20 minutes – With the Swiss flag and Sauber letters


In the new season, Alfa Romeo will show that they will "clean" on behalf of the race team. However, on the car that is taken in Barcelona on Monday for 2019, Sauber's logo is available on its own. side box and flag of Switzerland on the back spoiler. The Italian could not do it without the Swissness, especially since the car was also developed at Sauber in Hinwil in the Zurich Oberland.

The name «Sauber» flows from Formula 1

Video: the new Alfa Romeo C38

As the last team, the Hinwiler gave a car to 2019. (Video: Sauber Motorsport)

Ferrari wants to complete Mercedes's leadership in the new season and back to the world's premier crown. Since 2007, Italy is waiting for the next title in the world. At that time, Kimi Raikönnen (110 points) became a one-stop driver of one-time drama on Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso (109 points in all). Since then, the title was seven times to Mercedes and four times to Red Bull.

On Friday, the Scuderia Ferrari emerged as the bilingual team of the new cars in Maranello. The new car was donated by Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc in Italy with a great show. The new Ferrari SF90 is a border strike. It's a program in the name – the automaker has a & # 39; celebrating its 90th anniversary this year.

"As a team, we will bring the optimism, expectations and pride of the country as a whole and millions of fans worldwide. We will accept this responsibility," said Louis Camilleri, President Ferrari.

Haas first made

And then Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen appeared what they wanted at the Royal Car Club of London. The two drivers of the Haas Formula 1 team show their cars for the new season. It's black-haired, it's no longer black-red. Every garden: Pompous and noble. It's about the first idea of ​​the season, the teams have the opportunity to go to; amaze the fans – or break up.

Haas to & # 39; first team to submit last week. Toro Rosso, Williams and Renault left this week. Today Red Bull and Mercedes have also shown their new cars. The most attractive regulation changes the wings to face a simplified face and 2 meters instead of just 1.8 meters wide.

Red Bull color cover – but maybe just for a short time

On the other hand, the teams can be specifically assigned by their & # 39; paint for astonishment. Red Bull's Red Up. The RB15 is black and red – but this may be a temporary paint work. At its first race in Melbourne on March 17, the car should come back in the usual colors. This Twitter user wishes the unique view but his / her; Most for the whole season:

For the first time, Red Bull will run this year with engines from the Japanese Honda maker. "We expect a lot. But it's definitely to take time too. We can not expect to run well from the first race, "said Max Verstappen. The Dutch was allowed to drive in Silverstone in the closure of its first thousand miles with its & A new car. His progress: "I'm hopeful, but also true."

Mercedes plain – too simple?

Instead of that, Mercedes fans appeared. The W10, presented by Lewis Hamilton's marriages this year, is very similar to the 2018 model. Very strong, many fans get on Twitter.

Hamalton commented on her & # 39; His first visit with the new car and before the seventh year with the Money Servers: "New car driving is like to meet someone for the first time – you are to find out as soon as possible before going on the trip. »

The first drivers of the test will be & # 39; A year starting on a Monday in Montmeló near Barcelona. The new Formula 1 season will be held on March 17 by an Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne.

The new cars can be seen at the top of the gallery.


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