20 minutes – the Swiss will be a credit card tax clearance


The Swiss will include Volte: the air is a "#; Eliminate the fee for ticket payment by credit card. And at the same time incorporating mitigation for those who are in a position; card payment. From 28 March this should be achieved, reciting "SonntagsZeitung".


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The reduction should be five exclusions whichever price is there; , and Kai Schilb sent to the newspaper. It is the responsibility of Lufthansa Group payment systems, to which Swiss is part. As a result of the discount for those who pay without a credit card, Swiss is now allowed to build ticket prices on some routes with five fires. And that's when "willingly corresponds to market cost", Schilb is a " follow. The main purpose of the supply and application tool is generally. Because of: "We can not just ask for five francs tickets," said Schilb.

Up to 30 extra fees

Switzerland is one of the few traders who cost over 1.4 per cent for paying for credit cards, which are up to 30 fires per flight. This is, however, that the Competition Commission (WEKO) is a & # 39; Changes on taxes for merchants, credit card business have usually been the same as cash payments from 2017.

For its airline company, the credit costs are a lot of money. There is a distribution of between 20 and 30 million Swiss fires in the industry, which the air carries out; provides additional income as annually, affecting the investments. The Swiss did not want to comment on the numbers. Swiss does not provide only real and actual costs. continue to earn anything on the finances, it has been said.

The credit card companies will prohibit traders' pastimes. MasterCard, for example, threatens retailers with $ 100,000 bills on a & # 39; fifth crime.


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