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  • Atletico Madrid defeated Juventus 2: 0 in a & # 39; first part of the CL tour.
  • The two VARs are turned on, twice; Affect badly on Madrilenes.
  • Juventus was willing to make it ready, especially in the second half.
  • In Gelsenkirchen ManCity who successfully defeated Schalke at the end of the version.

He took 78 minutes in the Metropolitan Academy finally finalized by Atletico fans. José Maria Gimenez was the only one to keep the lead after a corner and hit the ball over the line. And this time the fright did not stop in Madrilene's mill – saw the beat.

It has already been there, Alvaro Morata had 8 minutes earlier on the opening goal that was expected for the guests. But since the old climber at Juve had made his way with a small blow in the back of Giorgio Chiellini by his head, the gate was not counted. The referee stopped his game after consulting on the video.

Atleticics will leave key opportunities

The VAR was converted after half an hour. Mattia De Sciglio was running Diego Costa in the game. Solicitor Felix Zwayer immediately resolved Penalty, but then dismissed his decision. It was obvious that the brain was outside their penis.

With his phot free, Antoine Griezmann Juve-keeper Wojciech Szczesny went on to march, but the Mandrilenen was very powerful after his death; broken. In 50 minutes, Diego Costa moved to Szczesny alone, but moved slowly. Directly led by Griezmann, guardian Juve shortly after, with the mechanics to his chocolate chrom.

Gimenez broke the last ball in the 78 minutes. Le Diego Godin was made in the 83nd minute of other defenses on his & her; cover.

Ronaldo was immensely immersed

And what did Juventus do? In the second half, the Turin fought strongly against attacking anything. The best quality of the game was at the guests in a & # 39; first 20 minutes. Cristiano Ronaldo (9) knew how to make fun with a powerful freeze jewel, which Jan Oblak was very much married. In an additional time, the Portuguese headaches just above the goal.

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