20 minutes – Six people injured by Ikea boards


The Ikea furniture solution remembers its & # 39; "Glivarp" expansion chart in white color all over the world. Possibly pulling plates of the glass table off the railings and falling down, Ikea said Tuesday.


Are you aware of lossback activities?

The customers had made known to the Spaniard giant about the construction needed. Cindy Andersen, Business Manager, Kitchen and Food at Ikea Sweden said: "Consumer security is a priority for Ikea. Therefore, Ikea has decided to bring back the product as a precautionary step."

Almost 900 boards were sold in Switzerland

Six consumers were injured, and three of them had to see a doctor, Ikea's spokeswoman told her AFP news agency. It's about records sold after January 1, 2017 – about 45,560 worldwide. Ikea will be brought back without proof of purchase.

The repeat also affects Switzerland. The product is available in two different sizes. In Switzerland, Ikea has 754 of the larger recordings and 138 retail sales.

(Fss / AFP)

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