20 minutes – These are the best airports around the world


Upon airport status, Asia is the ultimate goal: six Asian airports have entered the top ten in the world's best airport status at the moment. T year. The cards are based on an international survey of passengers from 100 countries, which are conducted annually by Skytrax's British aircraft institution. With around 13 million writers, this is the world's largest customer satisfaction survey for air traffic.


The time is at the airport … t

The Changi Airport in Singapore is again not challenged again this year. What is doing this in particular, you can see it video tab above.

Also at the Zurich Airport is the Swissich airport. However, it is lost compared to last year. Zurich won first place this year in the “World Airport Best Security Security” department.

Which other airports did he reach in the top ten, which you can see in the place Portrait of Art,

These are the best airports in the world


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