20 minutes – Napoli is ultrasound for "FCZ supporters" to kill


Follow 24 & 1 faners on 1: 3 against FC Zurich against the Napoli SSC in the Europa League on 14 February. Before and after his game, there were several shoes between the two bands. The uncircumcised men fought the way through the circle 3. The police used the guns of water, gas stagnation and a gaming-five arrested.

On Thursday, there will be a return game in Naples, and in the Italian city they want to return FCZ supporters for the borders: There are many dangers such as "We kill you" or "In Naples, no one can protect anything "to find social media.

Hooligans in Naples will not organize themselves

And the Naples-Ultras are famous: they are involved in violent anxiety and again – they were also dead. The most recent example: Before the game was played against the Inter Milan, it was executed by Napoli-Hooligans in late December. It is said that even mafia links to the weaknesses.

A friendship journalist with Naples also reports that there could be a wild complaint in the second turn on Thursday. "Co-workers from Naples tell me that the birds are there," said the Italian from Zurich 36 years ago. The situation is bad. "After invading Italy's followers in Zurich and attacking them, they will surely look straight."

The churches would not be amazed at the 36-year-old people: "Naples fans know that they're going over." He wants to warn Zurich fans, so even fans of non-violence can suffer. "I hope nothing happens worse."

A policeman will clearly advise the fact that, coming to the blade itself

At FC Zurich, they are aware of the dangers, as they say on an application: "Unfortunately, this is common in many games," said Finn Sulzer. As usual with any game, you are in contact with the authorities and police in Naples. The usual method also includes the receipt of travel information from the individual home team and is presented to the fans. "Since we expect a large number of individual passengers to play against Naples, we have also circulated travel information on our channels."

He says:

● The Italian police are offering advice to FCZ fans to be able to; A collection of the album (Stazione Marittima) in front of Piazza Municipio on a game day. Thereafter, there are additional buses that will lead fans to the stadium. From a person who comes to the surgery with the subway he will advise the police clearly.

● The police will also provide advice on & # 39; Walking around town trips in the old town by FCZ Fanutensilien.

● The SSC Napoli security requirements provide personal, non-mobile tickets. It is essential that you submit a valid identity card or passport per ticket at the induction check screen. The details on the ticket are compared to the ID or passport.

● In addition, FCZ fans have warned the use of luggage and belts at San Paolo Stadium.

Accidents in front of FCZ game

Pictures of the riot in the game back in Zurich.


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