highest time. Another airport proposal is recommended for the airport as a taxi and limousine services, airport trails, public access or a friend.

Explore parking options

  • Those who need parking at YLW should follow signs management and parking lot by staff and there is a cell phone waiting area near the airport area.

Get the aerial early

  • Airport airport shuttle is & # 39; open at 3:30 a.m. with registration accounts for most airlines, security screening and food services available at 4 a.m. You should reach 90 minutes before starting an airplane.

Identify what you can do through security dysfunction

  • Do not avoid things that carry out and carry out; promises to make your valuable items through security screening.

Confirm the company's identity requirements and policies of pets

  • Check your airline to ensure that you have the necessary information and proper travel documents for everyone, including children.

Alanna Kelly

Okanagan ChristmasFest is fully involved in the Kanata Hotel and Conference Center.

They were christening the season with a physical challenge last week and they were going to do it. Raw things with a thousand salaries to Be Be Angel Angel for Mid Okanagan Food Bank.

Reporters are encouraged to & # 39; enjoy a European outdoor market that encourages European, and, walk inside a Christmas tree which supports the Okanagan Center Food Bank, and live entertainment.

The Okanagan ChristmasFest runs December 14, 15, and 16th, 2018 indoor / outdoor at the Rotary Center for the 421 Cawston Ave Arts, Kelowna BC.

You can help with a food bank, by & # 39; stay at the Kanata Hotel and Conference Center.

Include inexpensive food items for the Kanata Hotel to the end of December and you will receive 20% of the highest installments of your room!

As part of the Okanagan ChristmasFest & # 39; presented by The Kanata Hotel & Conference Center, the Telus Christmas Tour will be in the atrium of the Rotary for the Arts Center.

Christmas trees have been sponsored by businesses and organizations that would like to create a creative tree in support of the Okanagan Central Food Bank. The Telus Christmas Tree tour provides the opportunity to showcase the community spirit and to support those in our community who are experiencing the " struggling with hunger.

There is also a Community Championship, we invite the public to decorate the tree in support of the Okanagan Central Community Food Bank. This tree and the others will be sold on 17 December at the Kanata Hotel and Conference Center to raise more money for the Mid Okanagan Food Bank.

"We are proud of having 100% in Canada and we believe in hosting all our guests something short about Canadian hospitality we are familiar with. We are new to this community and we are supportive of it. Not only are we happy that we support Okanagan ChristmasFest, we also make a contribution of $ 1,000 to Enterprise Be Angel supports the Okanagan Middle Food Bank and challenges the other places in the Okanagan to meet our contribution! "Said Sharon Lewis, GM at the Kanata Kelowna Hotel and Co -lairg.

A Fuller Avenue family in Kelowna thank the lucky stars last night after a fire in the bedroom in the early morning of Wednesday.

Kelowna fire responded to a 911 voice for a report on the fireplace of a bedroom in the 800 block of Fuller space just before 1 a.m.

The sleeping machine started in the bedroom of the second floor and fire fire fighters could be able to; from a window.

After entering the building, they found the fire usually hurt at home.

Teams would come into the house and they made sure the security was safe.

Emergency Social Services was offered to the owner but was rejected because it was considered that the house was still livable.

Fire Timber, Platoon Captain Kelowna, tells Castanet, "the fire was started and a person was injured."

Kelowna Fire Department responded to 4 engines 1 Rescue carriage unit and safety vehicle.

Light also says "Smoke detectors save life, make sure you check your detector's batteries on a regular basis."

Madison Erhardt

He has been over ten years since Kirk Turvey lost his visit to the West Baseball Football Championship in Canada, which he did not think he could not see it again.

"I played football with Dorothea Walker Elementary School, and I did not have a pocket, and I gave my pillow to my friend. After we finished, he took me the ring back, and it was away, "Turvey said.

Turvey and his friend searched the field for four hours, but they could not get the ring. They went back the next day and left empty.

"The years passed, and every time I would drive the school, think about the ring and I was thinking about what happened to him," he said.

But just last week, Turvey's parents received a special phone from a couple asking their son.

"They named them and checked what number I had in a baseball and then, once and everything is & # 39; responding, they said they had got the ring, "said Turvey.

A couple, Carole and Paul Snider, are members of the Hunteragan Hunters club.

Caole Snider was the one who found the ring.

"He had his name inside his engraving, which allowed me to begin to investigate. If that information was not there, I would not have any way to find the owner," said Carole.

"When I first discovered that he lost the ring for 15 years ago, I was surprised that he was still there at school, and simply that he was able to restore it but just surprisingly, "she said.

Turvey says he can not thank the couple enough.

"I never wanted to see this thing again. It's a little excavated, but it's still in a good shape. It's probably found that it's six inches, into the ground. It was wonderful, "he said.

Turvey says he hopes to thank you for the Night Hunter.

JoeAnna's House was a & # 39; great winner after the Rotary Sunrise Rotary Rotation was suspended for a check for $ 27,780.00.

The Rotary Kelowna Club is a leading supporter for RibFest, with the Internal Credit Union, Save-On-Foods, BBQ & Bar, and Landstar Development Corp., who also participated in & # 39; identified.

"We want to thank all our trustees, our community, our volunteers and everyone who attends the Rotary Sunrise Rotary Spread 2018 Attendance for this contribution . We are looking forward to a bigger and better event August 23-25, 2019, "Maribeth Friesen, president of the Sunrise Rotary Club.

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