20 minutes – That is how Granit Xhaka is


The main topic for discussion after the closed phase of embarrassment was. 3: 0 it was before Switzerland, as he was replaced by Granit Xhaka. That was about 15 minutes before the head. The Swiss leader finished court: the game stopped 3: 3. So, Vladimir Petkovic coaches were charged with costs for wrong signaling to the team. Finally, Xhaka played a big, and even reached 2: 0. A small amount in the seats didn ‟t think the captain should be passed – it seemed the game was played.

The Swiss national team home games

But, Petkovic said at a media conference just after Xhaka suffered from adductor problems. This reinforced the 26-year-old on Wednesday afternoons. "I can't keep playing," he says on the Swiss Football Association (SFV) website. He even talked about taking turns in the break: "But from Rici (Ricardo Rodriguez, Red.) By living out with backdrops, I wanted to help the team as long as If I could, I couldn't.

After he got the scene, he sent the signal to the coaching table so he would have to find out quickly: "The coach then played it again and again, again! T "ask how long it will be." I only had to give a signal: Now he no longer works. "



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