20 Objects Everyone has been wrong about the fast and wild films


The Fast and the Furious One of the most exciting movie licenses today. As well as having a special fan, a number of high quality A stars, and boxbox power, there are only other answers to & # 39; dreaming of it, fans will never forget that it started out as a movie about a copan that was a street race review. Since then, it has gone from species to gender to try to establish established identity, and # 39; Coming to one of the most wildlife camera works at the cinema and generating audiences through everything from a car; dropped out of a plane to a dive tumbler.

With everything that the series has been suffering, it is easy to understand that fans, old and new, are likely to be able to; Get some information about the series. Regardless of the stunts that look too long, interwoven time-lines (which are not so simple, but we get back to that), or the future of them; Voting in general, a person can not blame fans for a & # 39; The Fast and the Furious films. This is why we are here to set the record just, or to this case, on a straight and narrow road for some of the most common concepts on followers on it. most world-class racing licensing, including returning some MIA characters, the other attempts of the film, and, as long as we are, hate to think about, the series & # 39; coming to an end.

So buckle up, because you may get this trip a bit bumpy (it will make a car thrown through skewers), and enjoy the 20 Objects Everyone has been unsure about Fast and Furious filmsSouth Westerly

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20 The license is licensed by Another Film

In 1955, the famous producer, Roger Corman, published a film by actor named Oscar, John Ireland (who directed the film) and actor Dorothy Malone who won Oscar about a truck driver run by the law after to be badly damaged. Later on, it offers women's Jaguar sports car and her & her; Driving her with the couple falling in love long & # 39; the movie is going on. Name of movie? The Fast and the FuriousSouth Westerly

Although the 1955 film is completely different from the 2001 movie of the same name, Corman had a hand in both projects because he had to allow the title to be used in licensing to block Universal-to-Universal Universal. For a very good goal to the first movie, the teenage Dominic series might have been able to go to; lending a letty car while it was run by a police.

19 Lost Life has been based on an accident

Unfortunately, movie accidents are based on moving back in the movie industry, with some even causing the life of the members and team crew to be lost. Last year Report of the Furious no one who was injured was never seen dead, the same thing could not be said for a horse called Iupiter.

Although the team was filmed in Iceland, a piece of robbery was captured by strong winds and washed into a nearby car, where Jupiter was and at least one other horse. Jupiter's casualties were affected and the horse had to be laid down. Another horse was injured but not so bad. according to TMZ, insurance can cover the cost of the horse and a fence.

18 Vin Diesel And Paul Walker has not always been with the series

Paul Walker and Vin Diesel were the two main stars; always Fast & Furious licensing, but this does not mean they were always consistent with it.

Paul Walker said Los Angeles Times it did not appear in 2006 The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift because of "politics, studio material, [and] system decision. "In terms of Diesel, he abolished to return for 2003 2 Fast 2 Furious (despite being offered at least $ 20 million) over something that does not like the script and a desire to focus on 2004 The Chronicles of RiddickPost-Either In fact, the only reason it came into Map Unlock (Open) were to win the rights Riddick and the character. Fortunately for fans, Diesel returned to the vote in 2009 Fast & Furious, and it was confirmed that Walker went with him for the trip.

17 There were several major awards

What things do I have to keep minds? Most of the audience are about it Fast & Furious It's a movie that's a wild ghost, maybe it's a? Most of them make us think, "There's no way."

However, fans were surprised to know how well the important works were true. The Telegraph the Camaro-yacht jumped in 2 Fast 2 Furious, the tanker would enter Fast & Furious, and the multi-captain jumped in Furious 7 there was a dangerous degree of dementia. Even one of the most sophisticated scenes; at the right of voting, the car comes in Furious 7, it was essential, according to film stun coordinators. The view was made up of two stunts unfolded, with the first one that's; including cars from a plane over Arizona growth, and the other cars that built a few feet above the ground before dragging them down safely. Is not it a movie magic glue?

16 Luke Hobbs was not always shown for her rock

From the Dwayne "The Rock" version of Johnson as the US Solidarial Service, Luke Hobbs Fast Five, it has become one of the most patent characters of its license. However, an actor of different types was originally requested for the post: Oscar, Tommy Lee Jones, won.

Facebook added Vin Diesel to thank his fans to support his post, he revealed that Jones's decision to save Johnson was all grateful for the production of one person. "There was a girl named Jen Kelly," I'd like to see [you and Johnson] work together, "he said. Although Johnson has been fantastic as Luke Hobbs, a man must be surprising how different and Hobbs would Jones have been the authoritative sign.

15 The licensing crew has been associated with street raiders

Despite the fact that a street race is an important part of, and the spirit behind, the Fast & Furious permit, fans need to remember that the activity is usually banned. However, this did not stop the director Rob Cohen from leading street attackers on the series of the first movie.

Indeed, Cohen added over 200 invaders to help the film's racing scenes, which ensured that the races would be better monitored. Unfortunately, it was extremely crucial for spectators, because the number of street races was increased due to the size of the film (let's hope that someone tried to be to double the film view of the train to finish!). Remember: it may be a & # 39; Looking cool in a movie, but this is not OK.

14 It is expected that Lucas will return to black

Yes The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift seen as many black sheep as a movie series, his fans still support her amazing driving scenes and Lucas Black's leading performance as Sean Boswell.

Ann Furious 7Black made an impression to help refurbish the timeline, but also later on. Since then, most fans may have a & # 39; think it's the last ones they've ever seen of Boswell. But, in an interview with Pollution: Low, Chris Row's writer says "his" characteristic plans "and" fans "have not been able to see the last thing." Black IMDb A page is also known as a well-known actor in 2020 Fast & Furious 9South Westerly

13 There were some campaigners who were not even a & # 39; get driver licenses

One thought that everyone involved in a series of cars based on cars would know how they would drive. Surely, however, this was not true The Fast and the FuriousThe following is the series directed by Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster who did not have their driver's license when they were released in 2001 The Fast and the Furious, so they would have to take each driving test. "There was a clock clock," said Brewster VH1"If I do not get my license, I can not get insurance for the movie."

Problems (which were expected) followed in the next movie, as their & # 39; Actor Devon Aoki (who was Suki's production) either, according to TeenHollywood.comSub-Fortunately, all the actresses were properly trained and since then they went on to demolish the roads (at least on the big screen).

12 The series has made a major concern to the Major Major

While the Fast & Furious Licensing of several MTV Movie, Teen Choice, and the winning and nomination of the Saturn Award, some fans believe that the series is worthy of more important recognition. Vin Diesel was also supported Furious 7 for the best Oscar category.

Unfortunately, the best film organizations such as the Oscars and BAFTA Awards tend to keep the distance from the right of voting, in large part. Fast Five Named for the Screen Prize of Screen Choices for Best Action Film (however, he lost incredibly Route), and both Fast & Furious 6 and Baoghalach 7 The SAG Prize was awarded a Special Exit Award with Ensemble Stunt in Motion Picture. The single hit "See You Again" won by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth Furious 7 Named Golden Globe for the best original song. Although he did not win the song he won the Judge Rogation Award.

11 Fast Five did not go to; The first major success of the authorization was

An Fast & Furious licensing has been shown to be very fond of those days, especially since the last two films were spent over $ 1 billion. Many fans are identifying Fast Five as the first hit-office hit office, the top seven films of 2011, which includes the $ 626 million, according to Mojo Box OfficeSouth Westerly

However, the series has been doing a bank from the beginning. The Fast and the Furious Over $ 207 million had a budget of $ 38 million, and although the sequel had a big budget, it made nearly $ 30 million more than the previous one. There is, Map Unlock (Open) is seen as more of whoredom in general, but Fast & Furious Everyone was amazed by earning $ 363 million. What can he expect from the eighth highest movie series of all times.

10 The actors had not been going on

The family is an important subject in the. Fast & Furious licensing, but the actors behind the mainstream family were not always close to their lives.

Filming is always Report of the Furious, Dwayne Johnson gave social media to cite some of his male star. Although he was not clear who he was, he described a lot of fright as a direct point of view of the Vin Diesel chief. Although the situation was split for a while, the Rock later revealed that he did not kill any act with the actor. This is, along with Tyrese Gibson's practitioners who point out Johnson's own self-film, Commenting on considering the & # 39; a band of The Rock with some of the cast. Although the feud has been growing lately, Johnson may have been thinking of going to & # 39; Try Gibson to be "one-sided" the next game to give up this brushfire member ball.

9 Some of the films were designed to be restored back

Although it is sensible to make films in individual voting rights to carry the story of each product formally, there is no bad movie in hunting films backwards. It makes it faster, it can save money in the long run, and it can even tell a story by dividing it into two things. Even the Fast & Furious licensing, which has several films stand alone, almost two films have not been brought back.

according to Los Angeles Times, Universal Pictures considered a filming that would come Fast & Furious 6 and Furious 7 back to the back, with the director of Justin Lin at the helm of both. Although the backdrop did not occur, the films had a shared story like Deckard Shaw would destroy Han in the sixth film; go into the next film.

8 Authorization is larger than just films

Die-cruaidh Fast & Furious fans may already be aware of the series of many video games and theme park areas, but some of them are still on the latest news stories.

Fast & Furious Live It's a great look that has been traveling around the world since January and its location. placing observers in the middle of the movie activities, with "the most exciting phones from the films played live in a historic exhibition." At the same time, Netflix has launched a lively series produced by DreamWorks Animation Television, as well as long-term producers Vin Diesel, Chris Morgan, and Neal H. Moritz. The series continues to cousin Dom, Tony, a teenager who's a Coming with his friends to include an "elite racing league that will serve a crime group that runs on the globe of the world." Who knows what the licensing will do again?

7 Rèisidh remains part of the series

Although there are Fast & Furious seasons like street race licensing began, since then it came to be a smaller focus on & # 39; Driving and more than sophisticated and spiritual subjects (more now later). Despite this, the series did not forget its roots, as can be seen in recent films.

Finally Fast FiveBrian strives to race a tropical beach to see who is the best driver. there Fast & Furious 6, amnesiac Tha Dom challenges Dom to the London street race competition. However, maybe it is Report of the Furious who has the greatest loss of the original films as he opens with Raldo in Havana on a racing loan to help his cousin.

6 Debate debates were debated for being at present

Following the likelihood of Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) team in Report of the Furious, a film around both was announced for 2019. Although many fans say this is the first step in the series & # 39; Growing out to a range of multi-energy, other films have been debated at least two years before Distribution named.

In 2015, Vin Diesel spoke to him Variety about "stories for different characters" already written, and that ideas have been played for "long time." "We are sure in discussions about how we can expand their vote now," we put Universal Pictures universities Chairman Donna Langley. "It's a similar collection, and there is room to bring in and out characters." Perhaps, can Helen Mirren use this opportunity to extend her role from the eighth film?

5 The Copyright Order of its License is not fulfilled

Some rights are limited to timelines, but this is not one. Although the first two films have a & # 39; In a chronological way (at least, for now), fans who watch the films in the released order may have been misleading when Han, who what's try there The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, appear alive and good Fast FiveHowever, the answer is simple.

The fourth, fifth, and the sixth films will take place after 2 Fast 2 Furious, but only Fast & Furious 6medium-sized scenery. This is the complete version of Han's illness, which means Map Unlock (Open) to happen later Fast & Furious 6South Westerly Furious 7 then build up after Han's; passing, but also showing Dom time in Tokyo, which can be seen there Map Unlock (Open)After Posting Furious 7, their vote should be a free address for a criminal case, or, again, maybe just for now.

4 Musicians who will take place at any time that & # 39; Holding on details

Although actors sometimes run pretty close to & # 39; doing their films, this does not mean they know everything that's going to do; happening in the films.

Although Michelle Rodriguez was aware of her character's decline Fast & Furious it was not permanent, she did not expect to see Letty to be named at the end Fast Five because she was not asked to shoot any scenes. "I did not get out until I went to the theater and I saw myself," she said Yahoo! FilmsIn addition, Jordana Brewster appeared VH1 she did not know that a ban was finally "ending" Fast & Furious 6Post-The sounds like actors enjoy their films just like that; Most fans do: they do not know what a & # 39; happening again

3 It is not just permissible for self-interested stakeholders

When The Fast and the Furious released in 2001, there would not be a wrong man if he said that right listeners would include car stakeholders in the first place as a result of the movie's focus on cars put up and races. Fortunately, Catrìona na h-Alba, Adam Fogelson, former Chairman (now Chair), saw Donna Langley's capacity for the series and expected to go over the " top "set up by the first films built in large crowd.

"We wanted to find out if we were able to get out of races and play a car drive just as part of the movie, such bigger campaigns The French connection, The An Bourne Identity, The [and] Italian Italian, "Said Fogelson OnwardsAfter this, Fast Five to see that turning to & # 39; licensing is aimed at additional films based on activity, and many fans can not be more happy.

2 Brian O & Conner may return

Paul Walker has a great influence on 2013 Fast & Furious fans, team, and license. After Furious 7 which needs to be reconfigured, Walker brothers, Cody and Caleb, stood for Paul to complete the film. And, while Brian O'Conner was beautiful, many of them still felt Walker was still.

However, Walker brothers have said that O & Conner could return, though it seems to have been there. "" I had a phone with Vin for about an hour, and we discussed this for a while ago, "said Caleb ETEven though some followers could be in need of this, Cody made sure that Universal Pictures did not do so in a way that "respected and designed Paul, and his family too. "

1 The end series has been planned

Although many fans of the Dominic Toretto historians would love and that his rapidly-fledged family, who is saving all over the world, continue for years to come, the end of the series may be closer than they think.

Talk to you Likewise, producer Neal H. Moritz said "how we have completed its license, but we do not know what things still exist." Back in 2016, Vin Diesel published the Instagram that the series & # 39; 10th installment (currently set for release in 2021, and the 20th anniversary of the election) of the final film. Although this may be the last part of the main story, the recent releases (and those designed by Universal Pictures) may be a & # 39; keep going on for years to come.

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