"2 business opportunities": Who and how to apply


On Wednesday, February 20, the application method for the OAED program to re-establish 5,000 unemployed into the labor market (2nd business opportunity) begins.

Tenderers must pay or settle on any specific security grants or any debts that may benefit Social Security Credit Benefits (EFCA) be aware of government terms.

Those who have insurance contributions related to a previous business industry and are not subject to management, and obtaining insurance information as provided in article 40 of Law 4578/2018, which they are & # 39; submit after the connection to the program and be kept in touch with the program, as long as they are consistent with their current insurance obligations.

Out of the contribution worthy of the program, 25% is protected by OAED, which is given to EMFF against paying their debts.

The grant period is set at 12 months, with a three month commitment and an extension for a further 12 months. The grant is between 12,000 and 24,000 euros and will be paid in three arrangements and with its extension to be able to be & # 39; A program from the beneficiary's request can up to EUR 36,000.

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