2 dead in an abrasive plane crash at Fredericksburg, …


FREDERICKSBURG, Texas – Two soldiers named in another bird accident at Fredericksburg, Texas on Saturday afternoon.

The Associated Press said two people were on board the North American P-51D plane when it fell into a car park of Fredericksburg's guest house.

The National Museum of Pacific War in Fredericksburg, holding an incident during the crash, in Tweet that two soldiers died in the air crash.

KTBC, Austin TV station, said that the plane fell at the Apartments Friendship Place.

Fredericksburg's Sharon K. said she heard the plane sputtering over her house, then a great explosion. She said she ran out after the air crash and asked her neighbor to contact 911.

The Federal Aviation Administration spokesman, Lynn Lunsford told the AP that the aircraft was destroyed and a number of equipment was damaged.

The airplane, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, is the single-plane single-engine designed for the Royal Air Force of British Isles and subsequently US Army Air Force.

The best plane in the Second World War is considered to be the engineer's plane, according to the Britannica Encyclopedia.

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