20 minutes – GC Stipic coach sets a number of players


Almost a day he passes without that lot of GC news. After the amendment has changed, Tomislav Stipic is now on the line. A new GC coach announced on Friday and two days before the Lugano domestic game set out to free five players from now on until the end of the season: Raphael Holzhauser Shani Tarashaj, Julien Ngoy, Nikola Gjorgjev and Mersim Aschard.

There are panoramic views in the Tourbillon

The other major hit with GC is. Holzhauser had only come in last summer, Austria should be a top player, and Grasshoppers also call Mathias Walther with his sports leader, even “a move to the king” and he awarded two contracts. T year with choice.

Excess of people in the squad

Holzhauser could not live up to what was expected. Grasshoppers also promised from Shani Tarashaj, but even the offensive player had never gone. He was also injured. Or it was not enough for this level. And if Tarahiah was playing, his influence lasted very narrow. Assets came in the last winter – it was awarded to 2023. Ngoy achieved three league goals as Holzhauser, GC or so only Marco Djuricin and Nedim Bajrami are coming to value.

According to Stipic, there is not "back" in this conclusion, "the top players are not responding to my eyes". In addition, his squad is oversubscribed, to date he belongs to 28 professionals. Stipic also said he had made the decision "out of conviction". And to Holzhauser he said: "My goals are not changing at the same time as what is achieved. What I don't want to bring with it."


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