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Imagine that you can find out that you have won the lottery – but it's too late to ask for your benefits.

This horrible dream could be true for someone as soon as no-one has come forward to sell a $ 1 million win win sold in Victoria last year.

The Lotto 6/49 ticket was purchased from a Victoria retailer on January 3, 2018, and was asked 364 days, CTV News reports.

The ticket ends at 4:30 p.m. Thursday – and with the prize money.

BCLC will provide advice to lottery players to monitor any location; They could keep old tickets to find out if they are; win.

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Staff in Vancouver's restaurant break up with last year's social media insignificant post to & # 39; Believing that a rat could ever get into their food.

Chrabach Park was moving forward for all the wrong reasons of the week following the Instagram video that a rat was taken from a brot bowl.

After the video was hitting the net, a kitchen outside the restaurant was closed and a work agreement with another restaurant was split, reporting CTV news.

Staff are worried in a calm way to women in the & # 39; video that builds its & # 39; shore out of her bread bowl.

Mr Bolano told the company "How can you be so cool when you find that you break?"

Their kitchen staff showed to the media and explained how they went to the media; Believe that a creature could go up in the brot or not give it to the unknown person.

Crab Park Park owner Ashton Phillips said the "hosting event" was not.

"God, we did the research, we did our searches and we do not see how we can," he said.

He says that they have gone far to try to grow rattles in a bowl bowl and even compare the size of the spoon that is in the face of a spoon. cervical attendance.

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Vancouver Coastal Health does not say that it is not responsible for the death of a young boy at a unauthorized day care in Vancouver two years ago.

The health authority has responded to a fight lawyer who gave 16-month-old parents, Macallan Wayne Saini, who died at Olive Branch's Daycare after saying they are cast on a plow electricity, reporting on CTV News.

The young boy would recognize after the accident as "Baby Mac" and the legal law of parents to claim that VCH should come down on the day care client is harder in previous breach.

The day care user, Yasmine Saad, was inspected four times at four different addresses and was found three times to take too many children to care. The lawsuit says that Saad had not been punished for the obstacles to her; Previously and to be suspended on the death of Baby Mac a 'Ghobhainn.

In his response, VCH said he did not know that Saad was working on unauthorized day care at the East Bank home until the death of Baby Mac a 'Ghobhainn.

"The Health Authority says that neither did it, or its employees, officers or producers did anything that he did in any way on the damages, loss, loss or expense of him or her, The complainant suffered, as stated, or not, "said the answer.

None of the above applications have been confirmed in court.

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Winter storm or travel councilors now come to fruition for their & # 39; Most mountain paths inside the south

"A summer path system will be installed over the southern tip of British Columbia," said Environment Canada.

It is expected that snow accounts will reach 35 centimeters on the top of Coquihalla by the end of Thursday. Twenty-five centimeters may fall on Highway 3 between Paulson Summit to Kootenay Pass.

At the same time, the Ministry of Transport has provided travel advice for Highway 1 north of Sicamous due to heavy snow and limited transparency.

Extensive travel advice based on Highway 1 through the Fraser Canyon between Hope and Lytton as a result of heavy rainfall and the risk of falling rocks.

Highway 97 north of Williams Lake south of Prince George under a heavy snow travel advice.

It is expected that the sea will be cut into the Sky Pass with heavy snow and rain during the storm.

Traveling in all cases will not be recommended unless it is necessary.


A travel advisor has been issued for Highway 97, between Williams Lake and Prince George.

DriveBC recites slippery sections and limited visibility due to heavy snow.

Travel is not recommended unless necessary.

END: 3:15 p.m.

Travel advice was issued for Highway Trans-Canada east of Sicamous.

DriveBC says the councilor is due to a limited spread and heavy snow between Perry River Bridge and Summit Pass Summit, a 109-kilometer section.

A warning is marked.

Winter storm warnings have been issued today by Environment Canada for the Coquihalla Highway and high tall high roads in the south.

Introduction was five to 35 centimeters of snow.

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2 January, 2019 / 6:05 f | Story:

The British Columbia Commission of Utilities has given interim permission for an increase of 6.3 per cent in auto insurance base levels.

ICBC states that the new rates will apply to new policies and renewables with an effective date or after 1 April.

The public insurer states that his / her commissioning process will establish a public review process for full application at the upper stages.

Advocate, David Eby, said the government is making a "historic update" of the equipment insurer to make levels fairer.

He says that the changes will significantly reduce the legal costs associated with small injury claims and his / her; Providing better care for people injured in an accident.

B.C. Liberal CEO Andrew Wilkinson wants a total review of the 45-year-old public insurer after the increase in the rate recommended.

After exploring several months, RCMP says that seven are arrested and expressed from crimes related to drug trafficking.

The E-Pelargic Project Project in Lake Lake RCMP research, and the Cariboo Chilcotin Crime Reduction Unit was involved, Police Conduct Services, General Duty Compensation Division and Traffic Services.

"The Williams Lake RCMP has been effectively disrupted and disturbing many people who think they are accountable for complex drug trafficking within City of Williams Lake, "said Cpl. Madonna Saunderson.

"As a result of this research, many seizures, multi-stakeholder investigations and a great deal of cocaine and money."

The following people are stated:

  • Janine Emma Alphonse with two accounts of a trade in controlled material marked as a cocaine.
  • Nolan Basil Harford with no account of the exchange of controlled material as a cocaine.
  • Justin Kyle Williams with two accounts of the exchange of controlled material that was named as a cocaine.
  • Tye Christopher Jeff has three counts of commodity on controlled material and one possession account for the commodity trading, each person designated as a cocaine.
  • Brian Mathew Dorsey with any account of possession to trade under controlled material as a cocaine.
  • Brandon Kyle Wijma has one account of possession for a trade trade named as a cook.
  • Jeremy William Squires, from Port Coquitlam, with no account of the possession of Canada's money over $ 5000 and acknowledged that the property was acquired as a result of crime.

Vancouver Police is seeking a federal offender after not returning to the house halfway on New Year's Eve; New.

Chad Patrick Poitras, 33, had been attending his & her; Rest of two and a half years in a Canadian Correction residency in Vancouver.

He was convicted for a number of offenses in the meantime, which included those who had been infected; Related to weapons, drugs, attacks, and driving crimes.

Canada warrant was issued on Wednesday.

The police say Poitras has several tattoos, which includes a scorpion on the right side of the neck.

He is named as a football-10, 220-pound, with red-haired red hair, and is clean.

Anyone who is seeing a Politician or where he is known to call the police is asked.

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2 January, 2019 / 3:45 f | Story:

The Canadian prosecution service has applied for the withdrawal of a benchmark for B.C. A couple made out of the court that was made for a & # 39; bombed to departmental legislation.

The version means John Nuttall and Amanda Korody does not now go. complying with contracts such as staying away from Victoria buildings, Canadian Forces Center in Esquimalt and any school or synagogue.

Last month, the B.C. The 2016 administration court decided to trial the RCMP into both the trial judge; placing explosives around the legislation.

The Canadian Public Law Service says it is up to February to decide whether to apply for a license to the Canadian High Court.

The service says that the peace link was removed on behalf of RCMP, which was not immediately available to submit a request for comment.

A couple lawyer, Scott Wright, said that a hearing was linked to the peace scheduled for January 7.

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30 January is set for re-election to replace MLA Nanaimo, with the ability to resist the balance of power in the department's legislation.

Leonard Krog, a five-year-old New Democrat, postponed November after he had been elected as the Vancouver City Townmaker.

The result of the toelection is important for Krog's job to be just 40 sets in the house for the New Democrats, while the Liberals are 42 and there is one independent.

The NDP has been managed with the support of the three members. Green Party in the legislation.

Prime Minister John Horgan has said that the call would be cited before his budget will be made in February.

A member of the NDP Parliament, Sheila Malcolmson, is representing the New Democrats, and Michele Ney's teacher resigned to the Greens, and Tony Harris's Liberal candidate.

Vancouver Police inspects its & # 39; the first dead of his & her; city ​​in 2019.

A man in his thirty years was killed on Tuesday evening in Downtown Eastside.

Just after 8 p.m. Jan 1, the police attacked in the room in Powell Street, near Gore Street.

The victim, named Matthew Dillen Johnson, 39, died at the time.

Compliance has not been made, but inspectors do not believe that a & # 39; the public at risk.

Anyone with information contacting VPD is requested at 604-717-2500 or CrimeStoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Police & # 39; Looking for witnesses after a car to get walkers in Surrey.

On December 29, 2018 at 7:20 a.m., Surrey RCMP responded to the fight with a pedestrian and Acura CSX sedan at a distance between 152 Street and 68 Avenue.

The 58-year-old women living in hospital have a serious injury to her. threatening life.

A 64-year-old male driver of Acura has not been injured in the crash and still co-operates with policing.

The inspector does not believe that the accident has a rapid or adverse effect.

"Surrey RCMP's Crime Disaster Research Team continues to investigate this accident and ask anyone who was a witness to this event that had not been & # 39; talk to police or anyone who may have been taking the event on a dash-cam video to call the police, "Sgt. Chad Greig.

Anyone with more information will be asked to contact Surrey RCMP at 604-599-0502.

To stay anonymously, contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS or www.solvecrime.ca.

Firefighters were making a Wednesday morning; high rescue in Victoria suburbs.

Langford Fire Rescue responded when a worker had a medical emergency built up on a crane at the Belmont Market construction site, CTV news statements.

After initially considering rope rescue, they included the Colwood Fire Department to use its 150-foot knee truck.

The man was safely downloaded and brought out to defenders.

– with files from the Vancouver Island CTV

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